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Does Bowflex Work With Zwift? How Do You Connect It?

Zwift is a popular turbo trainer game that lets cyclists have a real riding experience with other cyclists in a virtual environment. 

You can download the app through any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and other compatible devices.

In this sense, people ask for Zwift’s compatibility with their products after the most sought-after indoor bicycle equipment.

This article will tell you if Zwift works well with Bowflex’s products.

Is It Possible for Bowflex to Connect With Zwift?

Nautilus, Inc., the worldwide marketer, developer, and manufacturer of Bowflex, has made its specific products compatible with the Zwift application.

One product that works well with Zwift is the famous Bowflex C6. After linking your Zwift app to your C6 and selecting the power output, the power output data will be displayed within your Zwift app. 

In the upcoming sections, you will learn how to connect the Zwift app to your equipment.

How Can You Connect Bowflex With the Zwift App?

Connecting with the Zwift app has never been this easy! Here are the four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Download the Zwift app on your device through Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Step 2: Activate your Bluetooth connection on your device. Afterward, launch your downloaded Zwift app.
  • Step 3: Connect your equipment to Bluetooth.
  • Step 4: Pair your equipment with your Zwift app.

What Are Other Third-Party Apps That Can Connect With Bowflex?

Bowflex has managed to get several third-party apps for its products. 

The company has been investing in developing a piece of equipment like Bowflex C6 to be future-ready by making it compatible with popular streaming apps such as JRNY, Peloton App, Zwift, Sufferfest, and many others. 

  1. JRNY – This application is intended for adaptive workouts wherein pre-recorded instructed lead content shall guide you while doing your routine workouts. Not only that, you’ll be able to enjoy your virtual coaching while streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. For the best part, a metrics bar will keep you on track.  
  2. Peloton Integration – This application shall show you your cadence and basic metrics, including your resistance and distance. It also has Peloton audio that easily plays through the equipment’s Bluetooth speakers.
  3. Sufferfest – This application integrates structured training with bike riding and racing footage. 

Final Words

Introverts are the happiest with this new Zwift application update.

Get indoor riding interaction with peers while minimizing the risk of contracting diseases through Zwift on Bowflex. 

Now, riding a bicycle will never feel lonely again!