Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw is an amazing athlete who has been passionate about running since his childhood days in Georgia, United States. At the tender age of sixteen, he started pursuing it professionally and quickly established himself as a formidable long-distance champion —never missing any marathons in his local area.


Jeremiah Shaw made the most of his college experience, graduating from Georgia State University with an Exercise Science degree and participating in its track and field team. His dedication to athletic performance extended to completing a thesis on how nutrition is key for endurance running.


Jeremiah has been an avid member of the running community for years. He has competed in several marathons and long-distance events and worked with athletes and coaches to hone his craft as a runner.

However, his passion for this sport extends beyond himself – as he’s also taken on a role in organizing competitions and mentoring younger athletes who share similar ambitions.

In 2019, Jeremiah decided it was time to spread that same enthusiasm more widely by launching – a blog dedicated to sharing stories about adventures on the track or trails. Here, visitors can learn from Jeremiah’s personal experiences in training and competition while developing valuable tips and tricks along their journey toward becoming stronger runners.

Expertise: Endurance running, Sports, Fitness equipment, Bowflex products, Obstacle course racing