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Is Bowflex Worth the Money? | A Comprehensive Brand and Product Review Guide

Prepare to enter beast mode. Or do you prefer “slightly sweaty mode”?

Bowflex has you covered regardless of your level of fitness or your goals. They provide a wide variety of fitness equipment to support you in getting your desired outcomes.

Their equipment is suitable for experienced trainers and new fitness enthusiasts, and it’s made to deliver full-body exercises from the convenience of your home.

Looking to regain your fitness? Home exercise gear like the Bowflex might be able to assist you!

This Bowflex review will give readers an inside look at the business, its products, user reviews, and more to help you determine if they’re worth your money.

Is Bowflex Worth the Money?

Bowflex is definitely worth spending your money on if you’re looking for a convenient home workout machine. There are several product lines to choose from, each with its simple or high-tech features for both beginners and hardcore fitness enthusiasts.

No matter your fitness level, you’ll find a suitable Bowflex exercise machine that fits your budget and goals.

Let’s find out what makes Bowflex a reasonable purchase and why you might want to buy one.

What Is Bowflex?

Initiated in the 1980s, Bowflex was presented to the globe as a home workout option.

As a more affordable option than commercial gym subscriptions, this athletic products company looks to the future of fitness.

When it comes to creating cutting-edge training equipment, Bowflex is nothing short of innovative — Dosho Tessema Shifferaw first invented it.

Let’s go over some of Bowflex’s top product categories to give you a better idea of if they’re a good fit for your fitness goals.

How Does Bowflex Fare Against Other Brands?

Bowflex is a well-known name and brand in the fitness industry. Through its products, this brand competes with numerous other businesses.

The following companies are among the Bowflex competitors and how they compare.

1. Bowflex vs. Free Weights

You can work out your whole body with Bowflex and Free Weights, but both have limitations on the exercises you may do. For instance, both pieces of equipment can work out your legs.

However, you may perform exercises like walking lunges with free weights, while the Bowflex does not support that.

Like leg extensions, which isolate the front thigh muscles, the Bowflex allows you to perform them but not with free weights.

2. Bowflex vs. Peloton

You can go large and purchase a Peloton if getting the complete experience is what you desire, and money won’t be a key factor. You won’t be sorry.

If you want a cost-effective machine with the same high-end features and dependability but without being restricted to a single subscription, consider the Bowflex.

3. Bowflex vs. PowerBlock

Which one is better? Although we know that no one appreciates this response, it depends.

Bowflex is often cheaper than PowerBlocks, despite having a more classic dumbbell-like design and a heavier weight range than PowerBlocks.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Purchasing Bowflex Products?

Here is a fair analysis of the benefits and drawbacks:

The Benefits of Bowflex Machines

  • A Bowflex machine offers a large selection of exercises, making it versatile.
  • The Bowflex is excellent in a compact place because it saves room.
  • A Bowflex machine is simple to operate, even for newcomers.
  • A gentle beginning can help you develop foundational strength if you are new to strength training.
  • Bowflex is known for producing high-grade gear with good build quality.
  • Support weight maintenance: Associated with a lower risk for diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and breathing problems.

The Risks of Bowflex Machines

  • Unsuitable for intermediate or advanced lifters; can be too light, and the movement pattern isn’t diversified enough.
  • Impaired force curve; the issue is that the resistance increases gradually instead of following the expected force curve.
  • Limited choice of exercises; machine dictates your options
  • Loses resistance over time; the power rods become less rigid with use, reducing weight

What Makes Up Bowflex Home Gyms?

The Bowflex home gyms are integrated devices.

Bowflex focuses on producing equipment that provides you benefits as soon and effectively as possible so that you may go about your day and enjoy a healthier, happier, and better life.

They make use of gravity-free resistance technology. Doing so lessens stress on the joints and tendons while enhancing exercise effort, which boosts outcomes.

The cost of a Bowflex home gym is considerable. If used frequently, Bowflex gyms might provide longer-term value than a personal trainer or gym membership.

Bowflex Bikes

In 2019, the company began selling indoor cycling equipment. Bowflex has joined the indoor bike trend to provide a great cycling workout without leaving your house.

