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Product Review of Nautilus T618 Treadmills

Nautilus T618 Treadmill is one of the top-line training partners in their Nautilus Performance Series that you should be depending upon for your workout and fitness goals, especially if you are shy and a bit overweight. It even works better when you are an avid runner. The T618 is a treadmill particularly designed for home-based runners. It has a retail price of $1,299. If you are into products that offer good value for money along with durability and performance, Nautilus T618 is totally a winner. You can’t help but be satisfied with this treadmill.

The T618 design conserves space with its hydraulic assisted foldable deck with SoftDrop™ folding technology and slimmer dimensions. Whether you are a numbers nerd or not, you are going to love its technology integration with running. It is compatible with fitness apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Nautilus Trainer. The best part is its Heart Rate Monitoring System which provides feedback on your heart rate through an adjustable wireless chest strap. There is heart monitoring hand grips too, though less accurate. 

This treadmill features a powerful 3.5 CHP motor and provides a top speed of 12 mph. This is decent for budget-conscious runners and for people in the overweight category. T618 will surely go soft on your knees and joints with its rebound cushioning. Apart from the walking and jogging routines, regular runners can enjoy their runs indoors through T618. 

Word of caution: Though it has appealing features, the T618 may be short on some qualities that it should have.

Even so, it has a high-quality belt system along with a high-capacity motor, we think the track surface is slightly undersized given its dimensions are 20” W x 60” L. Negative declination is a feature that should have been included in T618. However, we believe that highly related to the user’s preferences and their workout goals. Most treadmills in the same price range are offering the belt size and incline-decline capability, so the T618 provides good value for your money.

Yet again, don’t forget that this treadmill is primarily suitable for home use.

nautilus t618 treadmill review


Key Specifications of Nautilus T618 Treadmill

  • Has a powerful 3.5 CHP commercial-grade motor
  • Dimensions of 72.5” L x 25.25” W x 57.75” H
  • 3 ply-belt of 2.5mm thickness
  • Running Area of 20” W x 60” L 
  • Rebound™ Deck Cushioning
  • Performance Handrails to Control Speed and Incline
  • 0% to 15% Incline Range
  • Max speed of 12 mph
  • User Weight Capacity up to 350 lbs            
  • Under $1500 Price Range
  • 26 Built-in Workout Programs
  • Allows 4 User Profiles
  • Dual backlit LCDs
  • Audio Jack, USB port, and Speakers
  • Contact Hand Grips for Heart Rate Monitoring
  • A 3-speed cooling fan and an accessory rack

Detailed Overview of the Main Features

The Nautilus T618 treadmill incorporates some of the latest features that give the user a better treadmill experience. We have explained some of the features below for your ease.

3.5 CHP Motor

The 3.5 CHP motor is powerful enough for regular runners. This motor works quietly and does not irritate the user which is a plus point for users. It also assists a max speed of 12 miles per hour. However, marathon or heavy runners usually opt for a higher-powered motor, usually around 4 or 5 CHP. This is because a lower power motor cannot entertain a very high weight capacity.

an alternate motor of nautilus t618

Running Area – 3 Ply Treadbelt

The Workout Area measures 20 inches long and 60 inches wide, which is a broad track for tall people. This belt rotates over rollers with a 2.75 inches diameter. This is larger than the average rollers’ size. Also, the belt is a 3 ply 2.5mm thick belt. These two facts ensure that the belt does not wear off easily and has a longer belt life.

The tread belt of the Nautilus T618 is equipped with a Rebound cushioning system. This technology reduces the impact on the knee and other joints by giving a softer landing, especially at a higher speed and incline. This helps orthopedic patients in rehabilitation while also making sure the healthy people don’t suffer from any injury risks. 

nautilus t618 running track

RunSocial App – Explore The World App

The Nautilus T618 integrates the World App over its Bluetooth connection. Running indoors without any scenic change can be boring. The tracking tools in the App can virtually take you on a walk or a run through scenic locations around the world. Different routes around the world like the Alps can be conquered without leaving your home. 

You can either do it solo or link up with your friends and other athletes. Pick a route to download on your phone and run. You can also set goals and review your time and pace through the App. All you must do is just download the free app on your phone or tablet and pair your phone with the T618. It also supports the fitness app partners like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Nautilus Trainer where the users can easily track metrics. 

