NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill – A Great Beginners Machine

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The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill is great for kickstarting your healthy fitness journey.While it may be their popular midrange treadmill offering, I find it one of their best offerings as it provides the best of both worlds, a fantastic array of features, and a price affordable to many.

Regardless, I see no problems with this treadmill for people like myself who often sweat it out at home. Make a NordicTrack account now and see if this treadmill is for you!

Nordictrack Commercial 2450

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 machine is not your average treadmill compared to other models.

It is a step up from its predecessor, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 — which is NordicTrack’s best-selling treadmill to date.

By leveling up the NordicTrack 1750, you get a beefier motor and a larger HD touchscreen display.

What I liked the most about this product was how seamless the buttons were. You are up and running with just a few presses of a button. In addition, the motor on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has a quiet engine which I enjoyed the most.

From my previous treadmills, this doesn’t startle my neighbors due to its loud sound. Instead, I get to do my workouts peacefully.

Even during my intense training sessions, it never fails to impress me how quiet the motor is.

That being said, the overall design is pretty sleek and unique. It has that premium feel to it despite belonging to the midrange department.

For what it’s worth, it brings more excitement to my exercises than other treadmills I’ve experienced.

The NordicTrack treadmills have had a long history of providing customers with stronger motors, applicable terms, and amazing NordicTrack treadmills.

Speaking of which, they are currently selling different treadmills at different price points. From their Commercial series, EXP series, and the Commercial Incline series.

At the time of my writing, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill has a purchase amount of $2,499.

Nordictrack Commercial 2450


  • This product is highly-portable because of its transportation wheels. It is easily folded and can be transferred from one place to another.
  • Creating an account makes the NordicTrack experience better.
  • The wide running surface is great for people of all sizes. It has an incline option of 15% and a decline option of -3%.
  • ActivePulse-Technology for a better workout routine and immersive training experience.
  • The 3.6 horsepower motor is quiet, which makes it an ideal addition to your home gym. No neighbors can be disturbed.
  • The design is sleek and elegant despite being a treadmill within the midrange department.
  • This treadmill can reach a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour, making it an ideal treadmill for professional runners.
  • You can adjust the speed with just a simple press of a button. Ease of use and convenience is unparalleled.
  • The performance of this treadmill is well beyond the price point. You are getting the best bang for your buck.
  • The large 22″ HD touchscreen provides an immersive experience for my workouts and exercises.
  • It comes with a heart rate and Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your headphones with no issues.
  • Low monthly payment amount with 0 interest rates.
  • New and improved premium audio speakers.
  • Larger rollers mean the belt moves along smoothly as it doesn’t experience more friction.


  • It needs at least two people to get it installed.
  • The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is quite beefy; it can take up the space of an entire room.
  • I would have loved that the weight capacity on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 would be over the 300-lb limit.
  • The Pivot HD touchscreen shakes when running at high speeds.
  • If only the warranty could be longer.
  • A bad account will lead to standard account terms being applied to an account that did not qualify to be produced in good faith.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the NordicTrack 2450 features:

  • 22″ HD Touchscreen Console: The screen is by far what impressed me the most about this treadmill. It can easily create an immersive experience with its 22″ display. It is large enough to see clearly what’s on the screen. I can also easily adjust the screen for easy viewing and ease of use. It makes my training and workout even more interesting. With the iFit membership, I get to enjoy more workouts in the process.

  • 0 – 12 MPH Speed: I can easily adjust speed and incline to dictate the pace of my workouts. You can either manually adjust the incline range or find the exact speed you want. One of its amazing features is that you can adjust speed when simultaneously pressing two buttons for your desired speed.

    For example, if you press 5 and 2 simultaneously, the treadmill will set the speed to 5.2! I wasn’t disappointed with the sound the motor makes. It is low enough not to interrupt anyone in their sleep.
Nordic 2450 features
  • 15% Incline to -3% Decline: I can easily get bored when I’m used to my workout and training. But the incline and decline adjustment can make my training even more exciting and challenging. This option can help strengthen different body parts to ensure everything stays balanced. A more inclined state means your posterior muscles will do more of the heavy lifting, whereas a declined phase will engage your anterior muscles more. This means you can adjust your lower step-up height!