Below, we outline the features of the Bowflex models to help you make the best decision. Let’s get you prepared to bike by going over the features, pros, and cons.

Bowflex Velocore Bike


  • 1 Year JRNY Membership
  • Ride in stationary mode or level up with Leaning Mode
  • Streaming entertainment (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu)
  • Adjustable resistance (provide resistance with 100 levels)
  • Shimano SPD clips, fore/aft adjustment of the seat’s height, dual-link pedals with toe cages, etc.

In 2020, Bowflex unveiled the Bowflex VeloCore Cycle, the first indoor exercise bike with learning capabilities.

It enables users to ride in a fixed posture (sitting or standing upright) and lean from side to side, bringing an entirely new dimension to their cycling exercises.

Bowflex VeloCore 16-22


  • Optional screen sizes are 22′′ and 16′′
  • The sturdy, 175-pound steel frame ensures a stable ride even when leaning
  • Workout variety gives various users in your home a variety of workout possibilities
  • Can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ on the touchscreen if you have a JRNY subscription from Bowflex


  • It’s challenging to reach the weights from the bike’s seat
  • Some riders could feel unbalanced as a result of the tilting characteristic
Bowflex VeloCore 16-22

Bowflex Velocore Bike

Bowflex C7 Bike


  • JRNY Membership for a Year
  • 3rd Party Apps (Peloton and Zwift)
  • Streaming Entertainment (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu)
  • Magnetic Resistance (100 resistance levels)
  • Adjustable race-style seats and handlebars, etc.

The Bowflex C7 Bike is a multipurpose machine that works with Peloton, Zwift, and even streaming services like Netflix, allowing you to binge-watch while working out.

Although the 7-inch touchscreen is somewhat small, the bike’s 100 resistance settings provide a challenge for exercisers of all skill levels.



  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Dual-compatible pedals (toe cage/SPD)
  • 7″ HD touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Armband heart rate monitor included


  • JRNY membership required to access entertainment apps
  • Frame warranty could be longer

Bowflex C7 Bike

Bowflex C6 Bike


  • LCD backlit computer console
  • Cadence Sensors in pedals transmit RPMs and speed to console
  • Various handlebar grips, both vertical and horizontal
  • Magnetic Resistance levels 1-100
  • Four adjustment points, etc.

The Bowflex C6 indoor exercise cycle offers four comfort adjustment points, 100 levels of magnetic resistance, flat and dual SPD pedals, a computer console, and a tablet holder.

The pedal cranks on the C6 also have cadence sensors and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your bike to various cycling apps and obtain precise cadence information.



  • A peaceful ride is provided by magnetic resistance to build muscle
  • Priced around $1,000 and includes a one-year membership to JRNY
  • Available funding alternatives
  • It doesn’t require a subscription to an app
  • It comes with a tablet holder and a USB connector so that you may use your device to stream classes


  • Tricky to put together
  • It lacks an integrated touch screen
  • Unlike some other bikes, it doesn’t have automatic trainer control

Bowflex C6 Bike

Bowflex Treadmills

Make inclination. Climate regulation. No standing at stop signs.

Do you want to know how these things are connected? These are only a few benefits of using a treadmill inside.

Treadmills provide a practical way to maintain physical activity from the comfort of your home, whether you like to run while you watch TV or require an indoor option for rainy days.

Bowflex Treadmill 10


  • It has a 22 by 60-foot running path
  • A wide range of both incline and decline options
  • Includes Bluetooth connective capability
  • It consists of a 10-inch HD monitor
  • One free year of JRNY

Still looking into the advantages of utilizing a treadmill or compiling your requirements for new cardio equipment?

The Bowflex Treadmill 10 is a wise decision we can vouch for.

