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Best ProForm Treadmills 2021 – Which Treadmills are best? Finding the Right Fit

About ProForm Treadmills

A world-renowned Utah-based parent company, ICON Health Fitness, manufactures ProForm treadmills. It is known to be an expert in producing decent quality, budget-friendly treadmills.

All the ProForm Treadmills produced by this company have a wide range of prices, performance, and durability. But the one thing that makes them stand out is the rich features.

List of Best Proform Treadmills

Reviews have marked ProForm as one of the best treadmill brands. Here is a list of the best proform treadmills.

ProForm Treadmill 1050T

The ProForm treadmill 1050T model comes with a powerful 3.0 C HP motor. It can withstand up to 325 lbs. of weight. Its speed range is up to 12 miles per hour. The tread belt is 20”x 60” in size. One salient feature is that it is foldable so is easy to carry and saves space. It has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that helps you exercise within your target heart rate zones.

The motor and frame have a lifetime warranty with a 2-year warranty for the parts, which is a good catch. It has a maximum of up to 20% inclination. It comes with a display to monitor progress. It is not overpriced and more convenient for small homes.

ProForm Treadmill 8.0 ZT

Along with a distinct display, and attractive console, this treadmill has some amazing features. It has a 2.25 continuous horsepower and speeds up to 10 MPH. The running track is 18” x 15” inches. The dimensions of the complete treadmill model are 69″ X 32.5″ X 57″. It can hold up to 293 lbs. The incline range is 0-10%. 20 built-in IFIT customizable workout programs and an inbuilt heart rate monitor make things easier.

This model is also foldable. Also has high-quality speakers to enjoy music while exercising. The 7-year warranty of the motor is a key feature along with a 3-month warranty for parts and labor. It is a perfect fit for customers that prefer a light workout with a relatively slow motor and cushioning system.

ProForm Treadmill 850T

The ProForm Treadmill 850T is a foldable treadmill that has a 2.5 CHP motor. The maximum speed is 12 MPH and has a 12% incline. It has a tread belt of size 20”x55” inches and the model itself is 70.5” x 35.5” x 58 in size. The maximum weight that it can hold is 325 lbs. It is supported by the ProShox Lite cushioning system.

This model has a wide range of inbuilt workouts that adjust automatically according to your fitness goals. It has a 6-inch LCD display. This model has an even better warranty i.e. 25-year warranty for the motor, a lifetime warranty for the frame, and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. This model is suitable for light exercise.    

ProForm Performance Treadmill 1450

This model has a 3.25 CHP motor. It has a 12 MPH maximum speed and 0-15 % incline, both being a click away. It has a 20″ x 60″ 2-Ply Commercial Treadbelt. It has more even more built-in workouts. It can withstand up to 350 lbs. of weight. A cushioned ProShox board absorbs shock. The 6 “backlit display lets you see all the important information in Infront of you. An inbuilt fan system is also one noticeable feature.

It also has an Android-powered web browser where you can watch the news or YouTube videos. It has 26 inbuilt programs designed by certified professionals so that you can choose according to your requirement. It has lifetime warranties for motors and frames and a 5-year warranty for parts.

ProForm Performance Treadmill 400

ProForm Performance 400 is a budget-friendly value treadmill. It is iFit-enabled and can connect to the tablet to help you enjoy the 18 iFit customizable workouts.  It has a maximum incline of 10% and a 2.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro motor. The maximum speed is 10 MPH and the maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. The running track is 20 x 55 inches, and the entire piece is 56.4″ x 72.8″ x 35.74″ (L x W x H).

The machine is foldable saves a lot of space and it also has rollers for easy movement of the machine. 25-year warranty for the motor along with a lifetime warranty for the frame. It is a good combination of exercising indoors and virtual traveling around the world with iFit Coach Google Maps Training.

Now let’s talk about some home treadmills from the list of proform power series.

ProForm Power 1080 

This model is an updated version of the launch treadmill models. It is an improved form with more stability and better construction.1080 is an improved version of the 995, which offers more stability and more robust construction.

