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The wide-frame engine stays cool even during the most demanding workouts, creates a high level of inertia for a soft and strong feel, and promises a peaceful home experience. The machine comes with a convenient folding frame, all thanks to the SpaceSaver technology which leaves plenty of room for other equipments if any.

Proform Sport 6.0 Treadmill

Treadmill Review

A simple solution for a morning jog or a walk around the office is ProForm 6.0. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run in Barcelona? Just step on it and press Start. Take the final step to the finish line with several fun entertainment features, such as iPod compatibility and training apps designed by certified personal trainers. 

The wide-frame engine stays cool even during the most demanding workouts, creates a high level of inertia for a soft and strong feel, and promises a peaceful home experience. The machine comes with a convenient folding frame, all thanks to the SpaceSaver technology which leaves plenty of room for other equipments if any.


It can comfortably take up a cozy space in your bedroom, as its dimensions are only 66.5 x 30 x 11 inches. During our exercises, you would be very satisfied with the built-in speakers you have. It’s not all. Manufacturers built the Sport 6.0 with inelastic, balanced, and precisely machined 1.9-inch rollers. 

These medium-sized cylinders reduce stress, minimizing wear. You will also get less noise with a better grip for sure. The treadmill is also equipped with a cooling mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about the machine overheating. This is one of the biggest advantages of the device. 

The sturdy steel frame ensures it will last a long time with a great warranty on parts and labor. Are you wondering if you should get one? Let’s take a deeper look at its specs to make your selection easier.



  • Motor: 5 CP Mach Z Commercial Plus
  • Incline: 0 – 10% Digital Quick Incline Control
  • Running Area: 60″ x 20″
  • Foldable: Yes, but incomplete
  • Highest Speed: 0 – 10 MPH Digital QuickSpeed Control
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 250 LBS
  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • Dimensions: 66.5” x 30” x 11” (L x W x H)
  • Workout app and programs: Twenty
  • 20” x 60” Tread Belt
  • Maximum User Weight: 325 lbs
  • Warranty for Motor: 25 Years
  • Warranty for Parts: 1 year parts warranty
  • Warranty for Labor: 1 year

Why is Proform Sport 6.0 your perfect workout partner?

ProForm 6.0 is the perfect treadmill to meet your fitness needs. For the entry-level treadmill, it comes with wonderful functions and intuitive controls. Spacious deck, so you don’t feel limited when walking, running, and running. The 60-inch length gives your feet enough room to extend the stride. 

The 20-inch width gives the upper body extra elbow room. This treadmill is one size fits all machine. The device is designed to support the weight of large users. This definitely helps burn excess calories. It is equipped with padding throughout the covered area. When you walk, run, or run, you will have a softer landing with every step. 

With less strain on your legs, ankles, knees, and hips, you can enjoy a longer workout and faster recovery times. One of its unique features is the 10 MPH quick speed control, which helps increase performance by increasing speed. 

Have you ever wondered if your training makes any changes? With the new Watts LED display, you can monitor your performance directly on the console with bright LED lights. Based on our watt-per-kilogram power algorithm, you can instantly determine whether you are in the resistance, time, or peak zone.


Endurance is important for a slow and stable workout. The Time Zone puts you in the ideal heart rate based on your weight category, and the peak is where you hit your max cardio. And if you’re focusing on interval training, hit the Work button to kick it at high speed, then hit Recover to slow down. It removes the monotony from your workout with an iPod compatible feature. 

Once you’ve created your favorite playlist, all you need to do is connect your iPod or MP3 player to our built-in audio system. Thanks to the dual 2-inch speakers, you can amplify the melodies and increase the tempo. Experts have learned that we are actually increasing or decreasing the tempo to fit the tempo of our songs. Additionally, music has been shown to reduce perceived exertion. This is good news.
The built-in tablet holder keeps your tablet safe and conveniently close, so you have access to all your training and fun.
Tilt your workout at this turning point of the treadmill. Undoubtedly, you can literally prepare your body for challenging and demanding routes. Sport 6.0 offers electric and automatic tilt adjustment. When you train on an incline, you know you are giving your feet the best possible exercise on a treadmill.