Program Variety

A selection of 26 unique nautilus performance training programs including heart rate programs is provided with the option of creating your own customizable workouts. These programs emphasize cardiovascular endurance, interval training, and weight management. It gives a fitness score at the end of the workout and your workout data is sync-able with the Nautilus Trainer app. It is perfect for keeping tabs on your progress and pushing your limits. 

nautilus t618 console



The T618 treadmill has 2 blue backlit LCDs, 3.75” and 5.5” wide. The compare pacer function in the backlit lcd display allows you to visualize your current workout metrics with your goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

Cardiovascular health and endurance build-up rely on accurate heart rate measurements. T618 comes with an accurate wireless adjustable heart rate chest strap. It has also contact hand grip pulse monitors built in its handrails, though they are less accurate. 


The T618 treadmill has a media tray that can secure your device in its place, a USB port to keep your Bluetooth-connected device charged. The media shelf can easily hold your tablet computer while you continue with your workout routines. 

There is also an audio jack along with an acoustic chambered sound system to keep you entertained. The sound quality is good for high volumes, but it degrades a little on the last higher levels. It also has a 3-speed fan and an accessory rack for towels, water bottles, and other items beneath the console. 

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Customer Reviews and Feedback:

73% of the customers at Amazon have given a rating of 5 stars to the T618 home treadmill. One reviewer who initially commented on his experience when it had only been few weeks since he bought T618, came for a follow-up review to express how much he loves the T618.

Only 8% of treadmill reviews have a rating of 1 star on a scale of 5 stars. The feedbacks showed that their deliveries lacked complete components or have broken parts. Even such a review shows that the treadmill is a very sturdy one. Safe to say that if you accidentally get a missing part, you can get that exchanged. You will not however have any complaints about the overall quality.

What didn’t we like?

The T618 is built with good quality materials. However, like all products, this one also has some bottlenecks. We have listed below the drawbacks we feel might change some people’s decision to buy and have also explained in detail a few of these let-downs:

  • The over-crowded display screen
  • The small number of workout programs
  • The less-than-average warranty for motor and frame
  • The Bluetooth and USB stick addons that become a hassle rather than a help
  • Low-quality electrical components – testified by user reviews
  • The average powered motor – 4.0 or above is appreciated by a tall, heavy runner.

Display Screen: 

The dual blue backlit display setup in this treadmill strikes outdated. It does not give a compatible impression with other features like the RunSocial App. A large single web-enabled touchscreen would have been better. The Bluetooth connectivity along with the device holder and charging port are the things that make up for the display and console. 

nautilus t618 console and functions

Workout Programs:

26 built-in training programs are less than the treadmills available in the market within the same price range. We think Nautilus could have offered more support to the trainer in terms of fitness workouts. However, the ones that are available are still great for people to kick off their weight loss journeys.


Warranty is crucial when you aim to push your limits with a mechanical partner. If that partner breaks down, how good is it for you to achieve your goals? No doubt the T618 treadmill has a good quality build, the parts, labor, and electronics warranty is standard, but the 15-year frame and 5-year motor warranty make us a little concerned about its probable lifespan. These warranties may become a deal-breaker for some. However, it does come with a generous 6-week return window, so that you can try for yourself if you are having doubts.

What would we recommend?

Given the price tag and the performance of this treadmill, it does give a tough time to its competitors in the market. For sure, we can say that it holds its side of the bargain amongst the home treadmills. It has a gym-quality belt, deck cushioning, Bluetooth connectivity for fitness apps and entertainment, fitness tracking, immersive virtual streaming with friends via the world exploring the app, and a solid build.  

The T618 treadmill offers good performance and a sturdy frame. When purchasing folding treadmills, sturdiness counts as the trainer would be putting his weight onto the frame and T618 has shown promise in this category.  

This treadmill is great for any entry-level and intermediate-level trainers and deserves a minimum of 4 stars if not 5. We think this treadmill provides good value for money for people who want to train and run indoors. Our treadmill review rates this fitness machine as a must-have, especially for users who do not want to cross the $1500 price range. Even though a load capacity of only 350 lbs is lower for some users, it is great for an average runner.

Note: The T618 Model is intended for countries with 110V supply. The T628 model has the same features but supports a 220V input supply.

nautilus t618 treadmill review

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