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Review Overview



ProForm has provided this treadmill with a powerful 3.0 Mach Z Commercial Plus motor for ensuring smooth and consistent performance. To complement this powerful motor, you can enjoy a generous treadmill with a width of 60 inches and a speed of 12 mph. Its Quick Incline features outs you in control to lift the pack up to 15 percent at the touch of a button.


Treadmill Review:

**DISCLAIMER: The model has been discontinued.

Buying a treadmill isn’t something you do every day, so it’s only natural that you feel a little confused and overwhelmed during the process. There is a lot to choose from, and each seems to offer something unique. The Proform 995 treadmill is an essential starting belt built for people who want a budget machine without many bells and whistles.

ProForm has provided this treadmill with a powerful 3.0 Mach Z Commercial Plus motor for ensuring smooth and consistent performance. To complement this powerful motor, you can enjoy a generous treadmill with a width of 60 inches and a speed of 12 mph. Its Quick Incline features outs you in control to lift the pack up to 15 percent at the touch of a button.

One of the reasons behind our love for this product is that it is iFit compatible. You can use Google Maps to map your route wherever you want. With full warranty support, ProForm claims that the Proform Power 995 Treadmillhas undergone extensive testing, including “pounding 475 pounds more than a million times, console testing, software checking and 200 hours of human testing.”


Wondering if you should buy one? Let’s take a closer look at its specs to make your selection easier.


  • Motor: 3.0 CHP Mach Z™ Motor
  • Speed: 0 – 12 MPH
  • Incline: 0 – 15% Incline
  • Running Area: 20″ x 60’’ inches
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 81″ x 37″ x 59.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Workout programs: 30 built-in workout apps (iFIT live customizable workouts)
  • Tread Belt: 20-by-60-inch (W x D) Tread Belt
  • Maximum User Weight: 325 lbs
  • Warranty for Motor: 25 years
  • Warranty for frame: Lifetime
  • Warranty for Parts: 1 year 
  • Warranty for Labor: 1 year

Why is the Proform Power 995 Treadmill your perfect workout partner?

ProForm Power 995 treadmill allows you to easily, safely, and comfortably reach your health and fitness goals. Running not only improves your physical appearance; provides a long list of health benefits. It slows the aging process, strengthens bones, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, and reduces the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other medical conditions.

Proshox Elite 2 Cushioning:

We are delighted that this treadmill is equipped with ProShox Elite 2 cushioning. This absorbs shock, thus reducing the amount of stress on your back and joints. The quick 15% tilt is also a huge plus. Working on a slope burns more calories by reducing the impact on your joints.

Workout Programs:

Proform Power 995 Treadmill is the perfect combination of comfort and intense fitness. It is part of 20 built in workouts apps/ training programs, which include 10 weight loss programs and 10 exercises that help the user achieve the best-desired results. Workout programs take control of the treadmill and automatically adjust speed and incline as they guide you through effective exercise.

That’s double the best SOLE Fitness models and more than other high-end treadmills like the LifeSpan TR3000i. If you are familiar with the brand image of ProForm, you know it’s hard to find a treadmill that offers multiple workout options. 

Additionally, ProForm equips many of its treadmills with iFit Live connectivity, even allowing you to compete with other users in real-time. If you want to have fun on a treadmill and an infinitely varied workout, the ProForm Power 995 treadmill has you covered.

QuickSpeed Controls:

Additionally, it has a 12mph speed limit and a tilt range of up to 15% with a touch button for each level, which makes the transition easier for the user. The treadmill is also equipped with a “Quick Incline” control. 

This allows you to electronically change the degree of tilt-up or down during the entire operation from the control panel. The slope can be adjusted in the range of 0-15 degrees. You can simulate uphill running and add variety to your workout.

iFit Live Technology:

An interesting feature is an iFit Coach. This feature allows you to travel on virtual tracks around the world while watching passing scenes on the console screen. This feature requires an internet connection and an iFit Coach subscription, available for the first year. Keep calm with a CoolAire workout fan aimed directly at your face. Quickly assemble and store the Power 995i with EastLift Assist and SpaceSaver Design.

