Isabella Sparks

Isabella Sparks

Isabella Sparks radiates positivity and passion for life. She understands that taking care of oneself is key to a healthier lifestyle, which she has practiced through active living and healthy eating since she was a young girl. This has motivated many people around her—all in the pursuit of taking great care of both mental and physical health.


Isabella is an enthusiastic advocate for healthy living and sports teams at her local university, earning a degree in Psychology. She was driven to uncover the psychology behind leading a wholesome lifestyle, which motivated her to focus on studying while attending college.

With passion and dedication, she spread awareness around campus on making smart food choices to maintain balanced well-being.


Isabella Sparks has revolutionized the way we think about living a healthy life. In her book, “Living Healthy: A Guide to Eating Right and Exercising Regularly,” Isabella shares how she maintains a balance between physical health and mental well-being to live healthier lives.

This inspiring guide has been praised by many for its ability to motivate readers to make a positive lifestyle change.

Expertise: Nutrition, Physical Health, Running, Psychology, NordicTrack products