Bowflex Treadmill 22 Review – The Ultimate Cardio Machine for Your Fitness Journey?

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The Bowflex Treadmill 22 is an impressive treadmill that is sure to enhance your endurance regardless of your current fitness level. Its speed and incline range can accommodate both beginners and hardcore runners (like myself). Every stride is guaranteed to be safe and gentle on the joints thanks to its above-average maximum user weight and Comfort Tech deck cushioning.

It has a wide tread surface but also features the Soft Drop folding system for easy storage. On top of this, it showcases an adjustable 22-inch HD touchscreen. You can make the most out of your JRNY subscription through this console, streaming media from your favorite entertainment and third-party apps.

Note: The Bowflex T22 is the new model that is replacing the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill.

Bowflex Treadmill 22

Bowflex T22 Treadmill Review

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 is a high-end quality-grade treadmill that sports a 22-inch display console with WiFi connectivity. This high-tech touchscreen console comes with a built-in JRNY experience.

This is thanks to the one-year JRNY membership included in every Treadmill 22 purchase. It gives you access to specialized workout programs, streaming services, and other apps.

While it’s hard to know which ads are true and which are not about the Treadmill 22, I’d like to think of myself as an impartial reviewer, so rest assured that I make no exaggerations on its product features.

Bowflex Treadmill 22


  • Wide running surface with Comfort Tech cushioning for safe and low-impact stride
  • Folding treadmill featuring the Soft Drop Folding System
  • -5 to +20% incline for rolling hill and steep hill training
  • 400-pound weight limit, much higher than the average
  • An impressive 22-inch touchscreen with a built-in JRNY membership program
  • Powerful motor to support heavy movements
  • 15-year frame warranty and 5-year mechanical parts warranty
  • Includes a Bluetooth heart rate armband
  • Offers other features such as Bluetooth speakers, a USB port, a cooling fan, a folding tread deck, and water bottle holders


  • Heavy and large for a home treadmill
  • The touchscreen console can be difficult to navigate
  • Cannot be maximized without a JRNY subscription
  • Has bad customer service reviews

Main Features

22-Inch Screen

The 22 on the Bowflex Treadmill 22 branding stands for the 22-inch dimension of its large screen. This HD touchscreen display offers users a reasonable tilt range to angle your display for better viewing.

You can access both JRNY membership exercise programs and streaming services through this screen. Because this is the largest screen in the line, I’ve found it to be the best machine for watching while working out.

Fortunately, it is compatible with entertainment apps and other streaming services, such as Zwift, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max.

A Treadmill 22 equipment purchase comes with a free one-year JRNY membership. A regular subscription is priced at $149. This fitness program is compatible with other Bowflex machines, regardless of whether they have a touchscreen or not.

Statistics and metrics displayed on the screen are sure to be accurate through two heart rate monitoring options. The machine’s heart rate sensors are located in the handlebars and the Bluetooth armband.

Bowflex Treadmill 22
Bowflex T22 Treadmill
  • Wide running surface with Comfort Tech cushioning for safe and low-impact stride
  • Folding treadmill featuring the Soft Drop Folding System
  • -5 to +20% incline for rolling hill and steep hill training
  • 400-pound weight limit that is higher than average
  • An impressive 22-inch touchscreen with a built-in JRNY membership program
  • Powerful motor to support heavy movements
  • 15-year frame warranty and 5-year mechanical parts warranty
  • Includes a Bluetooth heart rate armband


At first glance, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 may look intimidating because of its huge size. However, it features the Soft Drop Folding System and its transport wheels.

I’ve found them to be invaluable in saving space when I’m not using the machine. A hydraulic assist even supports the deck so that it slowly comes down to the floor.

The large size of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 is in tune with its 400-lb maximum user weight capacity. This is impressive for a folding treadmill since most treadmills’ usual maximum user weight capacity is only up to 300 lbs.

The tread belt of the Treadmill 22 measures 22 inches wide and 60 inches long. This impressive spaciousness is more than enough to support the fitness journey of users of varying heights.

It handled my height, weight, and session intensity just fine.