  • 30-Day Free Trial To iFit: Pretty much all NordicTrack machines have iFit streaming app technology. With the iFit app, you get free access to countless workouts and training tutorials with a single button. I enjoyed this streaming media app the most as I got access to different workouts for my intended purpose. It almost feels like I have a personal trainer at home. And with larger screens than its predecessors, you can view these training and yoga sessions more clearly. I also get access to google maps, metric tracking, and scenic runs for a more realistic experience. If you’re happy with the outcome of your workouts with the iFit app, you can purchase a yearly subscription of $180 for an individual membership plan and $396 for the yearly family membership plan.

  • ActivePulse Technology: Activepulse technology adjusts the speed and inclines depending on your heart rate. Monitoring your heart rate has never been this easy! Not many treadmills can monitor your heart rate the way this product does. The company also sells the SmartBeat Heart that can sync up to your commercial 2450.

  • Convenient Bottle Holder Placement: While this might not be a factor for everyone, this is a huge plus for me as I constantly experience thirst faster than most users. The water bottle holder is placed underneath the large display, and I can just easily grab it while I’m running. Gone are the days when I would stop the treadmill just to reach and grab hold of the water bottle. Commercial 2450 provides ease of use and convenience for every user.

  • High-End Motor: The NordicTrack 2450 treadmill has a 3.6HP motor with self-cooling features, which makes it a great treadmill for intense training and rigorous workouts. It also has low-vibration features allowing for quiet operation, making my evening workouts stress-free, as neighbors won’t be disturbed by them.

  • Premium Audio Speakers: As part of its major updates, the NordicTrack 2450 treadmill has new and improved premium-audio speakers. You can also connect your Bluetooth headphone, as the treadmill has Bluetooth connectivity. This is an amazing feature if you want to avoid disrupting your neighbors during workouts.

  • Cushioning System: The NordicTrack 2450 treadmill comes with a Runners Flex™ Cushioning system. This feature allows the treadmill to reduce the jolt of the exercise by about 30% when the deck suspension is activated. As a result, running won’t be as strenuous to the joints as this feature softens the impact on your knees—a great treadmill for runners with trouble running due to injuries and disorders. You can also set it to “road mode”; the machine will provide more of a realistic experience similar to running into pavements and asphalt.

  • Tread Belt: The tread belt on this machine is made of stretch-resistant, two-ply materials. It has a wide running surface with 22-inch by 60-inch workout surface dimensions. The tread belt runs on two 2.5-inch rollers.

  • Sound-Absorbing Deck: This high-end machine has WhisperQuiet™ deck features, which makes this machine super quiet as it absorbs sound from your footfall.As a result, this machine is a perfect addition to home gyms as it doesn’t produce loud sounds that may disrupt and distract neighbors.
  • Space-Saving Design: Almost all NordicTrack Treadmills in the commercial series have EasyLift™ Assist features, making this machine foldable without heavy lifting. Another great feature that I liked the most, especially because my home doesn’t have enough space for working out. But with this machine, I can simply fold and secure it in a nice place. It locks firmly when folded. But overall, I like how it fits well despite how small the room is. I can just easily set it up and go about my training session. The folding features are great compared to other treadmills.

  • Fans and Storage Trays: The dual 3″ AutoBreeze™ workout fans have made my workouts comfortable and pleasant. You can easily set the speed depending on your pace or manually adjust the speed according to your preference. This feature is an upgrade considering previous models only have 2″ fans. The integrated pocket and tray underneath the console will be convenient as you can easily grab hold of your water bottle.
nordic features


The 2022 NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model has a purchase amount of $2,499.

Fortunately, they have flexible monthly payment terms of $225 per month with 0% interest for 12 months, shipping fee included.

With a monthly payment amount of $225 with shipping included, it is a good bargain for everyone who wants to try this machine and is on a budget.

