How to Motivate Yourself For Running


Can’t Get Yourself Motivated for Consistent Running? We are here to help

Running is a blessing for those people who get used to it. Other people however have a hard time to motivate themselves to keep on track. These people tend to lose interest or get really lazy and as a result they cannot continue their physical activity. This can result in many drawbacks from them. Their body can get lazy and due to the lack of physical activity they will not feel fit anymore. 

Eventually they will start to feel like bad for themselves and begin to develop guilt. This can be really bad for them physically as well as mentally. They can have a hard time getting back on track.  So, it is really important that we do everything there is to keep ourselves motivated to get out the door and start feel like running. It is very important part of running to stay motivated so that you can motivate yourself to run every time you feel lazy.

There are a lot ways to get you motivated for running, that can make us feel good, but the first thought that can help many of us, to stay motivated is our body. Some runners get so demotivated if they do not see changes in their bodies really fast even after running only a few days, that they stop running at all. This can cause a negative body image issue and also not good for you overall. 

Remember the Purpose of Running:

So firstly, you should always remind yourself and make sure that what is the purpose of your running so that it makes you feel motivated. It is your body that needs running, both from outside and inside. You want to look better; you want to feel better.  You want to be a better person physically than yesterday. You have to do running for yourself, you owe this running routine to your body.

Side note: Cleaning your running shoes, before running can actually get you the motivation you want to complete that day’s run.

How Will Running be Beneficial in Future

Secondly, running is different from other exercise, running is going to help you in the long term. Yes you can enjoy the time chilling inside your bed watching some show on Netflix and eating your favorite food, but that fun will be for a little while and wont stay long and might harm you in the long run, but giving some time to your running today and every day will help you in your life always. 

Today and tomorrow, running will make sure to keep you fit. Your this new running workout will be a thing among the many things that you will be proud of when you are in your sixties and all your other friends will be complaining about how hard it is being old, and you’d be happy and fit and still be able to all the things by yourself without someone else’s help. Running in different ways that is try different running paces and run styles can also keep you motivated for a long number of days.

Try To Make Running Interesting

Now how can you motivate yourself in the moment to get up and go for a run. This can include different things that you might enjoy while running. It can be a playlist, a friend, a gadget, your new comfy shoes and much more. Don’t treat your run as a chore that you have to do everyday, take is a as a fun activity that you want to do for yourself. 

Listen to great songs, podcasts or lectures whatever you like. This will help you to look forward to running each day. Liking this Idea? Want to Learn More? We have a full article on “Making Your Running Interesting

Dress up Nicely for The Run

Wear your best comfy clothes and shoes. Most of the people feel much more productive and better about themselves if they just dress up and go for a run. You can make this your daily habit. You can meet new people and make new friends. This all will keep you motivated. You will enjoy your time, have fun and also benefit yourself in several ways.

Try to Run With a Good Running Partner

Running provides you a great way to socialize. We see how there are people who go to gym together and become best buddies, so similarly you can run with a group or a friend who will keep you motivated to run. You can also carry out some healthy competition activities among yourself, give each other target or compete with each other at running. You can also carry out other group activities with your running buddies. 

These kind of things makes us united with each other and the thing holding us will be running. We will run with our friends and also would want to do it daily. You will be looking forward to running with your group daily this way.

Push Yourself Everyday

You can also challenge yourself. Many people do challenges for their health, like no sugar challenge, no fast-food challenge, similarly you can challenge yourself that you will go running without missing any day for, say, 30 days. This will help you stay on track and also achieve your desired health goal.

You can adopt different running routines to make it interesting. You can switch times of your runs, change the routes, change the paces of you runs. You can combine your runs with some exercises to get additional benefits and also make it more interesting.

But Remember – Don’t Overdo it

Over doing everything makes it less interesting. Instead, do it everyday for a specific amount of time in which you feel the best and also end it feeling good and not totally exhausted that it scares you from doing it the next time. 

Use a Gadget to Track Your Progress

Your pace, your steps and your calories that you have burnt through your amazing run. The better you get everyday will motivate you to do it everyday. You would want to do better than yesterday. This will create a sense of healthy competition of yourself with your own self and get better, healthy and on track.

Running helps you with your routine immensely. When you get up in the morning to run, which is the hardest thing to do, you remind yourself that you have overcome the hardest part. And now you can do anything. It will help you feel fresh and active the rest of the day. It will. And that feeling is great. 

The feeling of having done something productive all by yourself and for yourself is enough motivation and I promise you; you will not regret it. It will bring discipline in your life. once you have discipline in your life, all other things don’t bother you. You focus on yourself and do your thing. 

And I think it is the best thing anyone can do for him or herself. Running can give you that. So, make up your mind today and set your goal, put on your favourite gear, make a great rocking playlist and hit the running track whichever time you like.

Happy running!

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