Comfortable Running Experience

Comfortable running is guaranteed by the Comfort Tech Cushioning of the deck and the wide track space of the tread belt. The Comfort Tech Cushioning absorbs impact to reduce the strain on your joints and back when you exercise.

The Treadmill 22 has a maximum speed of 12mph, a maximum incline of 20%, and a maximum decline of -5%. Its speed is enough to cater to various fitness levels.

Its incline and decline are more than the usual range of other treadmills. Incline and decline adjustments are motorized, which I’ve found useful for allowing me to switch things up without losing focus.

The handlebars of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 also have quick buttons for non-touchscreen speed and incline adjustments. It ensures that your endurance pace is maintained without missing a stride.

Other features of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 include Bluetooth speakers, a cooling fan, an accessory tray, and water bottle holders.

I’ve found these to provide additional convenience as I sped up my calorie-burning exercise.


The Bowflex Treadmill 22 retails for around $2,600. Its predecessor is the Bowflex Treadmill 10, which is priced at around $1,600 to $1,999.

Their main differences are screen sizes and incline levels, among other features.

The Treadmill 10 has a screen size of 10 inches, while the Treadmill 22’s screen is 22 inches. The maximum incline of the Treadmill 10 is only 15%, while the Treadmill 22’s maximum incline is 20%.

I’ve found that reviews on the home treadmill industry often favor bigger and more innovative display screens. I’m definitely not against this trend.

If more incline and screen size lend a huge weight to your treadmill purchase decision, then the pricing of the Treadmill 22 should be reasonable for you.


The warranty of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 has good reviews. It certainly has me convinced. The warranty for its components is as follows:

bowflex warranty
Bowflex Treadmill 22
  • Frame and Motor: 15-year warranty
  • Mechanical Parts: 5-year warranty
  • Labor: 2-year warranty
  • Electronics: 1-year warranty

For a high-end treadmill, I commend Bowflex for the respectable warranty support that they provide.

Though some treadmills offer a lifetime warranty, a 15-year warranty for both frame and motor is already remarkable.

The motor of the Treadmill 22 is heavy-duty. This makes its above 10 years warranty praiseworthy as well

Its 5-year warranty on mechanical parts is on the higher end of the usual range of warranties for parts.

The usual warranty for labor is 1 year. The Treadmill 22’s labor warranty goes over and beyond as it extends up to 2 years.

For a technologically advanced treadmill, the 1-year warranty on its electronics is quite short.

While the innovative touchscreen console is new technology, I believe Bowflex’s screen warranty offer must reflect the quality and customer care we’ve come to expect from them.


Allow me to give you a short review of the dimensions of the Bowflex Treadmill 22.

Its footprint is quite large. This solid treadmill measures 85″ L x 39.6″ W x 70″ H. Its weight is 336 pounds. I’ve found it quite difficult to fit into a small space.

However, the massiveness of its footprint and weight is lessened when it folds. Its folding dimensions are around 40″ wide, 45″ deep, and 70″ tall. Its deck height measures about 10 inches above the ground when it is flat.

Despite several reviews emphasizing the big size of the Treadmill 22, I think that it is well-justified because of its outstanding maximum user weight.

It can accommodate up to 400 lbs of body weight. Most treadmills can only accommodate up to 300 lbs. of user weight. This gives room for users of bigger builds!

On top of this, I would like to highlight in my review the broadness of its belt dimensions. It measures 60 inches in length and 22 inches in width.

The wideness of its belt ensures that you can speed up without having to worry about landing on the wrong spot.


My review of the 85″ L x 39.6″ W x 70″ H dimensions of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 may worry you about its assembly. But there’s no reason to think assembling it should be complicated.

Assembling the Treadmill 22 is quite simple. The Bowflex team ensures you and me that we can get things right. They offer a comprehensive assembly manual that is clear and easy to understand.

It includes step-by-step instructions with images that are large and easy to comprehend. You understand which pieces attach to what and how the wire connections work.

Power tools are not necessary for its assembly. Moreover, Bowflex provides you with every bit and tool that you need in the Treadmill 22 package.

The components of the treadmill are undoubtedly large. Having one more person to help you assemble the Treadmill 22 will make the job easier and faster. I speak with some experience.