When I learned about these affordable monthly payment terms, I immediately went to their official NordicTrack website, created an account, and searched for the product.

The additional $199 standard shipping fee is already included in the monthly payment amount, which is convenient for me.

In addition, customers on a tight budget but looking to buy the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model can get a monthly payment of $63 for the next 43 months.

If you were to ask me, that $63 monthly payment would be a blessing as it doesn’t include any interest. Your monthly payment also comes with the included shipping fee.

Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model is quite affordable for people who are even on a tighter budget.

So, when I ordered the machine online, I wasn’t taken aback or skeptical about my purchase. It feels as secure as other top-dog websites while also practicing security measures, like applying standard account terms to any sketchy accounts.

I have to give props to this company for paving the way for us users to afford their machines.


Nordic Warranties

So, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has a warranty of the following:

  • 1 year of labor
  • 2 years on parts
  • 10 years on frame

Okay, this warranty isn’t one I would’ve expected. Either way, it has got plenty of room for improvement.

First things first, the 10-year warranty on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is pretty darn solid.

You can’t find companies willing to go that extra mile in terms of the warranty on the frame.

I would have loved that the warranty on parts should be around 5 years. Comparing it to other treadmills, they have 5-year warranties on parts.

In addition, if you notice there’s no warranty on the motor, worry not, as the motor warranty is included in the ‘parts’ guarantee.

So, the 2-year warranty on parts leaves something to be desired. Some brands offer lifetime motor warranties.

One year of labor is pretty solid, too; got no complaints here.

Overall, the warranty on parts and frame of the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is the biggest flaw on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450.


When fully assembled, this machine has dimensions of 81,2″ in length, 39.2″ in width, and 69.9″ in height.

In addition, the treadmill weighs around 300 pounds out of the box. I would highly recommend you have someone to help you carry this amazing machine.

Durability and Construction Quality

As far as I’m concerned, the entire body feels very premium and durable. It feels pretty solid, and the construction is really impressive.

It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is good for users who are well below the weight limit.

However, there are machines and treadmills that have 400-pound weight limits, which is a little bit nicer. I would have loved for it to be on commercial 2450 as well.

Here are some factors that contribute to how well the treadmill is built:

Here are some factors that contribute to how well the treadmill is built:

Frame: The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 frame is made of steel, and although some treadmills are made of alloy and aluminum, steel is durable and strong enough for everyday use. The 10-year warranty on the frame is like the icing on the cake. From my experience using this model, I can say it holds well.

Nordictrack 2450 durability
  • I didn’t hear any squeaks or metals rubbing off of each other. I can simply fold it and store it in a secluded place when I’m done with my workouts. The side handles feel elegant and luxurious and are pleasant to touch during my workout. Instead of two separate handles, the commercial 2450 has a singular handle. This makes it much easier for my hands to wrap around the handle. However, to my dismay, there are no pulse grips on the handles.
  • Motor: While stronger motors are plagued with loud vibrations that can disrupt your neighbors, the commercial 2450 has a trimmed-down version of 3.6HP from the previous 4.0 CHP motor. From the moment I assembled the product, I took it for a quick run, and I was delighted enough to reach the top speed in just a few seconds.

    The motor wasn’t loud, which is why I was overly impressed. I get to do my workouts late at night as I don’t have time during the day because of work. I also do appreciate the incline and decline options. Most machines only offer incline options. But with this, it also has decline options that are great for varying workouts. The 15% incline is more than enough for my liking; the -3% decline is a bonus. Overall, I like how it handles my weight despite nearing its capacity. It runs smoothly and quietly; no qualms here. I got what I paid for!

  • Running Deck: The running surface is long and wide enough for more serious training. It’s 60″ long, an ideal length for me, and the 22″ width is wide enough to give it more headroom. It is slightly improved from the 2021 model and has a lower ground clearance. While it’s not much, I prefer my treadmills to be closer to the ground, as it is easy for me to get on and off the treadmill. You can also adjust the shock-absorbing system to your preference.

