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Review Overview



If you want to lose weight and not make a fuss about it, or don’t have enough time to spend on a gym, you should opt for a treadmill. It is easier to manage, maintain, and keep; moreover, you should buy a treadmill that fits all your requirements, a treadmill like – LifeSpan TR2000.

LifeSpan TR2000 Folding Treadmill

Treadmill Review

Let’s talk about the fantastic LifeSpan TR2000 treadmill as we emphasize that you should choose the treadmill that fits your needs better than it provides the body. It would be best to keep in mind several things while buying a treadmill, as investing $1,000 is not an easy task. You need to be sure that your investment will pay back soon, because who doesn’t want to look good?

We all crave attention, and it is a proven fact that people who have healthy bodies are more confident in life than others. If you plan to work on yourself and make yourself healthier, there is no shame in that. Every human in this world reserves the right to stay healthy and look their best when they go out. If we take out humans’ desire to look good, trust me, most of our fashion industry will collapse.

Furthermore, using a treadmill can be very beneficial for you. If you want to lose weight and not make a fuss about it, or don’t have enough time to spend on a gym, you should opt for a treadmill. It is easier to manage, maintain, and keep; moreover, you should buy a treadmill that fits all your requirements, a treadmill like – LifeSpan TR2000.


LifeSpan has a fair share in the market when it comes to providing treadmills, and as a matter of fact, it is quite a renowned company. However, before you make a purchase, it is best to analyze all your options with respect to your needs.

It would be a waste of money to buy something excessive for your use, as you might never be able to use those functionalities, but still, you would end up paying for them. It is recommended that you make a list of treadmills that you can afford and then compare their specifications before purchasing.


For less than $1000, you can get yourself a fair deal on LifeSpan TR2000, which is one of the best machines out there. LifeSpan might not be a well-known brand for treadmills, but it is quite known for its long history in fitness equipment designs. Moreover, the company aims to market its treadmills to people who are considered senior citizens.

The LifeSpan TR2000 is built for 20 x 56 inches, making sure that there is enough space for tall people. The issue that arises in many situations is that people who have relatively long legs suffer using a treadmill, so they expect the track to be longer. Nonetheless, you should test the product before you buy it.

Along with the running surface, the most notable feature of the LifeSpan TR2000 is that it has eight shock absorbers installed, so you can rest assured that its Automated Absorbent System is quite profound. We have heard all kinds of stories and accidents that made our heart pound a little faster – that has made us analyze the use of treadmills.

Furthermore, with a 2.5 CHP motor, the LifeSpan TR2000 is a powerhouse. You can entirely rely on the machine to have a robust driving force, and you don’t have to worry about your machine not having enough power. The ability to provide incline and decline to customers is quite notable; this is why LifeSpan TR2000 is one of the best machines in the market.

Nonetheless, if you are willing to buy LifeSpan TR2000, you should know that the machine’s top speed is comparatively relatively low, ten mph – starting from 0.5 mph, enabling trainers to get rehab or warm-up. The weight limitation of the machine is 350 pounds, which is quite remarkable.

  • Decline: 5 Levels
  • Belt size: 20” x 56”
  • User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Folding: yes
  • Warranty for frame: Lifetime
  • Warranty for Motor: Lifetime
  • Warranty for parts: 5 years
  • Warranty for labor: 1 year
  • Motor: 2.5 CHP
  • Speed: 0.5 – 10 MPH
  • Incline: 10 Levels

Why is LifeSpan TR2000 your perfect workout partner?

Program Variety on the machine is quite commendable. Most treadmills come with a pre-defined set of programs that enable trainers to follow their desired program to achieve their desired goals. With 21 pre-defined programs and two user-defined programs, trainers have been quite satisfied with the ease provided by LifeSpan.

Trainers can now choose five intensity levels, as the machine itself offer incline and decline both, you can say that the company has verily thought the engineering through. Each preset program on LifeSpan TR2000 is commendable. With the Intelli-Step function, which detects when your foot hits the treadmill, you can view the number of steps you take during the exercise and count the number of steps during the exercise.