If you don’t want to go through the assembly process yourself, Bowflex also offers assembly and installation services. You can easily contact the team through email or telephone.

I highly recommend this if you can afford to spend a little more. While assembling it yourself is possible, it can be difficult alone (trust me on this), especially with a heavy piece of equipment like this!

User Interface Review

User Interface treadmill 22
Bowflex T22 Treadmill

The primary interface of the Treadmill 22 is its 22-inch HD touchscreen. You can use the screen to control your workout settings and navigate the JRNY app. This includes the app’s entertainment features.

The large screen allows you to view your exercise statistics and pay-television media on the same screen.

Since you navigate most of the machine’s functions on the HD touchscreen itself, Bowflex designed it to be BIG and BRIGHT. It has great resolution and high touch sensitivity!

The computer monitor has an independent power button so that you can shut it down when you’re not using it.

It also automatically puts itself into sleep mode when minutes of inactivity passes by. This great feature allows you to conserve energy while enjoying high technology.

Aside from the touchscreen, the Treadmill 22 has other access controls. You can also adjust your speed and incline using the buttons on the handrails and extended handlebars.

You can either stop or pause your exercise by pressing the stop/pause button below the fan. You can also stop the machine by pulling out the magnetic safety key attached to the lanyard.

Exercise Quality Review

When it comes to exercise quality for this review, I believe that the Treadmill 22 is superb in this regard.

To start, its top speed is 12 mph. The average jogging speed is around 4 to 6 mph. You can just imagine the range of users a 12 mph top speed can accommodate.

Bowflex doesn’t slow down from here. This quality treadmill has an extraordinarily large incline/decline adjustment range. Its maximum decline is -5%, while its maximum incline is 20%.

This is enough to give you top-tier training sessions with just one piece of equipment. I’ve simulated uphill sprints, and long road runs without leaving home.

You can do a variety of walking and running exercises that build not only your endurance but also your leg strength!

The recording of the statistics and metrics of your workouts is also in real-time. You can accurately track vital information, such as speed, incline, distance, elapsed time, and heart rate.

The cherry on top is the Comfort Tech cushioning of the tread deck. My review shows that it offers superior impact absorption. This is critical in keeping your joints and knees in shape despite the intensity of your training.

Connectivity Review

Bowflex T22 Treadmill

The primary connectivity of the Treadmill 22 is through a WiFi connection. It relies heavily on the JRNY app, which can be accessed only through WiFi.

The app provides virtual coach workouts, scenic routes, and entertainment.

Connectivity treadmill 22

The secondary connectivity of the machine is through a Bluetooth connection. It features Bluetooth speakers that you can use to listen to audio and music.

I’ve found that it can also connect to Bluetooth headphones if you prefer private listening or if you want to block off the sounds of your room.

The equipment’s heart rate armband also connects through Bluetooth, so you only have to wear it and run freely. You won’t have to hold on to the heart rate grips the same way you do with a bicycle handlebar.

JRNY Membership Review

Every purchase of the Treadmill 22 comes with one year of free JRNY membership.

Every purchase of the Treadmill 22 comes with one year of free JRNY membership.

The app membership gives you access to these features:

  • More than a hundred studio-style workouts
  • Explore the World scenic runs
  • Virtual coach workouts. Off-treadmill programs, including yoga, pilates, strength training, and many more

These programs are personalized and progress as you go further into your app membership. Bowflex designs every JRNY subscription to guide the overall fitness journey of its corresponding user.

On top of fitness plans, the JRNY app gives you access to your Zwift, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max accounts.

This is to give you additional motivation as you accomplish your aerobic exercise (it surely did for me!).

The Treadmill 22 can accommodate unlimited users with JRNY membership. Other Bowflex equipment has a limit on the number of JRNY subscribers it can cater to.

A regular JRNY app subscription is priced at $20 monthly or $149 annually. These price points are lower than competitor fitness apps and gym memberships.

I can say that the JRNY membership is worth your money if you can commit to the fitness plans offered.

