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Review Overview



If you need an excellent treadmill with a built-in TV, this machine is for you. When all its features add up, it’s clear that the Smooth 9.45TV treadmill is the pinnacle of Smooth Fitness design and functionality. 


Treadmill Review:

Smooth machines are made for sale and are intended for the average family consumer, unlike the higher-class Landices or Star Trac treadmills. But in the price range, their treadmills are in, they all excel. 

If you’re a regular returning customer, you already know about his excellent customer service and compliance with his warranties. If you haven’t dealt with Smooth yet, keep in mind that their warranties and customer service are top-notch in the industry. The 9.45 TV  treadmill is a great example. 

If you need an excellent treadmill with a built-in TV, this machine is for you. When all its features add up, it’s clear that the Smooth 9.45TV treadmill is the pinnacle of Smooth Fitness design and functionality. Don’t have enough information to make a decision? Read further and find out more.



The 3.0 HP continuous motor has a top speed of 11.2 mph, which is more than enough for most runners. The machine comes with 15 levels of incline for those who need more training intensity. This machine is equipped with a 15-inch LCD TV with RCA and coaxial connectors. It comes with its own separate frame, so you can be sure it won’t vibrate when you run at top speed and will stay still even when the car is tilted.

The 60 “x 20” platform offers an extra-long treadmill. This is ideal for tall people who have longer strides. While the belt has been triply laminated with phenolic resin to provide low friction, the belt is not easily damaged and lasts a lifetime.

The console contains everything you need. The most distinctive feature of this treadmill is undoubtedly the addition of a high-quality LCD television, which is mounted at eye level on a bracket above the console. It would be great if they upgraded it to a color touch screen, as they are starting to have many new models, but you don’t really need them. All important information is shown on the normal display.  

Today, there is a growing demand for multimedia equipment to be made available to us, regardless of the activities we do, and exercise on the treadmill is no exception. We’ve seen some treadmills with built-in TVs, but this is the better version of the idea.

The television has built-in high-fidelity speakers but can also be used with headphones of your choice. The unique design keeps the TV in one place, even when you tilt the treadmill. You can also spin at full speed on the TV without vibration.

It has many different built-in exercises to keep your workouts mixed. It has contactless speed control, which is quite useful. The deck is strong enough to support anyone at full speed, so you’ll probably never have to worry about breaking or breaking the deck.


    Motor: 3.0 HP commercial motor

  • Foldable: No
  • User weight capacity: 400 lbs. 
  • Speed range: 11.2 Max speed
  • Incline range: 15% Incline
  • Workout programs: 6 built-in workout programs
  • Tread belt: 20″ x 60″ running belt
  • Warranty for motor: Lifetime Frame
  • Warranty for frame: Lifetime
  • Warranty for parts: Lifetime
  • Warranty for labor: 2 years

Why is SMOOTH FITNESS 9.45TV TREADMILL your perfect workout partner?

The 9.45TV treadmill offers all the other features and functions you would expect from Smooth Fitness. 

All runners know what joint pain is. We all feel it at one time or another. But even if we can cure this terrible pain, what can we do to prevent it from returning? The right training machine with the right belt and cushioning system can make joint pain never return.

Smooth 9.45TV is one of the treadmills on which the Hydra suspension is installed with 12 levels of adjustment designed to prevent joint pain. And this machine doesn’t just do that. The installed programs are focused on developing muscle groups mainly of the lower body, such as shoulder, calf, breast, predator, biceps, triceps, abdomen, back, forearm, gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstring.

State-of-the-art technology, but a practical method called “Motion Control” is used to control the tread speed. This ingenious device allows you to adjust the speed with a simple wave of the hand.

Another example of the 9.45TV’s workout adjustment feature is the Hydra suspension system. This innovative system uses variable suspension, so you can adjust the shock absorption of the treadmill to match your comfort level, and running style and yet another feature that places Smooth Fitness significantly ahead of the competition is their unique QuickChange motion control. This unique control feature allows you to control the speed and movement of the treadmill with a wave of your hand.

