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Welcome to Running Wilder, an inspiring and supportive community for running enthusiasts at every level. Whether taking those first steps on a new journey or fine-tuning existing skill sets —we have something for everyone.

Our team of dedicated and experienced runners provides valuable insight into everything from picking out gear to techniques and tips that allow you to hit your targets.

We are here to provide the best possible advice and support for all runners, from those taking on their first 5K to seasoned veterans running in Ironman or marathon events.

Here, we share inspiring stories from real runners and show the possibilities when hard work and dedication are combined.

What are you waiting for? Jump aboard today and join Running Wilder to start reaching those milestones!

Meet Our Fabulous Team

Jeremiah Shaw

Athlete Runner

Jeremiah Shaw is an athlete runner currently working as a coach and consultant for other athletes. He is also part of a running community in Atlanta, where he is well-known as passionate about running, and sports in general.

Kristina Dailey

Writer / Editor

Kristina Dailey has joined the ranks of our writing panel. Kristina is a keen advocate for a healthy life, she emphasizes on the importance of maintaining the delicacy of underestimating your stamina and overestimating your strength.

Isabella Sparks

Writer / Editor

From a young age, Isabella has been taking part in all kinds of physical activities, whether it’s sports, exercising, going for a hike, or even cycling around the neighborhood. What keeps her going is knowing the health benefits that come with being active.