NordicTrack EXP 14i | A Top-of-the-Line Treadmill With the Biggest Screen

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The NordicTrack EXP 14i Treadmill is at the top of NordicTrack’s EXP line. It’s notable for its 14-inch touchscreen and OneTouch controls that give users access to its extensive features. These include iFit workouts and classes, the ability to play music, decline/incline adjusting, and a heart-rate monitor.

The NordicTrack EXP14i is a foldable treadmill great for interval workouts, training you to go from walking to jogging to sprinting. It can make runners out of every user!

NordicTrack EXP 14i

NordicTrack EXP 14i

The NordicTrack EXP 14i treadmill is the pinnacle of exercise technology. It’s at the head of NordicTrack’s brand of treadmills and is a feature-filled piece of equipment.

I’ve found that it speaks for itself.

The main advantage of the NordicTrack EXP 14i is its 14-inch touch-screen, which gives users access to iFit automatic trainer control. You gain access to thousands of tailored workout classes and programs.

These allow the treadmill to automatically adjust your incline and top speed based on the exercise regimen you selected. I’ve found that it takes some getting used to, but it’s a fun way to keep workouts exciting.

The treadmill comes with a 3.5 CHP plus motor that lets you achieve a sustained top speed of 12 MPH at a 12% incline. Its balanced non-flex rollers and cushioning also protect you and the treadmill, extending its life.

The treadmill comes with digitally amplified speakers and a Bluetooth connection that allows you to use wireless headphones, which I’ve found essential during many hard jogging and running sessions.

You can also purchase a clip-on workout fan or external heart-rate monitor if you want to perform heart-rate training. It comes with a max weight of 300 lbs.

I’ve found this treadmill to be one of those feature-filled machines that give you an idea or preview of what you could be if you stayed consistent with your fitness.

It delivers results and keeps you going!

NordicTrack EXP 14i
NordicTrack EXP 14i
NordicTrack EXP 14i


The NordicTrack EXP 14i offers treadmill workouts unlike any other. Here are some of the pros that make it a must-have for even the most skeptical treadmill detractor:

  • The 14-inch touch-screen is the largest on any of the NordicTrack treadmills
  • Digitally-amplified speakers and Bluetooth headphones allow you to play music
  • iFit gives you the ability to follow along with thousands of live and recorded digital classes
  • The 3.5 CHP (Continuous Horsepower) Motor allows you to adjust your speed from walking to running to sprinting
  • Folding features allow you to save space, gives the treadmill a smaller footprint
  • -3% decline and 12% incline allow you to switch up your workouts for endurance or cardio training

These are just some of the benefits this NordicTrack treadmill gives its users. It’s powerful, versatile, and surprisingly low-profile.


This NordicTrack treadmill is great, excellent even; however, it isn’t perfect.

Here are some factors that could be considered a deal-breaker:

  • The Smart Beat heart rate monitor is sold separately, an additional expense on top of the machine and monthly iFit subscription
  • Many features of the NordicTrack EXP 14i are dependent on your iFit subscription. You miss out on workout and training programs without it.
  • The EXP is priced at $1699 with additional charges, fees, and subscriptions, making it more expensive than other treadmills on the market
  • These treadmills have a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. They’re not ideal for heavier users


The NordicTrack EXP 14i is the king of NordicTrack treadmills because of its standout features.

Let’s run through them below:

  • 14-inch HD touch-screen
  • 3.5 CHP motor generating 0-12 MPH top speed
  • Spacesaver Design lets you save space by folding up when not in use
  • iFit features offer thousands of Interactive Personal Training programs that automatically adjust to you
  • ActivePulse Cardio Cruise Control and SmartBeat heart-rate monitor
  • AutoAdjust speed and incline treadmill control
  • FlexSelect Impact Cushioning feature
  • Smart Response Drive System
  • 20″ x 60″ Commercial Tread Belt
Nordictrack 14i features

NordicTrack EXP 14i treadmills are limited only by your commitment to fitness, and maybe your willingness to maintain an iFit subscription.

I’ve found it to be worth the price for what the EXP can do when combined with the app. It allows you to do Yoga, weight training, and every exercise you wouldn’t imagine doing on a treadmill!


No NordicTrack treadmill review is complete without discussing product prices.

The NordicTrack EXP 14i is the premier model of its line, so you can expect it to be on the expensive side.

The NordicTrack EXP 14i treadmill is available on NordicTrack’s site, priced at a whopping $1699 if you buy it outright. It comes with free standard delivery.

If, like me, you find $1700 to be too steep a cost to drop in one go, you can finance it at $44 a month for 39 months. I find this to be more manageable than the first option.

That said, you can find it for a lower price on a different online store. It will depend on where you look.

The prices featured above include an initial subscription to iFit. I’ll be discussing the program and pricing in the section below.


Nordic Warranties

The NordicTrack EXP 14i comes in a 229 lb box. While you can assemble it yourself, I’d recommend spending more cash on labor to ensure it’s built properly.

