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Best Epic Treadmills of 2021 – How to Choose the Perfect Treadmill

The parent company ICON Health and Fitness has been producing the Epic Treadmills that we all have seen around. ICON has many other brand categories as well such as Reebok, Image, NordicTrack, HealthRider, Freemotion Fitness, etc., where the latter launched Epic Treadmills. ICON is already famous for its fitness equipment in the United States. So, ICON being its manufacturer automatically gives the treadmills an edge over other trainer brands.

Association with ICON Fitness

ICON company is a brand that has been providing fitness equipment facilities for outstanding athletes all over the world. The products it has been offering include stationary bikes, elliptical machines, incline trainers, home gyms, treadmills, weight benches, etc. Epic treadmills, being a sub-brand, has been introduced specially to focus on individual training at home or at a gym. 

Epic Treadmill Versions

Epic treadmills are designed for box stores such as Costco, but they are also available online. It is a re-packaged treadmill assembled at the same factory of the holding company. But it has been launched with distinct features, styling adjustments, and a completely different brand name badge for gyms, fitness clubs, and training centers. ICON Fitness has improved the quality of the equipment over the years, while the prices were kept significantly low.  In addition to this, these series of machines also come with lengthy warranties of up to 12 years. The newer models of these running machines got their parts imported from Asia and hence they improved in quality. Below are some of the most common models with their specifications.

Epic A30T Treadmill

The A30T is priced around two thousand dollars when manufactured. It has a 2 ply commercial tread belt with measurements of 20 by 60 inches. This gives the user ample space for running. Basic features of the A30T include a speed control with a speed range of 0 to 20 mph, an incline-decline control with a range of -3% up to 15%. Both these controls are quick-touch, to be handier. The machine dimensions are 74.25″x 36.6″ x 82.3″ (H x W x L) and user weight capacity is 350 lbs. The treadmill also has energy return cushioning for a great user experience. The motor warranty scheme is attractive and gives a good value. A lifetime warranty for the frame & motor, 3 years for the parts, and 1-year labor warranty. Additional features of the treadmill include a workout console fan, 30 workout apps, and 2 that are user-defined. Music port, speakers, pulse monitor, 7” black and white high-definition screen with a browser by android are also there.

Epic A35T Treadmill 

A35T treadmill’s features are very similar to the A30T with few advancements. The user weight capacity has increased to 400 lbs. in this model. The dimensions, speed, and incline ranges remain the same in A35T. However, the warranty of labor and parts increases to 2 and 5 years, respectively. Epic A35T has an additional update where the HD touchscreen changes from black & white to colored screen. You can connect this to your home’s wireless network and enjoy a browser by android. In addition, the workout apps also increase to 40.

Epic A42T Treadmill

The A42T has been priced at 3200 dollars, which does seem a little high for the specs it offers. All of its specifications are the same as the A35T. Same tread belt spread size and machine dimensions and same user weight capacity. The speed range and incline percentages are 0 to 12 mph and -3% to 15%, respectively. A42T has 45 in-built workout programs and an option for up to 4 user-defined programs. It includes a SafeZone technology; shutting down of machine if infants or pets get close. It also has a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring, which keeps the user safe as well. The browser in colored HD touchscreen helps the user make the most of his or her time.

Epic 450 MX Treadmill

The 450 MX has 8 in-built workout programs. Out of these 6 are personal trainer programs, designed for runners, athletes, or home users as well. The walking area of the tread belt is 20” by 55” which is a real space saver. It has a 0 to 10 mph speed control and a 0 to 10% incline range. The max user weight that 450 MX can hold is 300 lbs. The machine comes with a heart rate monitor and built-in hand grips. The display helps you keep track of time, distance, incline speed as well as calories burnt. Considering that 450 MX is an entry-level model, the machine is fairly decent. However, for the price range, much better alternatives are available in the market as per the epic treadmill reviews.

Epic 600 MX Treadmill 

The 600 MX Treadmill is built to give users daily cardio workouts. The 8 programs are designed in such a way that they keep you in a targeted heart rate zone. ICON has improved the brand name over the years. However, there have been failures too. The 600 MX is one of the misfit models with only a 2.5 CPH commercial motor. The walking area of 20” by 55” is smaller than the competitive models in the market by 5 inches. The incline range is also lesser than even other models of epic treadmills. The model is also said to be over-priced with lesser additional details. Customer reviews have also said that its heart rate monitor is not accurate.

Epic View 550 Treadmill

This model is one of the best of the series by ICON. It has the industry-competitive standard 2 ply commercial tread belt of 20” by 60” with ComfortStride™ cushioning. View 550 comes with a 3.0 CHP Odyssey II™ commercial motor. The remarkable additional specs include mp3 music audio ports, 2.5-inch precision rollers, a dual grip heart rate monitor, and an intermix acoustics sound system. The maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs. The treadmill comes with a 7″ Flat Screen TV with an On-Screen Display. Also, epic view 550 has 28 personal trainer workouts programmed into the system. Reviews show that the only downside to this otherwise exceptional model is the lack of warranty of parts and labor. However, there is an option of buying an extended warranty. The low noise levels of View 550 have satisfied many consumers as seen from epic treadmill reviews.

The Pros of using Epic Treadmills

Epic Treadmills have made their mark with the good standard drive motors of 2.5 to 3 HP and above. Additionally, these motors come with up to 12 years of warranty with a lifetime warranty for A30T. Most models of these treadmills have a good 60-inch length tread belt. Reviews have shown that this is ideal for running, especially for tall people.

The Downside to using these ICON Health Fitness Series

One of the most significant cons of using epic treadmills is its warranty. The labor and parts warranties are too low in most cases even though the motor warranty is pretty good. In addition to that, some models have been reviewed as being too expensive for the average features they offer. Having said that, most of the reviews on these machines are very old. The newer models of Epic have been greatly improved in terms of features and components, as well as customer service.

What We Would Recommend as Best Epic Buy

The Epic machines are not currently being manufactured. Hence, there are no new machines for sale in the market. However, you can still find the machines at some places if you are looking for a second-hand buy. As far as best buy is concerned, we would consider Epic View 550 Treadmill as the perfect blend of consumer needs and wants. It is offered at a budget-friendly value price of $1299 at Costco with better than most specifications. Treadmill reviews have also given this model one of the highest ratings. Additionally, we recommend getting an extended warranty even if you plan on buying an epic treadmill.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

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