Thanks to the application aspect of the exercises, this machine is compatible with all other users. You can continue your light exercise routine while your partner can watch the intense at the same time. There are eight variants of training applications that generate virtual personal training with a certified trainer, which motivates you to increase performance. 

They have preset for incline, time, and speed to help you reach your goal. iFit Ready also provides users with a comprehensive catalog of online workouts compiled by professional personal trainers. You can browse the full range of available workouts (if you’d like something other than the 20 treadmill workouts already scheduled) and easily find many workouts designed specifically for your fitness level. 

Once a program is selected, the treadmill automatically adjusts to the appropriate speed and incline level, so just press start! Two grip sensors are conveniently integrated into the handlebar. In seconds you will see your heart rate during training.

Technological innovation:

  • HIIT training
  • Features peak zones, Tempo, and Endurance data
  • Balanced rollers
  • Round Watts LED Display
  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • 20 Workout Apps
  • Global Google Maps Routes
  • Extensive Fitness Tracking
  • iFit Ready
  • iPod®-Compatible Audio
  • Greater Weight Capacity

Is Proform Sport 6.0 good enough for your cardio?

Proform Sport 6.0 gives you a great treadmill, but it also put its larger frame motors into this machine, but the rest of the mechanical construction is weak. You get a great console shared across the Sport range, but still have sharp corners. The LCD is still quite small and difficult to read even during training.

The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill can only reach a maximum speed of 10 MPH, which is incredibly slow compared to the maximum speed of other treadmill models. In comparison, many treadmills can reach a maximum speed of up to 25 MPH. 

For some people, a speed of just 10MPH can be perfectly fine given their current fitness level. You should always consider what your goals for the future are and how fast you will want to run as your fitness improves. If other people are using the treadmill, also consider their fitness level and how fast they may want to run. If you or another user are planning to increase your workout as much as possible, opt for a model that does not limit your procedure so much. 

In addition, the machine does not fold completely vertically but forms an angle of approximately 60 degrees when folded. The cooling fan is a basic feature offered even by fairly inexpensive treadmills. This area of the console is roomy enough, so there’s enough room for ProForm to include a small built-in cooling fan. 

This is a very compact treadmill that you cannot expect to have a large treadmill. This particular model has a narrow waistband that measures 455 inches in length and 18 inches in width. It also has an indirect effect on the duration.

Other models may also offer steeper incline options for people who really want to push. Although the difference of a few degrees of incline will only depend on those who are fond of uphill racing, this model will not be the right one for these specific people.

Proform Sport 6.0: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow Factors:

  • Incline range is 0 – 10%
  • The price of the ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill is relatively low compared to other models
  • Easy-to-read display that tracks incline, speed, and duration of exercise, as well as exertion level
  • Heart rate monitor integrated into the handlebar
  • 20 different pre-programmed workouts on the bike
  • iFit Ready allows you to run real courses on Google and download multiple workouts online

Nah factors:

  • It can only reach a maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • Very limited one-year parts and labor warranty
  • Does not offer all the other features provided with other models
  • The slope is not as steep as the other models
  • At the risk of easy breakage (as per other buyers)

Decision: Should you invest in a Proform Sport 6.0?

You are getting more than you expected. A good choice for customers looking for a simple, affordable, and reliable model that doesn’t take up much space. Quite a pleasant effort for money, but still only for a person who is a casual pawn, not for serious exercise. 

Like any product, this one has its flaws, but luckily the pros outweigh the negatives by a large margin. The machine is easy to handle, thanks to the huge control buttons. It would definitely help you to show excellent results in excess fat loss or heart rate monitoring. The gadget is comfortable enough to save you time and boost your performance.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed is a Nutritionist currently working online and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to bust the nutrition myths that have been living since ages about nutrition and certain foods. She wants people to get robust knowledge about food and health as nutrition sciences have changed over years.

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