You can speed up, slow down, or stop the machine without touching the console again. This is a more convenient and safer way to control the machine than leaning forward to access the switches on the control panel.

This model is very similar to the 9.35 ST, but the Smooth 9.45 benefits from the inclusion of a high-quality 15-inch flat-screen LCD TV and high fidelity speakers located at eye level above the control console. The Smooth 9.45 TV treadmill is a luxury model from Smooth with something you’ll usually only find on treadmills: a 15-inch LCD TV.

The Smooth 9.45TV is more than double the size of a standard TV treadmill (which usually runs around 7 inches). Also, unlike other treadmills, this TV is set on a separate frame.

This means that even if you speed up the pace or increase the tilt, the TV won’t shake or wobble, making the Smooth 9.45TV experience more enjoyable. The Smooth Fitness 9.45TV treadmill features Whisper Weave technology, which calms the workout experience and increases the user experience value. It also comes with a commercial HP motor with a 3.0-lifetime warranty. Overall, this treadmill is a great piece to buy and adds value for money.

One such feature worth pointing out is the wireless heart rate control. The transmitter reads your heart rate (via the chest strap) and correlates it with the heart rate target zone table entered in the panel. The Heart Rate program allows you to switch from one training level to another only if you reach the minimum target heart rate for your age and weight. It continuously monitors your heart rate and dynamically adjusts the 9.45TV settings to ensure a perfect workout. It’s just one of the ways 9.45TV lets you tailor your workout exactly to your needs.

Technological features

  • Hydra Suspension System
  • Built-in 15″ LCD TV
  • 6” LED display
  • Six pre-set programs
  • Nine user profiles
  • Wireless Heart Rate control
  • Hand Pulse Grip

Is the SMOOTH FITNESS 9.45TV treadmill good enough for your cardio?

First, make sure you have purchased a treadmill with a delivery option that includes delivery where you want to place it and installation by their technical team. It is worth the extra money you pay for this option, instead of consuming A LOT of energy and time doing it yourself. The machine is large, heavy, comes with many small parts, and has a rather complicated user manual. Another feature the Customers didn’t really like was the wrong number of programs included. But it makes up for it with a very nice heart rate program.

Also, this additional feature of television would cost you another $700, which is quite expensive, given that it’s only a 15-inch monitor. But overall, it’s still one of the best treadmills under $3,000.

While reviewing the Smooth Treadmills features and reviews, we found that while they offer a decent amount of built-in applications, they are not actually comparable to the amount offered by some other companies. Not to mention, not all of them come with iFit cards, which is a problem. Overall, we still highly recommended the Smooth Fitness brand. They have some great sturdy equipment that has been around for years, and we are sure they will be there for years.

The biggest weakness we found on this machine is that the built-in TV is a bit overpriced and is only guaranteed for one year. Although delivery is free, you will have to pay extra for home delivery and installation.

SMOOTH FITNESS 9.45TV TREADMILL: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors

  • 15 “flat screen LCD TV
  • Hydra adjustable suspension
  • Speed up or slow down by hand
  • Built to withstand heavy use
  • 60 “extra-long treadmill
  • Lifetime warranty, including parts

Nah factors

  • Nothing to highlight as such

Decision: Should you invest in a Smooth fitness 9.45tv treadmill?

The Smooth 6.45M treadmill is a quality folding treadmill, the price of which is close to the affordable slots and offers great value for money. All treadmills manufactured by Smooth Company are renowned for being of the highest quality and are also at the forefront of exercise technology and innovation. 

The Smooth 9.45 TV treadmill is no exception. So, if you’re looking for the latest cutting-edge treadmill technology that will keep you entertained during a great workout, then the Smooth 9.45 TV treadmill is what you really need to watch.

Disclaimer: This model is no longer produced by Smooth.


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