Sole Fitness S73 Treadmill Review

Product Review

Sole Fitness S73 Treadmill

The Sole S73 treadmill is one of Sole’s nonfolding treadmill models.

Sole treadmills have been used in major hotels like Hilton & Omni for years and have recently become available to the home market.

With a high torque 3.0 HP motor, better sound system, extra long 60″ running surface, heart rate monitor, built in workout programs, Heart rate Control, Custom Flex cushioning, built in speakers for your iPod/mp3 and health club console, Sole S73 Treadmill is a non folding treadmill. gives you a lot of value at this price point.
Sole S73 Treadmill also comes with treadmill cooling fans, LCD Backlit Display which shows Speed, Incline, Time, Distance traveled, Pulse, Calories burned and navigate workout programs progress as well as Peak and Valley Graph for different programs.

This Treadmill also has 8 built in workout programs, among which 6 are standard, 2 User defined custom programs and 2 heart rate programs.



  • Price: $1699.99
  • Motor: 3.0 HP
  • Speed: 0.5-12 MPH
  • Incline: 0-15%
  • Treadbelt: 20 x 60″
  • Folding: No
  • Cooling Fans: 2
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Hand Grip Pulse Monitor
  • (+ Free Wireless Chest Strap included)
  • User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, Motor and Deck, 5 Years on Electronics/Belt/Rollers, 2 Years on Labor

Verdict: Highly Recommended

The Sole S73 treadmill is a non-folding, highly stable treadmill from a well-respected name in the industry.  With a strong ultra high torque motor, excellent cushioning, extra long 60″ belt, Heart Rate Monitor, bright backlit console and extra long warranty, the Sole S73 Treadmill is a top contender in this price range.

To add some extra comfort to your workout, the new Sole S73 Treadmill models come with built in speakers for your mp3 player, built in workout fans and speed/incline controls on the handrails.

The one thing people may not like is that the Sole S73 Treadmill does not fold up (see the Sole F83 or Sole F85 treadmills for that).  Overall though it’s a great value if you’re looking for a commercial grade treadmill that will hold up over the long run.


Product Pros And Cons

Sole Fitness S73 Treadmill

1) 3.0 HP Ultra High Torque Motor

This is a one of the highest motor powers at this price point. The motor uses a large diameter, balanced flywheel which causes it to run cooler with less amp draw. This extends the life of the motor and gives a much more stable feel to Sole S73 Treadmill.

2) Cushion Flex Reduces Impact By 40%

Good cushioning is crucial to protect your knees, back, hips and ankles. It’s especially important if you plan on running.

Cushion Flex is one of the best cushioning systems on the market and has been shown in a university study to reduce impact by 40% compared to running on asphalt.This is also one of the feature which makes Sole S73 Treadmill even more special in Sole Treadmills.

3) Whisper Deck with Lifetime Warranty

Whisper decks are one step up from the standard Phenolic coating found on most home treadmills. It helps to make the Sole S73 treadmill run more smoothly and quietly.

Plus, Sole offers a Lifetime Warranty on the deck. No need to flip your treadmill deck, if you wear it out, Sole will replace it – free.

4) iPod/Mp3 Port with Built In Speakers

You can plug in your iPod or mp3 and listen to your favorite music through the built in speakers. There’s also a headphone jack if you prefer, which many other treadmills don’t offer.

5) Extra Long Warranty

The Sole S73 Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, deck and motor.  Electronics, belt and rollers are covered for 5 years and labor is covered for 2 years.  This is one of the longest warranties on the market and gives you an idea of the quality of construction.

Of special note is the 2 years on service.  With other brands, you usually only get 1 year on service.  So this can save you a lot of money

6) Speed & Incline Controls on the Handrails

This isn’t an essential feature, but it’s still nice to have. Instead of leaning forward – possibly too close to the running hood or throwing off your stride – in Sole Treadmills you just press the speed and incline buttons at your side on the handrails.


  • 0 HP Ultra High Torque Motor
  • Cushion Flex Reduces Impact By 40%
  • Whisper Deck with Lifetime Warranty
  • iPod/Mp3 Port with Built In Speakers
  • Extra Long Warranty
  • Speed & Incline Controls on the Handrails


  • Does Not Fold