You can use your JRNY subscription across other Bowflex equipment. You can also maximize it as a mobile app through your tablet computer or smart device access for off-treadmill workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Users

Here’s a compiled list of questions and answers that might be useful to you to make a well-informed purchase:

Does the Bowflex 22 Have a Fan?

Yes. It has a built-in fan that prevents dehydration and keeps you cool throughout your exercise. You can set its speed to low, medium, or high.

How Heavy Is the Bowflex 22?

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 has a solid 336-lb weight. However, it is a folding treadmill with transport wheels. You can conveniently wheel the treadmill to stow away and transport it to smaller spaces.

Does the Bowflex 22 Fold?

Yes, it does. Its assembled dimensions are 85″ L x 39.6″ W x 70″ H, while its folded dimensions measure around 40″ wide, 45″ deep, and 70″ tall.

Do Bowflex Treadmills Work Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can still operate Bowflex Treadmills without a JRNY subscription. You will still see your basic workout metrics on the display screen.

However, you will not have access to specialized JRNY fitness programs. Many brand reviews suggest you purchase lower-priced treadmills instead if you don’t have intentions of getting a JRNY subscription.

Does Bowflex Make Good Treadmills?

Yes, they do. There are many brand reviews on their treadmills’ reliability and longevity. The brand has an impressive reputation and reviews in the fitness industry.

Does the JRNY App Have Additional Workouts, Which Are Not Specific to the Treadmill Machine?

It does! It also features workout videos of exercises that can be done off the treadmill. I review that the JRNY program is an all-encompassing fitness app.

Does the T22 Connect to Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, it can. Aside from its Bluetooth headphones, you can also connect it to Bluetooth speakers. You have these options for listening to music or audio from streaming services like Netflix.

Do You Have to Have JRNY for the Treadmill to Automatically Incline and Decline?

There are impressive JRNY programs that will automatically adjust the speed and incline. If you are on a manual workout outside of the JRNY app, you would have to press and adjust the settings on the touchscreen or the controls yourself.

What Is the Recommended Ceiling Height for the Bowflex Treadmill 22?

Add 21 inches to the height of the tallest user. This is to have enough ceiling clearance both on an incline and decline. Make sure that your Treadmill 22 is flat for this minimum ceiling height.

Is There a Team Who Can Assemble the Product Once Delivered?

Yes, Bowflex offers delivery and assembly. You can simply chat or call their sales team to assist you on this for your location.

Is the Treadmill 22 Compatible With Apple Watch, Apple Health, Etc.?

The Treadmill 22 is NOT compatible with these devices and apps.

However, the treadmill has built-in heart rate hand grips. They are heart rate sensors found in the handlebars. Each sensor is designed to be sensitive to ensure accuracy.

Another heart rate monitoring option is the Bluetooth armband. Based on my review, it is even more convenient to use than the heart rate hand grips.

What Is Another Option Comparable to Bowflex Treadmill 22?

Aside from Bowflex, Peloton Interactive and Nordictrack also manufacture quality treadmills in our review.

The Nordictrack 2450 is of the same price level as the Bowflex Treadmill 22. Both the Nordictrack and Bowflex treadmills have similar screen sizes as well.

The Nordictrack treadmill has an incline of only 15%, while the Bowflex has a 20% incline. However, the Nordictrack 2450 can work more independently without its iFit program in contrast to the Bowflex Treadmill 22 without JRNY.

If you’re not up for the subscription business model of Bowflex, we recommend getting the Nordictrack 2450 instead.

Bowflex Treadmill 22 Bottom Line Review

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 is an impressive folding treadmill with a 22-inch large console that fully supports its built-in JRNY fitness app.

It has above-average top speeds, incline and decline range, and maximum user weight.

These features are reinforced by its powerful motor, wide tread deck, and Comfort Tech cushioning to ensure that your fitness program intensity won’t cost the wearing of your joints.

This monster guarantees progress while providing comfort, safety, and entertainment. I’ve found it enjoyable, stable, and encouraging to use consistently.

If you have the luxury of space to fit the machine in your apartment, I suggest you go for it!

If you’re all set to buy it, be sure to find more information about Bowflex on its website, such as its privacy policy and terms of service.