The track has eight shock absorbers, which for me, is quite a notable feature. Enabling the user to minimize the risk of accidents and providing them a more comfortable track to train is something that LifeSpan has worked on hard. Most people look for such features while buying a treadmill, so if you want a comfortable treadmill, buy LifeSpan TR2000.

Another notable benefit of the treadmill is the size – 20 x 56 inches provides enough room for people with tall steps to quickly take services from the machine. What else do you need?

The machine’s high-speed line is ten mph, and it starts from 0.5 mph, providing trainers to warm-up and conduct rehab exercises with ease. Furthermore, the machine’s capacity is 350 pounds; therefore, we can easily conclude that the machine’s dimensions are better than others. The LifeSpan TR2000 seems to be a viable investment.

Along with a powerful motor of 2.5 CHP, we can expect the treadmill to be a powerhouse. We know for sure that if you have just started working out, TR2000 seems to be economical and feasible.

Technological innovation:

  • 2 User Customized Programs
  • 2 Heart Rate Control Programs
  • Twin Heart Rate Sensors
  • Blue Back-Lit Display
  • Automatic Safety Paus
  • EZ Drop System

Is LifeSpan TR2000 good enough for your cardio?

This unit came very close to making the top 3 treadmills but ultimately didn’t make it. We will show you why.

In the beginning, the engine has only 2.5 CHP. This gives enough energy for walking or light jogging, but it needs a little more exercise to satisfy the runner. The same logic applies to speed and altitude systems. The walker or runner will be satisfied with a top speed of 10 mph, and the runner will definitely want more.

There are no extras in the machine. There aren’t even any fun features like speakers or mp3 docks. If you cannot work out without a TV or an iPod connected to your treadmill, you shouldn’t buy TR2000. We recommend that you choose a machine that has all this to offer; we wouldn’t want you to have diverted attention while working out, as you need to focus on the console rather than the TV or switch between songs.

Moreover, the machine’s console does not have a fan installed. Many treadmills now come with a fan that enables the trainers to remain calm and comfortable during extensive workout sessions. Therefore, if you are looking for something very pleased, then it is recommended that you buy an upgraded model from LifeSpan. Therefore, keep in mind all these factors before investing a thousand bucks in something you might regret later!

LifeSpan TR2000 Treadmill: Wow Factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors

  • Walking Uphill and Downhill: Ten incline levels and five incline levels give you the opportunity to walk up and down during your workout. It adds variety to help you stay motivated and brings the physiological benefits associated with walking downhill.
  • Open deck design with automatic safety pause – The engine is hidden under the chassis, saving floor space and allowing you to get close to the console without stepping on the front hood during operation. Our unique Intelli-Guard ™ technology detects when your foot is no longer on the treadmill surface and automatically suspends your safety and that of your family.
  • The TR-TR2000 EZ-Drop Folding System folds quickly and easily for compact storage. With EZ-Drop ™, there are no sudden drops or loud noises when opening the treadmill.
  • Double-sided handlebars with front safety bar – Double-sided handlebars offer extra protection on each side and include speed and incline buttons without having to take your hands off the handlebar. The front safety bar is quick to grip to give you extra stability and safety
  • Console functions
  • Readings and display: The large blue backlit display shows calories burned, exercise time, current speed, current incline, heart rate, distance traveled, and the number of steps.

Nah factors

  • Not for runners
  • No fan
  • No entertainment features

Decision: Should you invest in a LifeSpan TR2000?

Attractive looking design with high-quality customization and finish. For someone who wants to save space and still have a decent quality drive, this is a good choice. Upgrades to this machine breathe new life. This compact and durable treadmill offers a wide range of programs, innovative and meaningful features, plenty of room to walk or jog comfortably, and is one of the smallest treadmills on the market.


Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed is a Nutritionist currently working online and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to bust the nutrition myths that have been living since ages about nutrition and certain foods. She wants people to get robust knowledge about food and health as nutrition sciences have changed over years.

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