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Is Bowflex Warranty Transferable? [How Their Product Warranties Work]

When buying products or availing services, warranties are the ones that are being immediately asked about.

A warranty is your gate pass to ensure quality products and services. It’s proof that the company has entrusted full confidence to its manufactured goods. 

Through a warranty, you’ll be able to avail repairs and replacements on faulty goods without releasing a single cent. 

The warranty gives the Nautilus a reason to continue creating innovative cardio and strength products.

In this quick guide, we’ll delve deeper into the bounds of Bowflex’s offered warranty and protection plan and services.

Is Bowflex Warranty Transferable?

Nautilus, Inc., the worldwide marketer, developer, and manufacturer of Bowflex, assures the original purchaser of getting a defect-free fitness machine in terms of materials and workmanship. 

Not only that, Bowflex offers a warranty that extends only to the original purchaser. However, it is NOT transferable to anyone besides the original purchaser.

Moreover, the warranty is only applicable for legitimately-purchased types of equipment that Nautilus only manufactures and sells through an authorized agent and used in the United States or Canada.

With this, we can draw that it should not extend to any territories or countries outside the United States and Canada. 

Lastly, the warranty doesn’t cover commercial use of the product, including gym use, corporate use, club use, fitness center use, and any public or privately incorporated agency that has a Bowflex fitness machine for use by its members, employees, or affiliates.

NOTE: Unauthorized tampering with, modifying, or opening the product will void the warranty. 

How Does Bowflex Operate Their Warranties?

The warranty covers 1 up to 5 years depending on the defective part of the equipment, whether it is on the motor, electronics, hydraulics, and others. 

The fitness equipment is not covered when:

  • The machine is utilized for commercial or institutional use.
  • The damage was done by someone who weighs more than 136 kilograms or 300 pounds.
  • The damage resulted from abuse, accident, tampering, or modifications.
  • The user has failed to follow instructions or warnings in the owner’s manual.
  • The user misused and mishandled the equipment.
  • The equipment was damaged accidentally (such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, power surges, etc.).
  • The damage was a result of normal usage and wear and tear.

Does Bowflex Use Their Warranty on All Their Products?

Yes, the warranty on material and workmanship for Bowflex applies to all of their products, given that the user is the original purchaser of Bowflex.


The buyer should know that they are entitled to a product or service warranty; a warranty is your ticket to ensuring quality products and services.

If your manufacturer fails to give you a warranty, never purchase from them.

For this certain manufacturer, Nautilus, Inc. or Bowflex has managed to give a warranty to their customers.