Bowflex Treadmill 10


  • Speeds up to 12 mph
  • Impressive incline and decline options
  • Free JRNY membership
  • Collapsible: take up less space
  • Higher user weight maximum


  • JRNY app commitment may be misleading
  • Assembly issues
Bowflex Treadmill 10

Bowflex Treadmill 10

Bowflex Treadmill 22


  • Comfort Tech Cushioning and a Commercial Tread Belt measuring 22″ x 60″
  • 20% Incline and 12 MPH Speed
  • -5% Decline
  • 400 Lb. User Capacity
  • Soft Drop Folding System

A scorching 20% inclination and a gorgeous 22″ touchscreen are just two of the remarkable features of the Bowflex Treadmill 22.

You can target more posterior muscles with hill exercises on an incline, significantly increasing calorie burn.

Bowflex Treadmill 10


  • Includes a 15-year warranty on the frame with five years for parts
  • On the touchscreen features, the JRNY subscription content
  • It collapses and locks into position when not in use
  • Features Comfort Tech cushioning (reduce the impact on your joints and spine)
  • The motor has enough power to run, jog, or walk


  • The treadmill footprint is huge
  • The interface is challenging to use, and the console is clumsy
  • The treadmill won’t work without a JRNY subscription
Bowflex Treadmill 22

Bowflex Treadmill 22

Bowflex Ellipticals

The typical image of an elliptical workout is one of the long steps on a large machine.

People who choose elliptical training frequently want a low-impact cardio workout that safeguards their joints while leaving them out of breath.

Bowflex Max Trainer M9 Elliptical


  • 1 Year JRNY Membership
  • Streaming Entertainment (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, and HBO Max)
  • Discover 50+ global routes that auto-adjust in real time to your speed
  • 100+ unique workout programs and unlimited user profiles on the 10″ console
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance to build muscle

The Bowflex M9 Max Trainer boosts each full-body workout session to the maximum by fusing the motion of a stepper with the elliptical’s advantageous exercise flow.

It is the ideal indoor fitness Bowflex machine in terms of how functionality and technology are combined.

Bowflex Max Trainer M9


  • Using the JRNY Digital Fitness Platform, interactive resistance training
  • It is a good size at 49.2 inches by 30.5 inches by 65.1 inches
  • Weight, when assembled, is just 148 pounds
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • Includes a Bluetooth heart rate monitor for the armband


  • With a warranty that only covers the frame and parts for three years and labor for 90 days, it falls short of the competition
  • Less built-in exercise options in favor of the app
  • There isn’t a fan in the console
  • A JRNY app membership costs $149 per year or $19.99 per month
  • To access the JRNY app, users must have a reliable WiFi or Internet connection
Bowflex Max Trainer M9

Bowflex Max Trainer M9

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 Elliptical


  • Compatible with Bowflex JRNY App
  • Larger repositioned console
  • Magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth®, heart rate consistent, etc.

The Bowflex M6 Max Trainer is a fitness device that combines an elliptical and stepper.

Users of the M6 can enjoy exotic trekking settings and interactive workouts with professional trainers.

Bowflex Max Trainer M6


  • Small footprint
  • 16 levels of resistance to build muscle
  • It comes with a 1-year subscription to the AI app
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Large media console to hold your devices


  • More expensive than other fitness equipment options
  • Must pay for a subscription to the app after the first year
Bowflex Max Trainer M6

Bowflex Max Trainer M6

Bowflex Dumbbells

One of the most famous pieces of weight training equipment during the pandemic era was adjustable dumbbells.

Many of us find it difficult to return to the gym comfortably, thus requiring a temporary (or perhaps permanent) fix. The adjustable dumbbell shines in this situation.

Bowflex Selecttech 552


  • 1 Year JRNY Membership
  • Space Efficient (no more 30 sets of dumbbells cluttering your workout space)
  • More Comprehensive Weight Range
  • Turn a Dial (automatically change your resistance from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs weight.)
  • Quieter Workouts (durable molding around metal plates provides for a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts)

Compared to a complete pair of dumbbells, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 are pretty tiny and have a sleek design, so they won’t take up much room in your training area.

The dumbbells also look fantastic, with a stylish red and black design, which is always a good touch because the equipment you like to look at will be utilized more frequently.