    I prefer to tone it down a little bit for a softer feel. This feature is great, especially if you have family members who prefer different deck stiffness. I also mentioned its steel construction previously; when I say it’s durable, it is durable. Running for long periods, I didn’t encounter wobbliness like most treadmills.

    Even when I max out the incline, it feels tight and immovable. You can feel the rigidity of the belt from the moment your feet touch it. The belt doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Overall, I liked how wide and long the running surface is. It feels pretty solid and durable. The adjustable shocks are a pleasant surprise as well.

Performance and Functionality

After a couple of quick runs with the NordicTrack Commercial 2450, It left me feeling good about myself during my run.

The cushioning on this model is smooth; it doesn’t stress my joints much, especially during long runs.

The incline function and motor power are the greatest points, as they deliver well beyond my expectations. Having the option to have a lower step-up height is a huge bonus!

While the treadmill gets louder when I max out the speed and incline, it is quiet enough than most treadmills I have ever encountered.

From running, sprinting, jogging, walking, and hiking, it passed the test whatever I put into it. The running deck is something!

Overall, it is one of the quietest treadmills I have ever used out of all the treadmills I have bought.

iFit Overview

ifit App

I find the iFit engaging and motivating. There are different workout tutorials to choose from.

There are indoor and outdoor classes filmed in professional studios. It almost feels like I have a personal trainer at home.

The best thing about the iFit application is they have leaderboards that show how you rank with other members.

This motivates me to keep doing what I do to achieve a higher rank.

In addition to treadmill classes, there are also tutorials and sessions like strength training, meditation, yoga, cycling, and rowing.

In my opinion, the iFit subscription is a work of art. It is the best training program without having an actual trainer at home.

With a monthly subscription of $15 for individual membership, you can access several classes offered, which I truly loved the most.

If you’re wondering whether the iFit subscription is worth it, it sure does! You only get to pay a fraction of what it can do to your mind, body, and soul.


A lot of the functionality of this model revolves around its new and improved 22″ HD touchscreen.

I have seen this actual model from my local best buy store, and I was so impressed by how large the display is.

You can simply tilt the display up and down, making it a great option as I’m relatively tall.

The 22-inch design hits right where I want it to be. Not too small nor too big. With this large screen, I can most definitely get the best out of my iFit family membership subscription.

On a side note, I experienced one flaw with the display: it shakes a lot during intense runs.

I appreciate the quick-touch buttons placed on both sides of the screen. On the right side button, I get to change resistance levels, whereas the incline and decline options are on the other side.

Lastly, I loved the speaker placement at the bottom of the screen. I can also adjust the sound levels of the iFit application and the background music, which is a plus for me.

What I Liked About the NordicTrack 2450

There are a couple of things I would like to reiterate as to why I liked this product.

  • 1) Large Display: First, the large display is one of the reasons why I made this purchase. Everything on the screen looks bigger and sharper than in previous models. There wasn’t a single review and video review online that talked down about the 2450’s screen! I get the most out of my iFit subscription with its large screen. Everything feels immersive and fun. Google maps and metric tracking are also accessible.
  • 2) The Build of the Product: Second, the overall construction of the product feels solid and durable. I have no problems with the steel construction, to be honest. It doesn’t wobble or feel rickety. I didn’t experience any problems during max incline or long running periods.
  • 3) Great Running Surface: Third, the running surface is long and wide. It doesn’t feel restrictive and is short of space. It has the right balance of length and width.
  • 4) Bluetooth Connectivity: Fourth, Bluetooth connectivity is amazing, especially for me, as I always use my headphones to hype me up during workouts. I didn’t encounter any connectivity issues. As long as my internet connection is strong, I don’t have problems with various applications.
  • 5) Payment Options: Lastly, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has convenient payment options and applicable terms. It only shows that this brand is serious about giving its customers an affordable way of getting their products.

What I Don’t Like About the NordicTrack 2450

Treadmill reviews are not complete without criticizing the product’s mishaps.