If it doesn’t work for any reason or stops working after some time, customers can rest assured that NordicTrack’s warranty policy is in their favor:

  • The frame comes with a 10-year, larger warranty that ensures you’ll be using the machine for as long as possible before buying a new replacement.
  • It also comes with a 2-year warranty on parts such as those in the motor, allowing you to extend your treadmill’s lifespan.
  • There’s also a 1-year labor warranty, allowing you to call experts to assemble and reassemble your machine to work to your specifications.

In addition to its awesome features, you can rest assured knowing that your treadmill can survive 10-15 years if you take care of it and avail of its warranties.


Nordictrack exp14i dimensions

NordicTrack treadmills are surprisingly low-profile despite their huge tread size. NordicTrack’s EXP 14i treadmill is no exception.

This model has a 79.9 L x 35.08 W x 59.25 H footprint. While that may seem like a lot, its space-saver design allows you to stow it away and gain floor space when the machine isn’t in use.

Despite this maneuverability, the frame is designed to be steady and sturdy. The motor isn’t too large but produces 3.5 CHP every time you use it.

The 14i in its name comes from its 14-inch touchscreen console. It is the largest screen in the EXP line and is large enough to not hurt your eyes or need you to shift your weight just to see your controls.

As far as treadmills go, you can’t go wrong with this console. I found it to be one of the easiest to use and interact with, and I’ve stared into my fair share of consoles trying to fight off tiredness.

The box and its contents only weigh 229 lbs, but the downside of its smaller profile and frame size is that user weight capacity suffers. This may not be the best choice if you’re over 300 lbs.


The iFit app is an interactive program that provides users with thousands of workouts, hundreds of virtual environments, and dozens of personal trainers — all from the comfort of their screens.

The EXP 14i and other treadmills of its class are iFit-enabled, giving you access to whatever iFit workout suits your fancy. It’s even accessible from your digital devices like phones and tablets.

One of the unique features of the EXP 14i when it comes to iFit is the fact that your digital trainers can alter the speed, decline, and incline of your treadmills, adjusting automatically.

This gives you the challenge you’ve been looking for without needing to fiddle with your incline controls or motor settings. It’s a great idea if you just want to run and enjoy the virtual views!

The 14i comes with a 30-day subscription to iFit, with each subsequent month costing $39 + tax.

While you can use your treadmill without it, I wholeheartedly recommend maintaining a subscription. If you’re serious about fitness, there’s no better way to maximize your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Users

None of NordicTrack’s brand reviews can be complete without addressing users’ burning questions about their products.

Let’s complete this review of the NordicTrack EXP 14i treadmills by addressing concerns and queries raised by potential users of this workout machine:

Does the NordicTrack EXP 14i Treadmill work even without iFit?

While many of the features and workouts mentioned in this EXP 14i review work thanks to the presence of Ifit on your touchscreen, you don’t actually need it for your machine to run.

Even without iFit, your treadmill will still be able to work in manual mode. The motor will still work, and the machine will accommodate your weight.

Your touchscreen will still allow you to adjust your decline and incline. You’ll still be able to calibrate your speed and monitor your heart rate. You just won’t have access to iFit workouts.

Suppose you want to avoid distractions while running or aren’t keen on shelling out money monthly on an iFit subscription. In that case, I can still recommend the EXP 14i for its consistency and durability.

Why should I invest in a NordicTrack home treadmill when I can run outside for free?

The great outdoors is often the best place to run, allowing you to experience variable trails more in line with what our bodies have evolved to interact with.

That said, not everyone has a path they can run on. If you live in an apartment, don’t have a park nearby, or don’t have that much time in the day, I recommend getting a treadmill to complete your home gym.

A home treadmill will allow you to adjust your:

  • Incline without running up a hill
  • Speed without trying to dodge traffic
  • Controls on-screen without worrying about rocks or debris.

The EXP 14i’s treadmill’s motor can handle any natural environment you want to simulate. I recommend it if you lack space or are trying to practice for a specific environment you’re nowhere near.

What does it mean when fitness experts say that a treadmill offers a balanced workout?

Treadmills are often underutilized in the fitness scene despite being prolific in home gyms and fitness centers because people don’t know how to make the most out of them.

If you take a moment to learn the controls on-screen and practice adjusting your speed and incline features, you’ll find that your treadmill can offer workouts that surprise you.

These include slower uphill climbs that pump your heart while strengthening your calves, simulated cross-country runs, marathons, or even practice for a walkathon.

You’re limited only by your imagination. In fact, utilizing your iFit subscription will allow you to experience every possible workout and exercise your treadmill has to offer.

I’ve found that treadmills can be great whole-body exercise machines as long as you know how to use them to their fullest potential.

NordicTrack EXP 14i Treadmill Bottom Line Review

To wrap up this review, I can say that the NordicTrack EXP 14i treadmill is a great companion for would-be runners looking to up their game, allowing them to have workouts that help them become their best selves.

The NordicTrack EXP 14i is notable for its touchscreen, which allows users to adjust their walking and running speed, their incline and decline, and everything else in between.

The EXP 14i lives up to NordicTrack’s reputation and standard of excellence. It can give you the workouts of a lifetime. However, it may not be the best choice for heavier people.