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Review Overview



If you didn’t know that the Bowflex BXT 216 is a folding treadmill for home use, you might think it’s a lightweight commercial model of performance specifications

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Treadmill Review

If you didn’t know that the Bowflex BXT 216 is a folding treadmill for home use, you might think it’s a lightweight commercial model of performance specifications. The Comfort Tech deck suspension and 4.0 CHP motor are top-notch. The belt system has a three-layer track and 2.75-inch rollers, which is exceptional for a home gym. The digital technology on the Bowflex Results device is also excellent. The integrated 9-inch color screen is your portal for 11 built-in exercises and especially immersive cardio training with the Zwift exercise application. Up to four users can easily save their profiles and workout data that can be exported to the Manufacturer’s Results mobile app or to various third-party fitness apps such as Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. The purchase also includes a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring and an 8-week trial subscription to the DailyBurn video exercise. Overall, the new BXT 216 exceeds our expectations of a treadmill under $ 2,000.


Bowflex BXT 216 treadmill, designed to exceed expectations, is very attractive. This state-of-the-art machine is powerful to satisfy even the most serious runner and is versatile enough to satisfy the active average family and exercise enthusiast. Bowflex BXT216 treadmills offer top-notch features like maintenance-free exercise belts, variable padding, color exercise screens, advanced calorie burners, wireless heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, and workout programs. This particular model allows for additional elbow room and can support up to 400 lbs. This is has been called a best buy in the given price range.

It is somewhat surprising that this model has a folding frame. In general, this homely trait comes at the expense of some other desirable quality. But with this treadmill, all components appear to be top-notch. Folding and unfolding the BXT216 is also easy, thanks to its quality of effective shock absorption.

Overall quality


Since the release of BXT216 in May 2017, this product hasn’t created too many ripples yet and has gained some positive treadmill reviews. However, the Nordictrack BXT216  is slightly more durable than other machines in this price range. Fewer training programs are certainly compensated for by the worthwhile build of the treadmill. So, if you are a serious user who uses your machine every, then this machine would definitely be a suitable choice in this price range. Also, the weight capacity of four hundred pounds is a bit of a miracle for treadmills in this price category because the average weight capacity is around 300-350. Weight capacity usually indicates that the BXT2-16’s motor has substantial horsepower behind it.

Exercise programs

Bowflex Results cardio trainers have color exercise screens. The BXT216 console comes with a 9-inch screen and eleven predefined training programs for speed training, calorie-burning workout programs, and other goals. Thanks to the unique real-time adjustment feature, you can save any speed and incline changes you make during your workout.


In addition, the multimedia shelf on the treadmill facilitates the integration of external workout programs with the tablet. Zwift integration is also part of the Bowflex Results coaches. Zwift lets you practice immersive digital environments such as parks, city sidewalks, or even the underwater kingdom of volcanoes! On the Zwift platform, you can design your own avatar and virtually train with your friends in real life.
Access to the DailyBurn exercise video is included for two months. DailyBurn allows you to train to measure at any time, on or off the treadmill. Here you can choose from light running machines, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga, pilates, strength training, and much more. Choosing the right program is easy, thanks to the DailyBurn menu settings.


This flagship model has a 4.0 CHP drive motor that supports even the most demanding pieces of training. The exercise belt is extremely spacious, 22 inches wide and 60 inches long, giving each participant plenty of room to run comfortably at top speed.


To support effective weight loss, the BXT216 is equipped with a burn rate console. The display shows your calorie burn per minute, which increases motivation and helps you train harder for longer. To burn calories faster, target specific muscles, and for muscle toning, and energy gradient has also been made a part of it.
The 9-inch color screen is backlit for easy viewing. The console has Bluetooth, a tablet shelf, and a charging port. A Bluetooth connection allows users to export data to Bowflex Results and other mobile fitness tracking applications.
The treadmill can also support the weight of people approaching the machine’s weight limit of 400 pounds. A high-quality suspension system called Comfort Tech minimizes fatigue compared to outdoor running surfaces and promotes better endurance and faster progress towards the desired fitness goals.
The BXT216 features a three-ply ribbon for maintenance-free performance, and the ribbon rolls are 2.75 inches in diameter. Both of these specifications are expected on the light commercial vehicle treadmills but not on the average residential model.