LED Display:

Built-in heart rate sensors keep your heart rate in line and alert you to higher or lower values. ProForm Power 995 Treadmill has virtually no restrictions on tracking and tracking your exercise results, which is an important aspect of improving your health and fitness. The multi-window LED display monitors calories, time, distance, speed, heart rate, and incline.

Audio Port:

The integrated audio system has an auxiliary music port connected to two console-mounted speakers. A built-in tablet holder located above the console holds most full-sized tablets securely in place.

A safety key and cable are provided on the treadmill. The key must be in the control console for the treadmill to work. This means that the treadmill cannot be used by unauthorized users, such as small children, after removing the key.

The safety key has a cord with a small plastic clip attached to one end that can be attached to the user’s clothing. If the user accidentally falls or falls on the treadmill, the key is removed from the console, and the treadmill slows to a stop.

Technological innovations: 

  • 7 ”backlit LED display.
  • 20 training programs.
  • iFit allows you to perform new workouts every day, automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps, compete with your friends, and tailor your workouts to your specific goals.
  • Control of exercise intensity
  • ProShox ™ Elite II damping
  • ECG ™ heart rate monitor with dual handle
  • IPod® compatible music port
  • Intermix Acoustics ™ 3.0
  • CoolAire ™ Exercise Fan
  • SpaceSaver® Design

Is the Proform Power 995 Treadmills good enough for your cardio?

The biggest nightmare for this machine users is its after-sales service. Proform (like other Icon treadmills) has a reputation for poor customer service in the past. Like most entry-level treadmills, the quality of this machine isn’t that impressive.

The console is relatively simple on this treadmill and doesn’t give much information. It will give you the basic stats of your workout, but with the more expensive Proform models, you won’t get effective console graphics. The money on this machine went to harder construction, not fantasy gadgets.

It also does not perform negative climbs (downhill). By setting up a descending treadmill, you can work on your shift, which is extremely important when you run. Although you need to set the treadmill to 1.5% or 2% incline to run on level ground. The force of the impact is less because the decks are padded. This is another benefit of the treadmill for me. You can work a lot harder without getting hurt.

Also, it is a heavy package, so ask the courier to bring the package to the room where you intend to place the treadmill. The assembly can take several hours, and it will be good to have another person available to help you.


Proform Power 995 treadmill: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors:

  • Large running area
  • Multi-window LED display for reading
  • The treadmill supports iFit technology
  • Ready for music (speakers)
  • Great variety of training programs
  • 20 integrated training applications
  • Control of exercise intensity
  • ProShox ™ Elite II damping
  • Dual Handled ECG ™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • CoolAire ™ Exercise Fan.
  • Industry-standard CHP Mach Z  commercial 3.0 engine

Nah factors:

  • No negative incline
  • Foldable, but not the most compact trainer
  • No warranty coverage on board
  • IFit wireless module sold separately (required for iFit Live)

Decision: Should You Invest in a Proform Power 995 Treadmill?

For the Proform Power 995 Treadmill, it represents a defining moment when component quality brings excellent properties and creates a model that more than matches its price. It’s not hard to find fault with the new Power 995. If you want to save money, you can opt for the old Power 995 instead. 

You get less training, less advanced suspension, and a shorter warranty, but you still get a lot. Even with a slight improvement in quality, you can see that you are moving significantly higher in the price chart, so in the category of a decent machine, its value for money is between 700 and 999 USD. 

If your finances are limited and it will be your first treadmill, you will be amazed. The ability to compete with others live on the internet, and the touch screen will make you forget it’s Proform. If it works in the long run, these treadmills can make everyone else fail.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed is a Nutritionist currently working online and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to bust the nutrition myths that have been living since ages about nutrition and certain foods. She wants people to get robust knowledge about food and health as nutrition sciences have changed over years.

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