Bowflex C7 Bike – Topnotch Value for Your Indoor Cycling Workout Programs

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The Bowflex C7 bike gives you a complete indoor cycling experience. It has dual-sided pedals with SPD clips and toe cages, a JRNY experience for your cycling entertainment, and a 7-inch HD touchscreen that can be powered by WiFi and BlueTooth connectivity.

It also has adjustable handlebars, a seat, an easy-to-use knob, and 100 levels of resistance to favor your comfort and intensity preference while riding. Dual water bottle holders are also present to cater to your hydration needs. Overall, I found that it gives great value for the features it offers!


Bowflex C7

During and after the pandemic, we turned into exercise bikes to save us from the sedentary lifestyle of lockdowns and work-from-home setups.

One of these exercise bikes is the Bowflex C7 bike — with so many resistance levels, it surely kept my quads challenged!

In the Bowflex C7 bike, you’ll enjoy:

  • Cycling without slips because of the toe cages
  • Savoring different scenes and custom workouts on the JRNY app
  • Cycling classes on the Peloton app
  • Watching your favorite Netflix show on the 7-inch high-definition touchscreen display

Aside from working on your cycling speed on this spin bike, you can also work on your muscles.

It includes two 1.5 kg dumbbells placed in their respective dumbbell holders just within your reach.

On top of that, you can sit comfortably because of the adjustable seats.

What I liked most about this Bowflex C7 bike is how I could observe my heart rate, time, speed, cadence, distance, and calories burned and connect my smart devices because it is Bluetooth-enabled.

It even has a media rack for the different fitness devices I need (e.g., tablets, phones)!



  • 1-year free JRNY membership upon getting the bike
    • Access to JRNY app workouts with instructors (JRNY membership needed)
    • Access to JRNY app scenic rides and routes (JRNY membership needed)
    • Access to various entertainment apps while cycling (JRNY membership needed)
  • Compatible with Peloton and Zwift (connect with a smart phone, tablet, or Smart TV)
  • Can easily adjust seat, handlebars, and knob
  • Can set up multiple individual accounts to track progress
  • Comes with detailed Assembly and Owner’s manuals for easy assembly
  • It comes with an armband heart rate monitor
  • It comes with a pair of 1.5 kg dumbbells and their respective holders
  • It can be for users of any age
  • It runs silently without disturbing noises
  • Can cater to riders weight of up to 330 lbs or 149 kg


  • Reviews show screen may be too small for those with an eye grade of 50 and above
  • The media rack does not have enough space for a larger tablet based on a review
  • JRNY membership required to access entertainment apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others
  • Limited frame warranty of 3 years

Main Features

  • It comes with a 7-inch HD touchscreen display
  • Compatible with the Peloton app
  • Connects with the Zwift app
  • With dual water bottle holders
  • With 100 resistance levels/magnetic resistance
  • With two 1.5 kg dumbbells with holders
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars
  • Easy-to-use knob for changing levels
  • With media rack
  • Dual-link pedals with toe cage for a slip-free ride
  • Bluetooth-enabled connectivity


Of course, when trying to see the bigger picture of the Bowflex C7 bike, you also need to consider its price.

On the Bowflex website, you can get the Bowflex C7 bike for $1,299 for a single purchase or payment.

Yet, if it is too much for you for a single payment, they also offer 18-month promotional financing, which will cost you $73 per month.

Nevertheless, they offer a 10% sale discount with free shipping on orders over $500. More than that, Bowflex also offers an in-home assembly for $129!


bowflex warranty
Bowflex C7 Bike
  • Frame: 3 Years
  • Mechanical Parts: 3 Years
  • Electronics: 1 Year
  • Labor: 1 Year

The feature we always look at before buying a product is the warranty. It is insurance for authentic, original, and legitimate products.

For the Bowflex C7 bike, you can get the following warranty periods for the frame, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor.

