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Review Overview



Bowflex Trainer M6 Treadmill will serve all the goals ranging from getting back into a workout routine after a break or maintaining the current fitness levels. The Max Intelligence Platform focuses on upgrading your workout experience. It does so by utilizing artificial intelligence technology. 

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Treadmill Review – Is it the Best Treadmill for You?

Product Review

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is developed for diverse users. Bowflex Trainer M6 Treadmill will serve all the goals ranging from getting back into a workout routine after a break or maintaining the current fitness levels. The Max Intelligence Platform focuses on upgrading your workout experience. It does so by utilizing artificial intelligence technology. This technology in Bowflex M6 Treadmill remembers your every workout to motivate and encourage you to work hard. It acts just like a personal trainer at the convenience of your home. Bowflex Trainer M6 Treadmill is a low impact machine to help you tone your body, burn calories, and lose weight without any negative impacts on the joints.

In addition to the above, Bowflex M6 trainer comes with comfortable foot pedals. These offer a solid grip that can assist a wide range of foot sizes. Moreover, the long handlebars attached to the machine allow for different hand placements. There are touch sensors added to the small handlebars at the bottom of the consoles in Bowflex M6. These monitor the heart rate to give a more accurate reading of your fitness levels. Furthermore, there are many other workout options added than its previous models with 29 instructor-led videos. However, only 17 videos are free, and the rest can be unlocked with the monthly subscription to Max Intelligence Platform application. This Bowflex Trainer M6 Treadmill model comes with 16 levels of resistance that can accommodate two users. It also offers a media deck for holding a phone or tablet. You can use the phone to operate the app during your workouts. Last but not least, space for holding a large water bottle is also provided, along with a portion for the mobile or keys.

Here is the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 review:

Workout Programs

The Bowflex Max Intelligence App has been developed on an artificial intelligence platform. If you get the app subscription it not only analyzes your fitness level and history but also suggests the appropriate difficulty levels for you based on acquired information. It motivates you just like a personal trainer each time you initiate any exercise. Moreover, it gives you access to 29 instructor-led on-demand videos. Even though the free version has only 17 videos, the remaining can be availed through a paid subscription, which also allows for customizations.

Warranty & Guarantee

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Treadmill offers a three-year warranty for the frame as well as the parts and a 90-day warranty for labor. However, a four to five years warranty for the frame and extended labor would have been a better deal for this treadmill. And due to this particular feature it has better reviews than most of the treadmill reviews.

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 – What Makes It Unique?

The full-body engagement feature is what makes this trainer unique. This makes the experience, unlike the one derived from old treadmills. In addition to this, this model offers more than just a regular elliptical. The Max Trainer M6 is designed to provide a combination of an elliptical and stair climber machine. This combination, though seems obvious, is distinctively designed to allow for a more natural movement. You engage not only your upper body but the lower as well. This helps in burning almost thrice the number of calories.

Furthermore, Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Treadmill is known for its high intensity yet low impact workouts. It offers a full-body workout. You can tone quads, shins, calves, and butts. This helps in building cardio endurance as well. Thus, you can exercise the cardio as well as arm and leg workouts effectively and efficiently. These are not simple enough if you do them separately. This is the sole reason why going to the gym proves to be a bummer. You must use different machines to engage different parts of the body. This gets not only challenging but also time-consuming.

Moreover, the Bowflex M6 and M8 are the first ones that have been equipped with the new Bowflex Max Intelligence App just like the Max Total Model. Nonetheless, the other machines are being built since last year with applications to sync your mobiles and tablets with. The Bowflex Max Intelligence App has the edge as it uses the artificial intelligence platform. This allows the app to not only sync with the gadget but also record your daily workouts. It assists in suggesting new workouts according to your fitness levels and goals. Hence, you feel like working out in a gym with your own personal trainer. The app subscription is an additional feature that can be availed for $149/year or $14.95/month. It includes 29 instructor-led videos. 17 of these videos are free, but you can access the remaining with a subscription. This may seem like an extra cost, but it comes with the benefits of personalized workouts. The videos prove to be quite challenging when synced with the 16 levels of resistance. Hence, you will still have a goal to pursue even if you are advanced. High-intensity workouts are not only good for conditioning but also for training yourself for athletic activities.

