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Should I Buy a Used Bowflex? | Everything You Need to Know if You’re on a Budget

Purchasing used equipment could be a terrific investment for your health and budget. It might help you save a lot of money.

Used training cycles, adjustable dumbbells, and weightlifting machines are far less expensive than buying brand-new identical gear.

We will answer your dilemma over whether purchasing a used Bowflex is an intelligent move and provide you with additional information in this article.

Should I Buy Used Exercise Equipment?

People that get new supplies (e.g., dumbbells and home gyms) often don’t use them, which creates a huge market for old gear.

A cheap method to have a “complete training room” experience at home is to get used Bowflex supplies (dumbbells, indoor bikes, etc.) on eBay, from a newspaper ad, or from a friend.

If you purchase one locally, you may know the seller or, at the very least, will be able to inspect the machine for yourself, which is advantageous.

Used Exercise Equipment You Might Want to Buy

Used training gear (like dumbbells, indoor bikes, etc.) is the most common to buy for those seeking exercise. There is an infinite selection of supplies.

People usually search for standard gears, adjustable dumbbells, an indoor bike, and a home gym. It should be based on the kind of workout you enjoy doing.

It might be enough to add a couple of weights to your running routine, a treadmill, or Bowflex dumbbells to your workout regimen as you watch the evening news.

Here are some recommendations for supplies that you may wish to purchase.

TIP: When looking for used exercise equipment (like adjustable dumbbells and indoor bikes), give local advertisements and stores priority to avoid paying shipping fees.

Used Exercise Equipment

Bowflex Dumbbells

The best action when purchasing Bowflex dumbbells would be to buy used ones. If you’re using dumbbells for the first time, choose lighter weights.

You may find Bowflex dumbbells in good condition and save a ton of money using Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or an online dumbbells wholesaler for used Bowflex dumbbells.

Bowflex dumbbells, though, can be pretty pricey. Choosing used Bowflex dumbbells in good condition is the most straightforward approach to locating affordable Bowflex dumbbells.

Secondhand Bowflex dumbbells might be a great choice of beginning weights if you start with a workout.

If you decide you don’t want the adjustable weight dumbbells, the financial loss won’t be as significant as if you had bought new Bowflex dumbbells.

NOTE: Bowflex offers adjustable dumbbells in various sets, each with a distinct weight range. These adjustable dumbbells might be a great alternative to a full rack of conventional dumbbells for a home gym.

Bowflex Treadmills

The treadmill is one of the best, most practical, and most versatile fitness supplies. It can help you with weight loss.

Before buying a used treadmill, you should research to be sure they are getting a well-functioning machine that will satisfy their unique fitness requirements.

You can find an excellent machine at a great price if you know what you’re searching for and how to spot junk—and vice versa.

Other Bowflex Cardio Machines

Try everything out! From TreadClimbers, MaxTrainers, and indoor bikes, you must thoroughly test every cardio machine you’re trying to buy.

Do a training setting on the machine you’re buying to build your confidence that the machine won’t break down 30 seconds after.

Regardless of whether you wind up doing a complete 15 minutes of workout with increasing intensity, it would be excellent to reduce the possibility of regretting your investment.

Used Bowflex Exercise Equipment vs. Brand New Bowflex Equipment

Purchasing dumbbells and other training gear is not a simple chore. There is also the rising cost of training supplies to take into account.

While many individuals recommend buying used Bowflex supplies, some only want to buy new items.

Here, we address the solution to this vital question: Should you buy a brand-new or a used one?

Used Exercise Equipment

Here are some benefits and risks when buying used Bowflex training gear:


  • Cost-Effective: Used dumbbells or indoor bikes can be found for around half or a third of the price of newer training gear. You can save a lot.
  • Bargains: You might be able to score some deals if you have a lot of knowledge about dumbbells, home gyms, and other training gear. These can be certain brands you know as reliable or underappreciated supplies.


  • Hygiene issues (you might catch something from using used dumbbells)
  • Randomly sourced replacement parts (e.g., dumbbells should not be rusty)
  • Less or no warranty
  • Early – and expensive – breakdowns
  • Scams (your seller might not disclose the defect on the dumbbells)

Brand New Equipment

Here are some advantages and one significant disadvantage of buying new supplies:


  • Bowflex offers a full warranty package
  • No Unpleasant Surprises: You don’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns soon
  • All the latest technology to choose from
  • Plenty of options to choose from
  • Plenty of trusted brands, retailers, and wholesalers


  • High-Cost: Filling an entire commercial training area with brand-new training gear can be very costly. If this is a new venture, spending such a large amount of money may be risky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some more related queries that are frequently asked:

What Is a Bowflex Made Out Of?

Bowflex offers the highest-quality structure, or base, composed of high-grade carbon steel. This kind of construction is frequently seen in training rooms.

The dumbbells are made of steel, plastic, nylon, and rubber, and the handles have a metal with a rubber grip.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It?

Adjustable dumbbells are a perfect alternative to standard dumbbells because they are more portable and practical.

Adjustable dumbbells can be a high-quality addition to your home gym. Your muscles operate unilaterally when using dumbbells, so you only use one leg or arm at a time.

Dumbbells are advantageous for unilateral exercises because these dumbbells force you to use both sides of your body equally.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Used Bowflex Supplies?

Some people would advise you not to buy used Bowflex workout gear.

If you know what supplies you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to inspect any of these items before spending your money.

You may still find some great used Bowflex adjustable dumbbells or indoor bikes.

The best advice on these things is to perform extensive research, avoid making impulsive investments and ask the vendor numerous questions.

Move on if something doesn’t feel right, you’re not getting clear answers to your queries, or you notice any discrepancies between the product and the seller’s explanation.