To avail of the frame, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor warranty, you need to keep some things in mind:

  • Keep the proof of purchase; make sure it’s in good condition and readable
  • Use the product appropriately and replace parts and components based on the Assembly and Owner’s Manuals (always review these manuals)
  • Use the product for its intended purpose and not for unrelated purposes
  • Don’t forget that you have 30 days to notify the seller after observing the bike’s issue
  • If you want to carry through diagnostic procedures, make sure it’s with an official representative

Moreover, if the damages you want a warranty for are included in one of these cases, then they cannot be covered:

  • If the Bowflex C7 frame, mechanical parts, and electronics have been damaged due to overuse and alteration
  • If the exercise bike was assembled and maintained improperly, against the instructions or safety warnings
  • If the exercise bike is damaged through inappropriate storage
  • If the exercise bike acquires damages from moisture, natural disasters, power surges, accidents, and mishandling
  • If the Bowflex C7 bike is placed in commercial or institutional settings (e.g., in gyms, workplaces, clubs, fitness centers)
  • If damage is caused by an excess in the maximum user weight of the bike, which is 330 lbs or 149 kg
  • Typical damages or the usual wear and tear
  • Warranties only include those within the United States and Canada


Bowflex c7 dimenrsion

When looking for an exercise machine online, it’s vital to know the dimensions of the product to see if it fits your workout corners and home gym areas.

These are the dimensions of the Bowflex C7 bike:

  • In inches:
    • 48.1″ length
    • 21.3″ width
    • 5″ height
  • In centimeters:
    • 122.2 cm length
    • 54 cm width
    • 146 cm height

For some of you who are concerned with how big or small the shipping boxes are, here are the dimensions of the shipping box:

  • 42″ length
  • 10.3″ width
  • 33.8″ height
  • 130.9 lbs weight

World-Class Apps Compatible for Bowflex C7 Bike

Every purchase of the Bowflex C7 comes with one year of free JRNY membership.

If you’re wondering what apps can be accessed through your Bowflex C7 bike, here’s a complete list:

1.) JRNY App

This app will help you train your resistance anytime with its adaptive workouts, trainer-led classes and videos, and access to streaming entertainment apps.

Personally, I like this as I can make use of all these features while exploring the world through different courses and sceneries offered by JRNY!

You can even manage multiple JRNY profiles in one fitness bike. One thing you need to know, a membership from JRNY is required to get a hold of these features.

2.) Peloton

Peloton is an app that displays different workouts for fitness buffs and beginners.

It showcases programs from resistance training, strength, fitness yoga, meditation, walking, pilates, bike ride boot camp, and many more.Yet, to indulge in the fitness and resistance training offered by Peloton, you need to have a separate membership at $12.99 monthly.

3.) Zwift

Zwift is an indoor cycling app that trains bikers with the same intensity as outdoor training.

It helps you ride efficiently with in-game training plans, 11 immersive worlds, and a lot of choices for routes.

All you need are your screen, handlebars, and seat from your indoor bike. You may also need a phone or a tablet for extra monitors.

Aside from these, a monthly membership of $14.99 is also needed.

4.) Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime & HBO Max

Streaming your favorite movie or television series while comfortably seated and holding your C7 bike’s handlebars is undoubtedly one for the books.

You can enjoy this major perk when you have your C7 with you, all banked up with subscriptions.

You only need a JRNY membership and these streaming apps’ memberships to enjoy this feature while on your workouts.


When in search of the best indoor bike, the Bowflex C7 bike is for sure one of the frontrunners because of the 7-inch console.

It’s something missing in other bikes like the Bowflex C6 bike!

More than that, you get an HD touchscreen display for a lesser amount than other bikes with a console.

The built-in 7-inch console is where you can search and view your JRNY app workouts, training programs, and entertainment apps (e.g., music, videos, etc.).

It is also a touchscreen console for easy access to anything you prefer during indoor rides, just like when you search for personalized workouts.

The console’s screen also has enough brightness for everybody’s comfort and ease when watching.

In my experience, I found the 7-inch display quite small, but it gives enough screen real-estate to still enjoy all the techy functions!


For a rider like you who wants indoor training that matches the variation of your outdoor destinations, this bike has something for you — 100 resistance levels.

You can choose the intensity of your workouts with this feature and fully adapt to Peleton’s fitness programs.

A review from another user also stated that they could easily change the level of resistance depending on their preference.

This is one of the main things I enjoyed when using this bike. I was able to quickly tailor the settings to whatever intensity and goal I was striving for!

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Users

Still need to know more to ensure you get a good bike for you?

Let’s delve into the frequently asked questions about the Bowflex C7 bike:

Is Bowflex C7 Compatible With Peloton?

Yes, you can connect the Bowflex C7 bike with the Peloton to join workout classes, curated music, and training programs.

One thing that kept me interested in the C7 bike was how I could view the programs on its touchscreen display.

Not just that, if you want multiple screens at a time, you can always put your tablet or phone on the media rack to access third-party apps like Peloton and Zwift (and more).

What Is the Difference Between C6 and C7 Bowflex Bike?