You can also manage and maintain your vitals by keeping a check through the heart rate monitor attached to this treadmill. It displays the counts of your calories burned due to the performed exercises. The heart rate monitor is a very convenient and easy integrated model. You can easily grip the concept and workings as you step/glide along.

The multi-grip handles are also provided to assist in comfortable movements for exercises focused on either full body or lower body workout.
Moreover, the treadmill is programmed in such a way to be befitting for two users. In simple words, it can follow and track the progress of two users max. Phones and tablets can be stored easily on the accessible media rack.

What We Like

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Treadmill is loaded with many benefits:


The ideal size of the treadmill makes it convenient enough for fitting in any home or gym. It is also easy to store in a corner when being unused. And due to this particular feature it has better reviews than most of the treadmill reviews.

Low impact/full-body workout:

The treadmill boasts a design assimilated to offer a combination of an elliptical machine and a stair climber. This makes this stair stepper appropriate for a great upper body and low impact workout and hence a great cardio machine.

16 levels of resistance:

This treadmill offers a broad range of 16 levels of resistance. These resistance levels are preferable for both beginners and advanced fitness professionals. Moreover, the upper resistance levels of the challenges offered are uneasy about outperforming.

Bowflex Max Intelligence platform-enabled:

The application’s use of artificial intelligence for recording information regarding the user’s daily exercises to suggest appropriate workouts according to the goals is one of the unique and best features.

Maximum user weight:

This model can accommodate weight up to 300 lbs. Most of the people weigh below this range, which makes it apt for the majority.

Track up to two user workouts:

Two users at most can avail of the feature of maintaining and monitoring their information under the personal identification option on the treadmill.

Burn rate monitor:

The burn rate display/ monitor provides easy access to the user to calculate the burn rate of their calories likewise regarding the performance and future goals.

Heart rate monitor:

Bowflex Max M6 Treadmill also offers an integrated touch reading for heart rate.

Key specifications

  1. Motor n/a
  2. Incline n/a
  3. Running Area n/a
  4. Foldable
  5. Top Speed n/a
  6. Weight Capacity of 300 LBS
  7. Burn Rate Display
  8. Dimensions of 49″ L x 30.5″ W x 65.5″ H
  9. Built-In Programs: not specified
  10. Star Rating of 4.9-stars

What We Do Not Like


The warranty for the frame and parts is only for three years. Whereas the one for labor is just for 90 days. This is not a good deal as the app is a paid subscription that will be used actively by the users. Hence, the labor warranty is needed to be more than just 90 days.

Is Bowflex Max Trainer M6 the Right choice for you?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trainee, the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is a perfect treadmill and a cardio machine for you if you are serious about working out and have a goal to accomplish.

This trainer is not only sleek but sturdy as well. This acts as a durable fitness companion that can last for many years. Moreover, it can be easily customizable for every user in your household. It can work out every part of your body in half the time with no risk of joint injuries.If you have a mission to impress people with consistent and noticeable weight loss, increase your core strength, or tone your muscles, this treadmill will be a great value addition to your home gym.

Our Verdict:

After The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 review we have concluded that this  treadmill is a worthy purchase for all sorts of users. Along with a compact design, it offers many additional features that assist the users in achieving their goals more easily. The resistance levels and the capability to sustain up to 300 lbs make this the perfect equipment/ elliptical machine for a home gym. It also comes with an application based on Artificial Intelligence that gives it an edge over other treadmills. In our Bowflex Max Trainer M6 review we came to realize that this technology makes it very convenient for users to track their records. Moreover, it suggests exercises based on the history of users and their goals. Hence, this treadmill is just like a personal trainer at the convenience of one’s home. However, the only downside of this treadmill is its short warranty for labor and many other treadmill reviews has also suggested the same. Nonetheless, it is an amazing and suitable machine for anyone looking for a high-intensity low impact workout.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

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