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How to Reset Nordictrack Treadmill | The Common Issues & How to Fix Them

A NordicTrack treadmill is one of the best fitness equipment on the market today. It works as an all-around running machine with pressing speed modes essential for your exercise routine.

However, problems may arise from its various components, and you might have to go through the reset process.

If you encounter issues with your NordicTrack treadmill, we suggest reading this complete guide for the troubleshooting steps and methods you can try.

How to Reset Nordictrack Treadmill

One of the most frequent questions we hear from users of this workout machine is, “How to reset NordicTrack treadmill?

Well, to address this problem, listed below are the different methods you can try:

Method 1: Press the Reset Button

Most NordicTrack treadmills have reset buttons; however, most users overlook where this button is.

The reset position or the reset button of your running machine is placed in front. But if you are still struggling to find this, locate it using your user manual.

For some models, you might locate the reset button underneath the treadmill’s console. Once found, look for a bobby pin or sharp object to initiate the resetting process.

NOTE: The reset switch can also be found next to the power button.

Method 2: Turn On Treadmill

Before proceeding with this method, check if your running machine is properly connected to an electrical outlet.

Your NordicTrack treadmill might be incompatible with a GFCI outlet and may not work correctly. It would be best to unplug it from the GFCI power source and, instead, plug it into a working and functional wall outlet.

You should also check if your NordicTrack treadmill is positioned correctly. If you move around some parts of the equipment, ensure they are PROPERLY put back together afterward.

After unplugging and plugging the treadmill into the correct power source, you may now press the power button.

Method 3: Insert the Safety Key

Any workout machine requires safety features because tiny mistakes can lead to injuries.

The NordicTrack treadmill is designed with safety in mind!

The NordicTrack treadmill has a magnetic key (security key) which guarantees the safety of this exercise equipment, but it’s also used as a way to initiate the resetting process.

Locate the safety key first on your machine (it’s easily seen and accessible, and probably color red) and insert the safety key into its slot.

After doing this, press the reset button to start the resetting process.

If your treadmill is STILL not working properly despite the troubleshooting methods above, unplug it and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back.

However, if it still doesn’t fix the problem, it would be best to contact NordicTrack.

How to Reset the Incline on a NordicTrack Treadmill

If you are having problems with the inclination, below is how you can fix it:

Method 1: Inspect the Wires

Before resetting or simply unplugging the power cord, inspect all the power cords for any possible defects. If there is any, replace it by yourself or with a technician.

However, if you didn’t find any possible defects in the wires, check if the treadmill’s source is plugged in and if the power is turned on.

If it is, unplug the machine’s console and turn it off if the incline doesn’t function.

Remember, the Nordictrack treadmill does NOT work with a GFCI outlet.

Method 2: Calibrate Machine’s Incline System

If the first method does not work, you could also try calibrating the incline on your machine’s console.

Depending on the kind of machine you have, there might be differences in the processes.

Use the treadmill while the incline is recalibrating, but if you have standard consoles, go to your settings menu and select “calibrate the incline.”

After that, the treadmill will oscillate between the two extremes of the incline range during the calibration process before returning to its starting position.

If you want to stop the calibration, you can either remove the safety key or hex key from the console of the treadmill, unplug the device or press the pause button or stop button.

Whatever you choose will halt the calibration of the treadmill.

Method 3: Turn Off and Unplug the Power Cord

If it still doesn’t work, another method to fix this problem is to simply unplug the device, turn it off, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn the machine on.

After that, you can try adjusting the incline while working out.

However, if you still have problems, check the wiring if the incline resetting doesn’t work. But, to do this, turn off the machine and unplug it from the outlet for safety reasons.

How to Reset a NordicTrack Treadmill Stuck on iFit Screen

If the console of your treadmill is stuck in the iFit app screen, you won’t be able to use the other controls and features of the treadmill.

If you’re struggling to reset your NordicTrack treadmill stuck on the iFit screen, listed below are the different ways to possibly fix it:

Method 1: Turn Off the Power

To reset the console of the treadmill that is stuck on an iFit screen, find the power switch and press it to turn it off.

If you are having difficulty locating the switch, you can refer to your user manual. Once found, press the on/off switch and wait for a while before it turns on.

This might force-quit the freeze in the touch screen, making the iFit screen unresponsive.

Method 2: Locate the Pinhole & Force Reset

The pinhole is located on the back of the console. If you have difficulty finding it, please consult your owner’s manual.