  • Replaces 15 pairs of weights to save space
  • Easy to adjust using a built-in dial
  • Designed with premium grips and molding around the plates to maximize comfort and reduce noise
  • Includes no shipping costs and extensive warranties
  • It consists of a 1-year membership to the JRNY app


  • Bulky shape and length that may make specific workouts more challenging
  • Maximum weight of 52.5 pounds (23.8 kg) might not be enough for some weightlifters

Bowflex Selecttech 1090


  • 1 Year JRNY Membership
  • 17 weight settings
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Durable molding with premium grips
  • Weight selection dial

It’s hardly surprising that workout aficionados like Bowflex’s SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbells, given the brand’s reputation for making high-quality gym equipment.

The dumbbells use a dial mechanism to provide 17 weights in a single unit, saving you space and lowering the amount of equipment you need.


  • Flexibility; a person can experiment with various workouts and focus on different muscle groups
  • Don’t have a fixed design, allowing a person to move freely and perform partial or complete ranges of motion, targeting main muscle groups


  • Beginners might require spotters to ensure proper form and technique
  • Most online-purchased dumbbells weigh no more than 90 lbs

Bowflex Home Gym

Bowflex, which has spent more than 30 years creating home exercise equipment, is at the top of its field, and the Bowflex Home Gym is still well-liked today.

Many people were forced to switch from traditional gyms to home gyms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bowflex offers two models of home gyms: Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE and Revolution. The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE and Revolution are versatile home gyms that provide full-body workouts.

They both offer resistance via cables. Beginners benefit most from this resistance since it allows them to build strength and coordination safely.

Bowflex Home Gym Xtreme 2 SE


  • This home gym has 210 lbs of Power Rod Resistance Standard
  • Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE has Revolutionary No-Change Cable Pulley System
  • Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar, which allows you to target your upper body
  • Xtreme 2 SE has a 4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station for lower body exercises
  • Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym with Leg Extension

This Bowflex Home Gym is a very small multi-gym that provides a wide variety of exercise options for a high-quality full-body workout.

Several attachments, including handgrips, ankle cuffs, a squat bar, and an ab crunch shoulder harness, are included with the Bowflex Home Gym Xtreme 2 SE.


  • Versatile; on the Xtreme 2 SE, you can perform over 70 home gym exercises on one machine
  • This Xtreme 2 SE home gym has 210 lbs of power rod resistance
  • 7-year Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE machine warranty and lifetime warranty for the power rods on this home gym
  • Xtreme 2 SE has a descriptive exercise home gym manual
  • The Xtreme 2 SE is an excellent choice for not-so-serious lifters who want a perfect at-home strength workout


  • The Xtreme 2 SE could be expensive for some who buy in a one-time purchase
  • 210 lbs of resistance on the Xtreme 2 SE may not be enough for the experienced strength athlete

Bowflex Home Gym the Revolution


  • Bowflex Revolution has a SpiraFlex Technology
  • You can perform over 100 exercises with unlimited variations with the Bowflex Revolution.
  • Independently moving arms with ten positions and 170-degree adjustments
  • This home gym has a Leg Press Station
  • It has a preacher curl attachment, a vertical bench press, and leg extension.

Unlike other home gyms, the Bowflex Home Gym Revolution is a flexible exercise machine with a leg press, adjustable cable system, and a cardio component.

This Bowflex Home Gym is a fantastic full-body workout option for anyone of any fitness level. It comes with hundreds of exercise variations and program samples in the manual.


  • The Bowflex Revolution has both cardio exercises and strength training
  • This home gym has an adjustable Freedom Arms
  • Home gym with leg press
  • The Bowflex Revolution offers 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of resistance.
  • Extended home gym warranty (10 years)


  • This home gym is quite expensive
  • You’ll require a sizable amount of floor space because it occupies a lot of room.
  • The home gym might be challenging to assemble

NOTE: The Bowflex Revolution is the only model that differs slightly from the other home gyms. It uses “spiraflex technology,” created so astronauts may exercise zero gravity.

What Are Exercises You Can Do With Bowflex Machines?

The exercise regimen listed below is a two-day full-body split.