You can easily spot a Bowflex C7 bike from a Bowflex c6 bike because of the following differences:

C6 BikeC7 Bike
C6 has a liquid crystal display (LCD)C7 bike has a 7-inch high-definition console
C6 is smaller with dimensions of 54.6 × 30.7 × 51.8 inchesC7 has dimensions of 48.1 x 21.3 x 57.5 inches
C6’s JRNY experience is limited to Bluetooth connectivity from a phone or tabletC7 has adaptive workouts and coaching from the JRNY app directly to the display
C6 can’t access streaming entertainment platformsC7 can access your existing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max accounts on the touchscreen
C6 only tracks time, calories, distance, cadence (RPM), heart rate, speed, and levelsThe C7 can do the same but with additional features like tracking resistance levels, calorie burn rate, and interval through a JRNY membership

Can You Watch Netflix on Bowflex C7?

Yes, you can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, among other video-streaming apps, on the Bowflex C7 bike, through the JRNY app if you have a JRNY membership.

What I adore most about this product is that, after purchasing a Bowflex C7 bike, you do not need to worry about the JRNY membership because Bowflex will give you a free 1-year JRNY membership.

Can You Watch Entertainment Apps Without a Subscription?

No, you can’t. In order to watch entertainment apps, you need to avail yourself of membership from JRNY.

In this same sense, you also need to get individual subscriptions from different entertainment apps to view it on the 7-inch high-definition touchscreen console of your bike.

Is the Bowflex C7 Worth It?

YES. It is a solid bike worth the price and every penny and is even worth the investment.

99% of satisfied buyers would recommend the Bowflex C7 bike to a friend!

What Is the Weight Limit of the Bowflex C7 Bike?

The Bowflex C7 bike has a user weight limit of 330 lbs or 149 kg. Bowflex’s insurance will not cover damages incurred if you use the bike and exceed the weight limit.

Will the Bowflex C7 Bike Adjust Ergonomically for Short People?

Yes, this can adjust ergonomically for short people. The Bowflex C7 bike was tested for riders with a minimum height of 4’6″ to a maximum height of 6’6″.

The handlebars and seat are fully adjustable to your preferences, too.

What’s the Warranty for the C7 Bike?

For this bike, these are the following insurance period for the frame, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor:

  • For the frame: 3 Years
  • For the mechanical parts: 3 Years
  • For the electronics: 1 Year
  • For the labor: 1 Year

You may check the included manual or the Warranty section above to learn more about the detailed requirements for damage to be accepted under warranty.

REMEMBER: Insurance only covers buyers within the United States and Canada.

Does the C7 Bike Automatically Adjust Resistance?

No, the bike will not automatically adjust the resistance required in the workout programs you are following.

For you to change the levels, you need to maneuver the red knob located in front of the seat post at the top tube.

Higher resistance means turning the knob to the right, while lowering the resistance means turning the knob to the left.

Can the C7 Work Without JRNY?

Yes, it can work even without the JRNY experience. You can opt for the manual mode if you do not want to pay additional membership fees.

How Can I Connect My C7 to Zwift?

If you have a Zwift account, all you have to do to connect your C7 to Zwift is to launch the Zwift app, set your Zwift account to ride, and choose Nautilus as the power source.

You can then tap the “Okay” button to continue.

After that, select your preferred route (from their long list) and start your indoor biking workout.

Bowflex C7 Bike Bottom Line Review

If you’re in search of the best spin bike or indoor bikes, the C7 bike would be a great inclusion in your home gym. Only great things can come from this bike!

You can enjoy great features and inclusions like:

  • A 7-inch touchscreen to view workouts and training programs from the JRNY app, Zwift, and Peloton
  • A pair of 1.5 kg dumbbells
  • Dual-sided pedals with SPD clips and toe cage
  • 100 resistance levels
  • Bluetooth connection for heart rate monitors
  • An armband heart rate monitor
  • A media rack for your sports training devices (e.g., tablet, phone) to track workouts to keep you in shape

You can also see your calorie burn rate and interval on this bike, which I found to be helpful in staying aligned with my fitness goals.

But the feature that I especially loved about the C7 bike is its fully adjustable handlebars and ergonomic seat. This made it comfy and ready for anyone and everyone to use!

For a great price of $1,299 for a one-time payment or $73 monthly for 18-month promotional financing (and a 10% sale discount if you get it on-site), you can experience an indoor resistance training ride of a lifetime with the Bowflex C7 bike.

I hope these reviews helped you decide if this is the bike for you and your fitness goals.