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Running blogs help you to upgrade your running game. Running blogs give you the instructions that you need to make your running perfect and fruitful. Running bloggers know the highs and lows of running. Running blogs can help you with your posture, endurance and strength, give you some really helpful running tips and provide you with a lot of product reviews of running products such as running shoes. Running bloggers through their running blogs, by their personal experiences of half marathon and running in general, and also by the work of others, help you to understand many things through their blog posts that you might now even know.

If you’re a beginner and are passionate about running, you should definitely mark some of the best running blogs that may help you best and the blog posts will act as your running coach. In this article we are going to review some of the most popular and beneficial running blogs. Following these best running blogs also keep you motivated for example there is a blogger named Wendy who writes by the name “Taking the Long Way Home” is running in spite of serious health problem.

Some of the great running blogs to follow are:

Lazy Girl Running:

This running blog is being run by a UK based running coach, named Laura Fountain, who is onto making running more fun for people, especially beginners. She is running her running blog since 2013 and she has helped hundreds of people especially women to get motivated and start their running through following her training advice on her running blog. She coaches online, writes guides and run groups to help women all over the world in their running.
This is not it she works as a columnist and coach for Women’s Running magazine and writes about running over there too. She has grown over time both as a coach, as a runner as well as a running blogger. She says about her running journey that in her beginning she couldn’t run even 400 meters, but now she has run 20 marathons! That’s why she has named her running blog as the lazy girl referring to her in the beginning. That gives a lot of motivation and inspiration to many women. She is now quite popular in the running world.

Special Shoutout: Amanda Brooks is a great running coach who writes blog posts by the name “Run to the Finish”. You should also checkout Amanda Brooks’ product reviews, her running tips and her best running blogs.

Runner’s world:

This is one of the most old and best running blogs to exist. It was launched by Bob Anderson. It is a globally recognized monthly magazine enjoyed by runners of all skills, i.e. beginners, elite runner’s and athletes, since it provides authentic running information, race reviews, gear reviews, and some great running tips about all kinds of running. It has expanded outside of the United States now and is editions in many other countries. If you are a beginner, you should definitely mark this blog on your list.

Women’s Running:

This running blog is specially for the women who are enthusiastic about health and their running. It is specific for women only and is one of a kind in North America. It is centred for women’s health and fitness and to groom female runners. It was founded in 2004 and its initial name for “Her Sports + fitness” which was then rebranded to Women’s running in 2008. Its founder is Martha Stewart apprentice Dawna Stone. She is herself a triathlete. It is one of the most famous among female athletes and runners. It motivates them and also normal women to get into running and makes sure their running is top notch. It is very informative and impressive. We would like to give a shoutout to an amazing female blogger called Janae whose blog is “Hungry Runner Girl” she also writes very interesting running blogs.

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog:

Dr Nick, Nicholas Campitelli, is based in Akro and specializes in foot and ankle surgery.  Since Dr Nick is a doctor, his prime focus on his blog is on sports medicine, and remedies for running injuries. As he specializes in ankle and foot surgery, he gives people information about how to handle and treat their injuries. His blog is extremely useful for beginners as well as trained runners. He also has information about all kinds of running gears on his blog. That includes shoes and other running gears. He also advises runners around the world about how to avoid some very unfortunate injuries such as Stress Fractures, Plantar Fasciitis, and general Knee Pains. He is also giving great training tips about physical health as well as mental health.


This blog is founded by Peter Larson.  He is basically a biology professor and also a running coach who writes blog posts. His interests in running science, running forms (trail running) and running gear (running shoes) made him make this blog. He himself have coached in many races as a personal trainer including some short races, marathons and ultramarathons. He now coaches beginners and runners for immediate 5k running programmes by giving them training advice and training tips. Peter also writes blogs, posts about marathon training, half marathons and helps people become a marathon runner. He posts blogs about his life, mental health, experiences and things running-related in his blog.  His running blogs are a great place for people looking suggestions for the best running shoes and have a hard time purchasing them. He gives detailed reviews about shoes and stuff and tries to help people as much as possible.

Special Shoutout: There is a blogger named Monica who writes running blogs about running in different locations such as New York, Washington etc. Monica’s Blog is the website of her running blogs.

Run Bulldog Run:

This super amazing and adventurous blog is founded by Steve Piers. He had his first race in 1982 and since then he is a runner. He has had many life experiences in running so now he is sharing them with other runners to

teach them a thing or two. He has amazing tips for both beginners and experienced runners. He also has somecmotivational content for people, and also shares his life journey with other people to inspire them for running.

Run Bulldog Run


Mark Kennedy is a certified coach and is running this amazing running blog. He was formerly a kinesiologist. He has great love and interest for running and exercises, so he has made this blog to keep other people motivated and running in the running community too. He wants to help people to be fit and healthy. He also does some amazing podcasts apart from writing and he takes other famous people with him on them, such as nutritionists, athletes, coaches etc. who share their wisdom with people.

Kristine Running:

This is Kristina’s personal blog in which she shares her personal running experiences. Her blog started in 2012 and she posts the most fun stuff there that is both motivational and informative for runners.

Special Shoutout: Theodora, New York based writer, blogger, who writes running blogs by the name of Preppy runner also has a great experience and provides one of the best race reviews and gear reviews in her running blogs.

The Angry Jogger

This is by far one of the funniest run blogs to follow, that you will ever come across in the running community. Matt Waterworth is a inspiration to people who think they can never get fit and healthy. He has shared his struggles with running and has moved millions of people since then.

DC Rainmaker:

Ray Maker is a passionate triathlete who loves multiple sports. Some of them being running (trail running), biking and swimming. He has been in many triathlon competitions and is passionate about running. He has so much information for runners in his running blog. He reviews amazing products that he thinks are good for runners. He also makes people motivated by documenting his own journey. Due to his extensive research and knowledge, he has a great respect in the running community. This blog is one of the best running blogs to follow.


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