Every week, every day is repeated twice. You might perform Workout 1 on Monday, Workout 2 on Tuesday, Workout 1 on Thursday, and Workout 2 on Friday, for instance.

You now have the weekend and Wednesday free for rest.

Day “A”

This day will be undertaken on days 1 and 3 of the weekly regimen—followed by a rest day—after day “B” has been finished.


Day “B”

You will perform these exercises on the second and fourth training days of each week. These are the movements to anticipate on Tuesday and Friday, assuming Day “A” begins on Monday.


Constructing Your Life and Exercises Around Your Goals

Performing multiple sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise mentioned above is advised. Exercises might last anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes every day.

Maximize your time by picking a few exercises from each area — lower body, upper body, and core — for a full-body workout, or target each zone individually once per week.

The most crucial thing to remember is to stick to your workout routine and keep your eyes on the goal the entire time.

Whether you’re resistance training, building muscle, strength training, or trying to lose weight.

TRAINER’S TIP: Establishing a supportive atmosphere and setting realistic goals are essential when starting your fitness journey.

Set up a circuit workout program. Without stopping, repeat three to five strength exercises.

Alternately, mix weightlifting and cardio into a powerful workout. Exercise your upper and lower body for one minute each, then get off the machine and do some cardio like jumping jacks or burpees for one minute.

Customer Reviews on Bowflex Exercise Equipment

We identified the following as usual consumer feedback:

“The ultimate tool for fat loss! I am a 55 yr old woman who has owned other Bowflex’s in the past and this is by far my favorite one. It helped me with weight loss and maintain my physical activity.”

– Anonymous

“This is definitely a good deal. For years, I’ve wanted one of these. I finally took the plunge and am so happy I did. I’ve been using free weights for many years, but as I’ve gotten older the Bowflex seemed like the perfect solution for my workouts. The pulley system is great. I’ve made the buy thus far and am satisfied.”

– Anonymous

“I had a Bowflex about 20 years ago and used it for almost a decade. This new version only lacks the rowing capability and lat bar. I needed upper body exercise. However, it has everything I’d ever need to stay in shape. I absolutely love the pulley system! Anyone who wishes to maintain their muscle tone or become in shape should use this product, in my opinion.”

– Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Other commonly asked questions about Bowflex include the following:

How Long Does It Take to See Results From a Bowflex?

You will start noticing differences by four weeks; everyone else will by six to eight weeks. After achieving results, people are more likely to continue with their goals.

Is Bowflex as Good as Free Weights?

The critical distinction between a Bowflex and free weights is that a Bowflex increases enough resistance steadily as you draw it on, whereas free weights fluctuate as you move.

Can You Build Muscle With the Bowflex Revolution?

Absolutely. With 400 variations to perform on 100 exercises, the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym gives you numerous ways to build muscle.

How Do You Move the Bowflex Revolution?

Raise the adjustable arms to the 0 positions and make sure they are locked in place before moving the Bowflex Revolution.

Pull the pop pin on the lower seat rail at the leg extension assembly, hoist the seat rail assembly into position using the handle, and then raise the seat rail system.

Can a Bowflex Build Muscle?

A Bowflex can help beginners who lift weights develop their muscles. However, if you are an experienced lifter, the Bowflex won’t help you break through a muscle-building plateau.

What Degree of Resistance Does a Bowflex Possess?

Because there are no heavy weights to lift and the resistance ranges from 5 lbs to 600 lbs (272 kg), this machine is beneficial to both men and women.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying a Bowflex?

Home gyms can be significant assets – or incredibly expensive clothes racks and dust collectors. However, a Bowflex machine goes above and beyond when giving a rigorous workout session.

Most of their training equipment is outfitted with practical functions. It applies to their well-known JRNY app, LCD monitor, etc. Also, Bowflex models have space-saving construction.

By streaming their on-demand classes, users can train with a virtual coach. This feature is not only cool, but it can also increase motivation!

Bowflex can efficiently serve as your go-to option if you seek an effective workout schedule without committing to any pricey gym memberships.

With Bowflex, you’ll spend LESS money and get BETTER results.