The machine comes with a high-quality wireless chest strap. Additionally, Bowflex Results fitness machines have handlebar heart rate monitors.


Key specifications

  1. The motor of 4.0 CHP
  2. Incline up to 15%
  3. Running Area of 22″ x 60″
  4. Foldable
  5. Top Speed, up to 12 MPH
  6. Weight Capacity of up to 400 LBS
  7. Dimensions of 84.5″ L x 38.5″ W x 54.7″ H
  8. 11 Built-In Programs
  9. Affordable in the given price point
  10. 4.5 star rating

What we like about the BXT216 treadmill

Horse Power:

The BXT216 treadmill, ready for heavy operation, is equipped with a 4.0 CHP belt motor. That’s right: four whole horses! The standard for home treadmills is 3.0 CHP. This top performance practically ensures that the machine can handle multiple training sessions per day, as well as marathon workouts and/or a particularly large user, seamlessly.

Belt size and quality:

The BXT216 has the largest exercise belt surface in the new series. Measures 22 inches in width x 60 inches in length. Unlike many treadmill models, Bowflex treadmill models have three-layer, maintenance-free exercise belts. This means you won’t have to wax the belt or recalibrate it for stretching.

Ribbon Rollers:

In addition to being of high quality, the ribbon itself runs on 2.75-inch diameter rollers. This helps explain why the treadmill is particularly durable for its price range. The roller diameter is large for a home treadmill, and its size helps minimize wear on both the belt and the motor. (In comparison, very inexpensive treadmills tend to have 1.9-inch rollers. Health club treadmills have 2.75-inch and larger rollers.)

Burn Rate Console:

“Result” is the essence of the claim. A great example is the Burn Rate data console. It gets its title from its unique feature of displaying calories burned per minute. Other exercise machines obviously show calorie consumption, but only the cumulative total per session. Getting more accurate calorie consumption data can encourage you to train more.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

Treadmills with BX results are equipped with chest straps for wireless “in hospital” heart rate monitoring.


The Bluetooth connection in the Burn Rate console makes it easy to export your fitness stats. The treadmill can be synchronized with the new Manufacturer Results mobile app and with the most commonly used fitness tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal and FitBit.

Color display:

The integrated training programs are displayed in color on a large 9-inch screen.

Device and Charger Support:

The Burn Rate console has an integrated media shelf with a USB charging port.

Integrated Exercises:

The BXT216 Burn Rate console has 11 integrated exercise programs. They offer a good variety with optimized options for weight loss, speed performance, heart rate training, and more. Exercises can be customized in real-time as well.

Folding frame:

BXT216 is a foldable treadmill. Folding and unfolding are safe and easy, thanks to the hydraulic assistant.


The Bowflex Results treadmill warranty is a good deal with 15 years for frame and drive, 5 years for motors and mechanics, and 2 years for parts, electronics, and labor.

What we don’t like:

New range:

This model of the treadmill may have unexpected problems, such as with its folding technology or Bluetooth connectivity.

Warranty and Guarantee

Direct factory parts and labor warranties provide excellent value for customers who purchase Bowflex Results treadmills on sale. The warranty package includes:

  1. 2-year coverage
  2. Additionally, the BXT216 comes with a six-week money-back guarantee.

Other considerations

Frankly, it’s hard to pinpoint the specific negatives for the Bowflex BXT216. When it comes to high-quality treadmills for heavy loads, this model is the ultimate in performance. That said, as it’s relatively new to the market, there’s no way to know how durable of a unit it can prove to be. So, if you’re looking for a model line that has been repeatedly tested and successful, jumping on a newer model can be a little riskier. However, the quality of the components is a good sign, but there is no way to know, for example, how the Bluetooth connection will hold over time.

Our verdict:

The BXT216 has all the features of a lightweight commercial cardio trainer but is affordable for home use (and somehow foldable!). Whether you prefer comfort, durability, electronics, or high performance, this machine will deliver the goods. With so many domestic treadmills competing in the market today, this model strives to be a complete package. That will not disappoint. If this machine has lured you, don’t fear; buy it.

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