Running Mistakes You Should Avoid


People usually take running as a simple sport. They just think of running as a common activity in which you just have to put on your running shoes and start running anywhere. But it is much more complex.

Specially if you do it on a regular basis. It can give you many benefits as well as injure you too if you do it incorrectly so you should listen to your body when you start running. There are small technical and common running mistakes that one does not even notice while running. So yes, before start running for a long run, strength training or cross training, you should definitely be aware of such common running mistakes. Avoiding these common running mistakes can make your running 100% perfect and fruitful, free of any injury or defect and you will be running and cross training in the best way possible.

Wearing the Wrong Kind of Running Shoes:

Not wearing proper running shoes every day can be a big mistake. If a runner’s shoes are old, not the right size or not comfortable for the runner’s feet it can cause runners harm in their training. These shoes can cause swelling and injuries to a runner’s feet. They can slow down your running or make it painful. So, make sure that you go to the right store and get the right kind of shoes according to your feet, form and running style. And do not wait for them to completely worn out before replacing them. It is recommended for a runner to replace his shoes after every 300 to 350 miles. This is because lose of cushioning can cause injuries. And buy new shoes after they have completed half of their life for good quality running.

Be the Tortoise, Not the Hare:

If you are a beginner it is the worst thing to go too fast too soon. This can cause you problems such as injuries, getting tired too quickly, strains etc. new runners are mostly too enthusiastic about their running, so they just jump into running too much In their first days. They do not take rest and put too much stress on their body. This can give them negative result instead of positive. They can get many injuries due to over running such as shin splints, runner’s knee etc. so, gradually increases the speed and mileage of your run. Do not ignore rest days. As a beginner you should run no more than 3 to 4 days. Over running can make your body exhausted too soon. Also, if you experience any pain, or any kind of difficulty while running, do not ignore it and take rest and proper precautions.

Not Getting Yourself Properly Hydrated:

Most runners do not understand the importance of water for their body and how much do they lose as a result of sweating. Not hydrating yourself properly can be lethal. Runners need to be wise with their timings of drinking water be it pre run or post run. The three times they need it the most are before running, during running and after the running. Start drinking water a few hours before your run, it should be included in your training plan too and do not over drink. It can make you want to go to the water again and again. Hydrate yourself properly with water and other non-caffeinated drinks. Before staring the run have a few sips again. Your running coach should not only focus on your running form but should also remind you to not drink a lot of water right before the run. It will make you feel nauseous and bulky.  During the run, have a few sips if you feel thirsty. After the run, keep giving drinking after short intervals of time to make up for the dehydration.

Choosing the Wrong Attire:

What you wear during the runs greatly effects your comfort and running posture be it running shoes or any other thing. According to the weather conditions, wearing too much or too little clothes can affect your running. Wearing the right type of fabric for the clothes is also necessary. Wear sports fabric such as Dry fit, thinsulate, thermax etc. These will dry out the sweat and not make you wet, unlike cotton that will be super uncomfortable for a runner. If the weather is cold, make sure that you do not overdress because after running for some time or a long run you will start to feel warm and that will make you very uncomfortable, this is what many runners also advise to the beginners at running. In summers, stick to lose, light fabric, light coloured clothes.

Not Taking Diet Seriously:

Many athletes ignore their diet and just focus on training. These include especially those who want to lose weight. Now the thing is that not eating properly and doing too much physical activity will drain you of energy. So, you need to have proper kind of food before, during and after your run so that your body stays fulfilled, and this should be a part of your running plan as well. Don’t deprive yourself of any nutrient. If you leave any food group on purpose, your body will have negative effects. A runner has to have a balanced and healthy diet. Often runners train intensely and don’t eat properly. that can be a big mistake. So always have a good diet and eat all your food groups if not on daily basis then atleast some nutritious food per week will also help you.

Running Too Fast:

Usually beginners make a lot of mistakes when they get into training/ running and one is that they start running too fast. Beginner runners are very enthusiastic and happy about running that they start running too fast. As a result, they crash soon. They feel exhausted and have no energy to run further. So, try to plan your runs. Start off slowly and they pick up a pace. Slow down in between so you are able to run  a long distance. Starting off too fast will make your run shorter as you will run out of your breath easily.

Breathing Improperly:

Knowing how to breathe is also important. Mostly runner do not breathe properly and as a result get side stitches. Your body needs proper oxygen while running too. So, make sure you run both through your nose and mouth. Deep breathing allows you to take in more oxygen. If you run out of your breath during a run, slow down your pace instead of running fast. It will give you time to catch your breath again and run properly. so, make sure you do that. All these mistakes are rookie mistakes that can be made by any runner, and most of the successful runners have made them in their early career. But learning from them is the greatest victory.

Good luck!


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