Kristina Dailey

Kristina Dailey

Kristina Dailey is an acclaimed author and vocal advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle. Writing at, she inspires readers to maintain balance in their health journey by finding the right combination of pushing themselves without overdoing it.

As someone who has lived —and written—the importance of living active lives, Kristina provides evidence-based advice on achieving personal fitness milestones that lead to long-term happiness and well-being.


Kristina has an impressive educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from the University of Washington. While studying at the university, she was passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She took active steps to incorporate physical activity into her routine, including running and attending group fitness classes.

On top of this, Kristina’s knowledge of nutrition is quite extensive, thanks to specialized courses taken throughout college—leaving no lack in health-related matters.


Kristina is a prolific writer dedicated to helping others stay healthy. As an established and experienced author, she has been writing for the popular blog since 2020 – sharing her knowledge on how important it is to keep active and maintain good nutrition and mental health.

Her work goes beyond just blogging; as an advocate of well-being, Kristina also contributes content for several national magazines and online publications—all to encourage readers to achieve their fitness goals.

Expertise: Running, Nutrition, Fitness