The pinhole should accept any paper clip to induce a reset. To do this, press the paper clip down as you insert it.

If it does not work on your first attempt, re-insert the paper clip in the pinhole and press it with extra force.

Even so, you can ask for professional assistance to re-insert and press the clip to fix your exercise equipment.

Method 3: Press the Reset Button

If the procedures above are correctly done, the iFit logo and the blue-highlighted phrase “System Recovery: Please Wait…” will be visible on the screen of your console.

However, if this does not appear, perform the reset procedure or press the reset button.

The recovery could take up to 3o minutes for the whole process, but if it takes LONGER THAN 30 minutes, turn off the switch or reset the procedure.

Method 4: Reconnect to WiFi

If the factory reset of your NordicTrack equipment is successful, you will be prompted to select your time zone and unit of measurement and reconnect to your WiFi.

The treadmill will automatically update the most recent software once WiFi is reconnected because your current software may cause freezing.

Updating the latest software could only take a few minutes, and you’re good to go!

Method 5: Log In

The last thing you can try to prevent the LED display of your treadmill from freezing is to log in with your iFit username and password.

NOTE: You can only do this once you’ve already reset your treadmill with any of the methods above.

You can instantly start running and exercising by logging in and pressing enter!

Common NordicTrack Treadmill Problems

NordicTrack treadmills are life fitness equipment with a built-in diagnostic system to track your improvements.

However, as reliable and helpful as this equipment may be, most users can still encounter the same issues:

  • Nordictrack Console Is Not Operating Correctly: The lack of power to the control system of the console may be to blame for this. As we all know, if any functional machine does not have adequate power, the control system will be impossible to function.
  • Nordictrack Only Displays Zero: Most users only complain about the console reading zero in their workout experience. This indicates that the controls of the consoles are not working appropriately. To fix this, you need to adjust the reed switch. You might need to use a Phillips screwdriver to locate the reed switch. Remove the motor hood and proceed to change the button.
  • Nordictrack Surge Suppressor Not Working Correctly: If Nordictrack’s surge suppressor is defective, the walking belt may accelerate, decelerate, or stop entirely. You will be alerted by a monitoring light when the surge suppressor and its walking belt malfunction.

What to Do if Resetting Your NordicTrack Doesn’t Work

If any of the methods above do not address your problems with these treadmills, you could consider these alternatives:

  • Check if There Are Any Loose Connections: You may use a reed switch to control and maintain the flow of electricity to power the equipment.
  • Switch the Black and Red Wires: If there is no connection problem, you may be incorrectly putting the wires. To check this, switch both cables and test the treadmill.
  • Check if the Incline Motor Received Enough Voltage: If your equipment is not receiving enough voltage, it will not function properly. Use a multimeter to check whether the incline motor and the motor hood are receiving enough voltage.

As a last resort, it might be best to just reach out to NordicTrack for assistance or replace your machine with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Reset Button on a NordicTrack Treadmill?

The reset button is located in front of your treadmill. It is positioned right next to the power button of your equipment.

How Do I Reset My iFit to Factory Settings?

There are various ways you can reset your iFit. You can press the stop button or insert a paper clip in the pinhole to force reset your machine to factory defaults.

Why Does My Treadmill Turn On But Won’t Move?

If your machine turns on but does not move, check the power source and see if it is correctly inserted into a wall outlet. If it is plugged in and won’t move, try to unplug and plug the machine after a few minutes.

Why Is My NordicTrack Treadmill Screen Blank?

If you are experiencing a blank screen, check for any loose connections. You can also refer to your manual on how the connectors must be placed.

Do NordicTrack Treadmills Need Maintenance?

In most cases, yes. The design causes the underside to constantly rub against components such as the motor, rollers, etc. Treadmills require delicate and regular care, just like any home exercise equipment.

Final Words

NordicTrack treadmills are excellent exercise machines for interval training and streaming workouts.

However, many users still frequently ask how to reset NordicTrack treadmill machines.

Here’s a summary of common solutions you can try:

  • It must receive an adequate voltage to enable its features to function correctly.
  • If your treadmill is stuck in the iFit, you can press the stop button or turn off the machine.
  • If you experience technical issues while the machine is plugged in, press the reset button or insert the security key.
  • If the machine is plugged in and still not working, the switch might be the problem. Try using the reed switch, as it controls and maintains the voltage.