10 Useful Running Apps You Can Try


Technology has taken over our lives. We take our gadgets everywhere with us. We keep up with our social life on the social media, and even if we are not doing anything, we like to keep our mobile phones with us. Now, there are many apps that can be easily able to find/ download in our phones for different purposes such as communication, entertainment, money transfers, listening to songs, writing etc. good news for all the runners that there are many best running apps such as Nike Run Club that they can use to make their running more fun, make their training plans, control heart rate and learn more about what they are getting from running.

These best running apps such as Nike Run Club can give us various information. When you use the monthly subscription of an app you get an ad free experience, they can track our pace while running (long run, half marathon etc), note down the calories burned, real time heart beats per minute, tell us about different running routes and tracks and also help us stay motivated and stuck to our running routine. There are some best running apps which are pretty much like social media.

These app offers much more, be it Charity Miles, Nike Run Club etc , also tell us how much closer we are getting to our goals everyday, GPS to track the distance, pace etc, workouts per week, so we are more determined to run each day. And these running tracking app do all this without us even knowing. All we have to do is keep our phones with us for every mile that we run. Nowadays different watches are also available that can be connected to our phones and we just have to wear them while running and they will record our running. Let’s say if we run three times a week, it will note down all the statistics of those runs. Isn’t that great? That you are able to run as well as have the record of your running.

Best Running Apps to Install:

Here we are going to list some of the best apps that we think can benefit the runners best. They are free of cost and insanely beneficial. They can help you customize your nine weeks or any time frame training plan.


Runkeeper is a very easy to use app. It tracks almost everything that is necessary to know. The pace, calories, time speed etc. it also gives training plans to runners. It can help us t measure our progress and keep a check on it. It is especially great for beginners who are looking for some basic data. It also does not give your data to third party services.




This app tracks our steps using the phone’s sensor, notes the running time and help us to monitor our routes. It keeps a track of our history and runs. And helps our running in many ways. One of a great feature about it is that it can also be associated with other health apps such as MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and gadgets like Fitbit. It is also free for these features however the user can upgrade to premium to get some additional features and get more help. It can give us workouts for our needs, health plans etc.




This app has several useful features in it such as audio cues. It can track our run time and speed. It tells us how much s=distance we have travelled and help us managing time of our run-on daily basis. We can also send data from this app to other different apps and fitness services.



My Map Run:

This app tells us the basics that are calories, time, distances and it also tells us our heart rate and just like a treadmill. This app also identifies our type of run, that either we are running on a treadmill, walking casually, running on a track etc. it monitors our speed and guides us. This app also has an amazing feature in which it can tell us the condition of our running shoes and when should we change them.



Weight Loss Running:

This app is great for people who are overweight and aim at losing weight. This app is considered among the best running apps. Just like other running apps, it helps us with our diet, fitness and running so it is a complete package. It is a really cool app that comes with different coaches, running music, diet plans and many more features. It can also be paid and the provides us many more additional features too.


Sports Tracker

It is one of the very first’s fitness apps and one of the best running apps. It uses GPS system and tracks our steps and anytime we are doing any physical activity. It tells us our average speed, our heart rate during exercise, estimated calories that are burned and other useful information.


best running apps sports tracker


It is a great app for people who want to try out new routes. it tells us different tracking areas, roads etc that can allow smooth running. It comes with a tour guide if you upgrade to premium, that tells use safe and interesting running routes. It also has voice navigation and can guide us throughout the run.



It is one of the amazing running apps for the people who struggle with motivation. It acts as a coach and guides us all about which time is suitable for running, how many running sessions we should have, what should be our pace etc. it has customized running programs for every person based on his expertise level and fitness level. It can also be synced with other apps to have collective data. It also provides basic information that is for free and the coaching is paid.



Road ID:

This is one of the best apps when it comes to safety concerns. It has a system through which we can share our location with our friends and family while we are out for a run via SMS or email. It will help them to keep a check on us in case we need any help or are stuck somewhere, they will know where to find us. It gives alarms and notifications in case we are not moving. It also adds some additional information in case something happens. You can install this app along with another running app and you will be sorted.



Charity Miles:

This is among one of the best running apps that helps us as well as others. This running app helps us to donate to different charities. Charity miles is running app which has different charities for different reasons such as cancer, orphan kids, education etc. so each day we can choose a charity that we want to donate to.  With each run that we will do with this app brands like Timex will donate to the charity of our choice.

Amount of money varies for different runs and walks. So, make sure you download this app for a noble cause. This is the most unique app among all the workout/ running apps. There are also a lot of other running apps too which work well even in the free version, if we had to mention one example such running apps it should definitely be Couch to 5K. Couch to 5K is a great running app, when you use the app you will come to know that this running app has some extraordinary features. Couch to 5K shows the calories burned, pace, distance and all the workout details even though it is a free version workout/ running app.




Technology is great and it can help us to make our running more efficient  so do try out these best running apps for better running!


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