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Landice L9 Treadmill Review

Brief Introduction

Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you do not like your body shape? Do you have a big belly, and you want to reduce it? Are you an athlete who wants to run like crazy? Well, the Landice L9 Club Series Fitness Treadmills are specially made for you.

The Landice treadmills’ commercial-grade construction is meticulously crafted for high-volume demand, and it combines cutting-edge engineering technology with old-fashioned American craftsmanship.

Landice L9 review


Key Features of L9

The L9 Landice treadmills are only available in the Club version, for commercial use. Below are the main features of the L9 Fitness Treadmill:

  • Aluminun Frame
  • Speed Range: 0.5 to 11 mph
  • Incline Range: 0% to 12%
  • 3.0 HP continuous duty motor
  • A 22 x 63 four ply treadbelt
  • 1 inch thick reversible deck
  • VFX Shock Absorption System
  • Maximum 500 pound user weight capacity
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty for frame, parts and wear item, 5 year commercial warranty and 1 year labor service warranty
  • 5 built in programs and 2 user defined programs
  • Choice between an AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring system or a wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system
  • Price Range: $3500 to $5000
  • Quickspeed and quick-grade controls
  • Colours Available: Titanium or Matte Textured Black
  • Machine Weight: 425 lbs.

Detailed Descriptions

We have given detailed descriptions of the features that make the Landice treadmills stand out from the rest.


It is the highest quality treadmill up to the date in the market. It is designed for clubs and for the institutes which have high needs.  The L9 Club is very beautifully designed. It has an elegant rust-free aluminum frame along with cast aluminum side rails and end – caps. The aluminum does not rust and makes the machine one of the strongest out there.

Running Surface – The Treadbelt

The L9 Treadmill has a huge 22 x 63 four-ply treadbelt which means you can run without having the fear of falling. The treadmill’s foundation is the 1-inch thick slider deck, which is twice as thick as most other treadmills in this price range.

Landice has a 3,000-hour lubrication system that requires no maintenance. The real kicker is that this deck can be used both ways. So, once you’ve used 3,000 hours on one side of the running surface, simply switch it over and get 3,000 hours on the other.

The Strong Build and the 500 Pound User Weight Capacity

While other treadmills use a lower-quality 2-ply belt, Landice uses a 4-ply belt instead. To prevent stretching and tearing, two layers of polyester are woven in opposite directions. Thus, the running surface enables it to bear up to 500-pound user weight.

While most treadmills have small rollers, Landice has gone all out and included oversized-diameter 22 pound steel rollers with a large diameter. More contact with the running belt is created as a result of this. This means that the running belt does not need to be tightened excessively.

Oversized industrial bearings can also be used because of the 22 pound steel rollers. The bearings in a treadmill roller are the first to fail. An industrial bearing with a larger diameter will last much longer.

A Powerful Motor – 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor

The L9 Club models have a quiet 3 HP motor which makes your running pleasant. The motor’s power and effectiveness are determined by the amount of power it receives. The motor control electronics are in charge of supplying the necessary power to the motor.

The Landice treadmill delivers up to 30 amps to the motor thanks to an oversized controller. This is what gives heavier runners the ability to run. To put things in perspective, most other treadmills in this price range have controllers that only draw 8 amps. These lower-amp controllers are more likely to overheat and burn out. Treadmill failures are caused primarily by these factors.

Safety Features

Many people who run on hard surfaces complain about joint pain in later stages of their lives. Landice L9 Club uses a VFX shock absorption system which reduces the impact on the joints while providing the highest comfort level.

The running deck is supported by six individual elements and is guided up and down vertically by a guide pin that runs through the absorber. It is 5 times softer than grass. This makes it a low-impact cardio machine, ideal for those recovering from an injury or who require a low-impact deck for medical or professional reasons.

Additionally, the control panel comes with an emergency stop button and integrated safety lanyard.

Control Panels in The L9 Club Models

To make your workout more comfortable and engaging, Landice Control Center comes standard on the Landice treadmill. It has a built-in reading/accessory rack, as well as a personal cooling fan and a water bottle holder. 

Along with this it also offers a heart rate monitor, buttons to increase or decrease speed/elevation. Apart from this, the user has an option to choose control panels from three available choices: pro sports, cardio, and executive. All these control panels come with a warranty of 3-5 years.

The L9 Pro Sports Trainer

This option includes a 9” color LCD with 8 built in programs and 5 user-defined programs. It also has a numeric keyboard with express speed and incline keys. It also gives an option to monitor heart rate.

Landice L9 features review

The L9 Cardio Trainer

The cardio option among the L9 Club has a 9” color LCD. It has 9 built in programs, 5 user defined programs and 6 interactive HRC programs. Along with a keyboard and heart rate monitor, it also has Bluetooth.

Landice L9 review


The L9 Executive Trainer

This option has a 9” full color touch screen. 17 built in programs, 5 user defined programs, and 9 interactive HRC programs. This one also has a keyboard, heart rate monitor and Bluetooth.

landice l9 review

Additional Features

The L9 Club also offers additional optional features to suit your running style, workout goals and personal preferences. These features include:

  • Landice Vision System
  • VESA-D TV Mounting Bracket
  • Landice Tablet Bracket

Landice Vision System is best for the people who get bored while working out and it feels like the time has stopped. With this system, you can turn your Landice equipment into an entertainment center.

Its 19″ Widescreen HDTV LCD screen is commercial grade and comes with HDMI and coaxial cable inputs as well as a VESA-D Bracket for easy mounting.

If you are a person like me who doesn’t watch TV and prefers to talk to friends in free time, then you can also choose the Landice Tablet Bracket. With it, you can take advantage of everything the internet has to offer. A one-year warranty is also included with this option.

Making The Final Decision – Our Review About Whether the L9 is Worth The Purchase

Since the L9 Club treadmill is built for tall persons only, it will definitely take up a huge space. However, since the L9 club series is only available for commercial use, the large area is usually not an issue.

The Landice Treadmills are already known for being the strongest and largest in size, in the industry. The L9 club series’ specialty is its huge walking space for tall runners. The attractive warranty as well as the countless additional and optional features have been praised a lot in treadmill reviews.

These commercial treadmills are a great fit for a serious runner. The 500 lbs user weight capacity is a great news for some customers, along with the sturdy frame.

The L9 is great to invest in if you want it for commercial gym. However, home owners should give it a second thought, because of the space it needs.

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