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Review Overview


Best Nautilus Treadmills 2021 – The Complete Guide

Brand Overview

Nautilus Treadmills are produced by the parent company with the same name, Nautilus Inc, based in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The same company that has been manufacturing other leading fitness equipment like Bowflex, Octane Fitness, Modern Movement, etc.

Under the brand name of Nautilus, it manufactures a whole line of strength & cardiovascular equipment. These are ideal for light commercial use as well as clubs or home gyms. Built with the Quinton technology, the treadmills have made Nautilus label itself as the gold standard.

The brand is very confident about its product line that it will give you the best user experience. It guarantees customer satisfaction and says if a customer is not satisfied, they can return the treadmill within 6 weeks of purchase.

Nautilus Treadmills

Nautilus is one of the oldest brands for fitness equipment. It has a well-made reputation due to its cutting-edge technology and well-manufactured equipment. Below are some of the best models of Nautilus Treadmills.

Nautilus Treadmill T618

The T618 Treadmill was introduced in 2016 as the top model in the Nautilus Performance Series, a line of affordable home treadmills for athletes. The users were impressed by the T618’s high quality from head to toe, given that it costs just $1,299 at full price. A large workout room, advanced cushioning, and a 3.5 CHP motor all contribute to it being a great value for athletes.

Furthermore, the console is loaded with interactive training programs and soft-drop folding technology is used on the treadmill frame for quick storage between workouts. The T618 treadmill stands out from the competition in the markets thanks to its virtual outdoor exercise.

  • T618’s Additional Features

The T618’s Bluetooth link has been programmed to incorporate RunSocial, which allows you to virtually walk or run through scenic locations around the world, either alone or with other trainees. Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to sync data with the trainer app. You will get Pacer, Compare, and Fitness readings in addition to the usual treadmill feedback to help you drive yourself further.

Nautilus T616 Treadmill

This Nautilus T616 treadmill is at the top of the line in their residential treadmill line, with a 3.0 CHP motor. This model is all about comfort and convenience. This model features the StrikeZone Cushioning System, which has a 6 hex cell design for added comfort, in addition to the folding design and spacious running tread belt of 20″ x 60″. The overall measurements of the model are 57.6 x 35.2 x 72.2 inches (l x w x h).

Just like the previous model, this model also features a SoftDrop folding style that makes it simple to use and store when you’re finished working out for the day. It is also fairly small and lightweight, with transport wheels, making it suitable for someone who needs a mobile trainer. But for a web-enabled touchscreen and internet access, this console has pretty much everything you will ever need. The model has gotten a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 by customer review.

  • Additional Features of T616

You have a fan, a complete audio system, a large number of built in workout programs, and a simple console. The incline keys are on the left side of the console, while the speed keys are on the right. There are also one-touch feature keys. Despite the console’s impressive features, it is a little crowded and difficult to read due to the two tiny blue backlit LCD display screens. The measurements are still kept under wraps.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

The Nautilus T614 is an entry-level treadmill in the company’s residential treadmill series. The T614 is powered by a 2.75 CHP motor with a top speed of 12 mph and a user weight capacity of 300 pounds. The running area is 20′′ wide and 55′′ long, and the 1-ply running belt is supported by 2.5′′ crown rollers. The track features a 4 hex cell style cushioning system for added comfort and support. It also functions as a folding computer, with a Soft Drop folding design.

  • T614’s Workout Programs

This model’s console includes a blue backlit LCD display screen, a 3-speed adjustable fan, built-in speakers, and a USB media charging port with an MP3 input port among other features. This model provides a wide range of fitness options, with 22 built-in workout programs to choose from, two of which are customizable. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync the workout data with the Nautilus Trainer app. There are contact grips built into the device and the machine is compatible with a wireless chest strap to control heart rate. Heart health, weight control, and interval training are also included in the programs.

Nautilus NTR500

The NTR 500 is a premium home treadmill with the same display panel as the NTR 800, but with functions tailored to you. The Heart Rate Control systems use a standard telemetric heart rate receiver and chest strap that allows you to reach a target heart rate. The treadmill will automatically adjust to keep you in the target region by providing the most efficient way while working out.

Nautilus’ Results Mode is a six-window dot-matrix display panel that shows your average pace, average incline, average heart rate, and total elevation gain at the end of each exercise. All of your workouts can be as enjoyable as they are successful with the REACT absorption control deck.

Nautilus Mobia (Discontinued Model)

This Nautilus Trainer has been discontinued. This brand new workout system incorporates walking, the most basic type of exercise, with the toning strength of a stair climber and the low impact of an elliptical machine. Nautilus, a world pioneer in fitness devices, manufactures the Mobia cardio system.

Nautilus is a company headquartered in the United States that produces high-quality products such as Bowflex and StairMaster. The Mobia cardio machine allows users to walk at speeds as low as 3 or 4 miles per hour and still get a great workout. Instead of up-and-down movement, which stresses the joints, the unit promotes smooth motion. It is much less taxing on the body than running, but it can produce similar effects.

Nautilus T516 Treadmill (Discontinued)

This nautilus trainer has also been discontinued. While reviewing T516 we see that it has been upgraded and is well suited to serious runners. The T516 had a price of about $2500, but it has been reduced by up to $900. A powerful 3.2 HP continuous-duty motor powers the T516. This is an excellent way to supplement a runner’s daily workout. Users can travel at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

There are 26 fitness programs on the Nautilus T516. There are four heart rate programs, as well as nine time-distance programs. Four user profiles can be saved in the console.

Nautilus Treadmill Reviews by Customers

Nautilus is one of the world’s leading exercise equipment manufacturers. The business has put a lot of money into product creation and testing, and it shows in their high-end treadmills. The treadmills from Nautilus are designed to last. In reality, they’re very similar to club-quality fitness equipment; the top Pro Series Treadmill overlaps with Nautilus’ commercial equipment by about 90%. The user weight capacity of some Nautilus treadmills goes up to 400 lbs. while the speed is up to 12 mph. Nautilus machines are ideally suited to homes with sufficient exercise space. But nautilus treadmill reviews show that customers have to give up floor space in return for a more durable and spacious running surface.

The Best Buy That We Recommend

According to the Nautilus treadmill reviews, longevity and warranty are two aspects that all of these treadmills have in common. When it comes to peace of mind, Nautilus will undoubtedly be the brand to use. Along with years of happy customers and a positive reputation, Nautilus has earned the confidence of its customers by providing excellent warranties. For e.g., the Nautilus treadmills T514 and T516 both have a 15/10 years frame warranty, 15/10 years motor warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 2/1 year electronics warranty.

Nautilus T614 treadmill, Nautilus T616 treadmill, and Nautilus T618 treadmill are the 3 main treadmills you can expect to find from Nautilus. There are a few others as well, but we would highly recommend these as our top 3. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope you’ve noticed the high quality of Nautilus treadmills. If you have any further queries, feel free to connect with us, or help us by leaving valuable feedback.

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