It has a powerful Commercial Pro motor running at 3.25 CHP. It has an efficient shock absorption system, 15% incline, and 12 miles per hour speed. The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs for almost all the best ProForm treadmills. It has a large 20 “x 60” tread belt. Inbuilt speakers and plug-in audio is another plus point.

This exercise machine has 32 built-in exercise apps along with built-in workout programs. The warranty is also very catchy, as it has a lifetime warranty. This model is new in the market and one of the best ones in a long time.

ProForm Power 995

The ProForm 995 is essentially suitable for people who are looking for a budget-friendly machine with not a lot of fancy features. This machine being IFit compatible provide 30 workout routines. It has 3 CHP motor with a 12 MPH maximum speed and a large running area that is 20 x 60 inches.

Saves space with its foldable quality. This machine has a 15% incline. 325 lbs. is the maximum weight. The warranty is also admirable. It has other salient features like LED display, built-in speakers, shock absorption, and fan system. The sale price for this machine ranges from 700 to 900 US dollars.

ProForm Trailrunner 2.0 Treadmill

This ProForm treadmill is a piece of rigid exercise equipment.  This machine works best for all fitness levels. It has a wide and UpToDate range of workouts It has a powerful 3.5 CHP motor with 15 MPH maximum speed and 15% incline. The running area is large enough i.e. 20×60 inch which can hold up to 350 lbs. This exercise equipment also has a space-saving feature.

Moreover, it has an excellent warranty, a top-class sound system, and advanced suspension also has the latest 7″ full-color touch screen technology. It is a budget-friendly exercise machine with all the key features, making it a perfect fit for home use.

ProForm 705 CST Folding Treadmill

The ProForm 705 CST is a reasonable option for light walkers. It is one of the most economical choices. It has features designed according to walkers and not runners. It works well for beginners as well as intermediate exercise enthusiasts. So it has a not so strong, 2.75 CHP motor. The spacious walking track is 20×60 inches in size, which is ideal for walking. It also consists of ProShox cushioning for comfort.

It has a maximum user weight capacity of 325 lbs., an incline range up to 12%, and a running speed range up to 12 MPH. Consists of an inbuilt audio auxiliary port and 22 workout routines. In the entirety, it is well priced for those who only intend to walk.

ProForm Smart Pro 2000

This residential best ProForm treadmill power series is the 2019 edition of the treadmill pro series that became customers’ favorite very quickly according to treadmill reviews. It gives tough competition to the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. It has a 10″ touchscreen display which is large enough that it does not disturb your workouts.

The Smart Pro 2000 comes with a 1-year iFit family membership, giving the runner access to trainer-led programs. Other prominent features include a 20″ by 60″ tread belt, an incline range of -3% to 15%, a 3.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Motor, a max speed of 12 miles per hour, and a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The Bright Side of Buying ProForm Treadmills

All the proform Treadmill models manufactured by ProForm have a reasonable price range. It accommodates every budget, starting from $799 and going up to $1999. All of these machines are compatible with iFit which connects the proform treadmill with iFit coach Google maps and training programs online.

Moreover, the ProForm treadmill has suitable motors for every price range. Also, these machines can automatically incline or decline to give you a vast variety of workout programming options.

ProForm’s high-quality cushioning system helps you train pain-free and makes it more comfortable for you and every home treadmill review attests to this. On top of that, these proform treadmills are foldable and hence are space-saving.

Last but not the least, Proform offers admirable warranties up to 10 years on the frame and almost 2 years on the parts.

The Downside According to Treadmill Review

The only downside of using proform treadmills is the poor customer service which is a major weak point. When a person buys for the first time, he needs help regarding the machine and has a lot of questions before the purchase so the customer service representatives should be welcoming.

This unfortunately is not the case for proform treadmills, as visible from the online treadmill reviews by the customers.

Our Recommended Best Pick

ProForm has an inclusive range of best treadmills to cater to budget restrictions and fitness levels that must be clear from the list of proform treadmills above. You can always vouch for ProForm to provide the best quality products that are up to the mark.

Every machine has its own pros and cons. After analyzing the treadmills, it can be said that their most recommended buys are ProForm Power 1080 and ProForm Trailrunner 2.0 Treadmill. These particular machines have all the salient features that are required, within the budget.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

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