While it’s not a deal breaker, I find these problems with the treadmill a little bit more annoying than the actual problems themselves:

  • 1) Shaky Screen: First, whenever I max out my incline, the screen shakes quite often on this treadmill than it should. However, I already addressed this problem by tilting the screen in a certain position to avoid shaking.
  • 2) Better Warranty: Second, I would have loved the warranty on parts to be longer than the 2-year warranty offered by the company. There are many moving parts with treadmills, which is why I would have preferred it to be longer. Most treadmills have a 5-year warranty on parts and motors alone.
  • 3) Assembly: Third, assembling the treadmill is hard if you’re doing it alone. You need at least two people to help you set it up. Carrying the treadmill out of the box is not achievable. You should have two to three people with you when it arrives at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Users

If you have further questions regarding the NordicTrack 2450 model, you might find them below.

Can You Watch TV on the NordicTrack 2450?

You can watch TV and stream Netflix on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model.

You can also access various personal training videos, iFit google maps, and yoga tutorials for a more pleasant experience.

Does the Commercial 2450 Fold Up?

Yes! The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model has an EasyLift™ Assist feature allowing this model to be folded up and secured in a tight space.

I bought this model because of how convenient the folding mechanism is and how it is locked securely when folded.

It is great for users who lack the right amount of space for their workout routines.

Does NordicTrack 2450 Work Without the Internet?

Yes, it will still work. However, if you’re using the iFit family membership, you can’t access it without the internet.

In addition, if you have a weak internet connection during your workouts, you will constantly experience lagging or hanging.

I strongly recommend having a strong internet connection to benefit greatly from hundreds of workout tutorials and personal training.

Can You Use NordicTrack 2450 Without iFIT?

Of course! One advantage of using this treadmill is that it features a manual mode.

The manual mode allows you to design your workout without relying on the iFit application. It is perfect when you want your workout for a longer time and pace.

I strongly recommend using the manual mode feature if you think your workout can go for over 60 minutes.

Can I Play Music on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450?

Yes! The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 model allows you to play music through the console.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your Bluetooth headphones if you want to focus more on your workout.

The built-in speakers provide a fantastic audio experience that can easily motivate and hype you during workouts.

Where Can I Purchase the NordicTrack 2450 Model?

I highly recommend you purchase this machine directly from NordicTrack online.

It is one of the best ways to get lots of discounts from the manufacturer and special offers that can spice up your purchase.

They also offer convenient payment options and zero interest rates, making the entire purchase price more affordable when paid monthly.

One of their popular special offers is the iFit membership, which gives free access to different workouts and training tutorials for 30 days.

What Are The Payment Options When Buying?

They have different payment options for different clients and customers.

You can either pay $225 per month for the next 12 months with 0% interest or pay $63 per month for the next 43 months.

It is one of the best things about this product, and you get to pay a very low monthly payment and get a great treadmill in return.

What more can I ask for? These are simply the best!

How Do I Assemble This Treadmill?

You can always refer to the manual to help assemble the NordicTrack Commercial 2450.

But I highly recommend watching different assembly tutorial videos to make your life easier.

In addition, assembling the NordicTrack 2450 is pretty hard if you’re doing it alone. Ask the help of a family member or a neighbor to make this fast and smooth.

Does The NordicTrack 2450 Measure Heart Rate?

Yes! This model has ActivePulse Technology that measures your heart rate based on a real-time loop between the machine’s incline and speed.

For best results, place your heart rate monitor below your chest or around the bottom part of your ribs.

Once connected, you can typically go about your routine and watch precisely how the treadmill monitors your heart rate in real-time.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Bottom Line Review

That’s a wrap for the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 in a pack of many treadmill reviews!

I still feel like this treadmill is quite awesome, as it packs the necessary features and functionality for my daily workouts and training routines.

While the warranty isn’t something I’m used to, I tend to focus more on performance and quality, and this treadmill has far exceeded my expectations.

With its large rollers, wide running surface, large HD touchscreen, and stronger motor, this is a great treadmill for beginners and intermediate users.

I highly recommend this treadmill if you’re looking for a treadmill within the $2,000-$2,500 range.