How To Make Running More Interesting?


Guide To Making Your Daily Running More Fun

Running is important to your health as much as any other thing. Running gives all the muscles of your body a good move that keeps you active for the rest of the day. According to the World Health Organization, EVERY PERSON should do a physical activity of 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week. This can be running as it is the most convenient and one of the best physical activity and that is one of the reasons why people like running a lot.

Running makes your body resistant and strong. Many people prefer running in the morning, as it keeps them active for the rest of the day and is an easy way to get their heart rate moderate. Running is the simplest form of workout and an easy way to get burning up to 500 calories per day and also regulates heart rate. 

People choose to run in different ways and at different times, but do you think we can make our running interesting? Absolutely yes. Here we are going to discuss some ways to make our running more interesting.

Run at Different Paces: 

The latest research show that running at different paces helps your health more than running in a same pace. That means that you should be running in different styles after short intervals of time in one go. For example, if you’re doing a running session of 1 hour in the morning, you can run fast for the first 10 minutes. The next 5 minutes you can stroll, after that you can run in a medium pace or take a break. 

Someday you can try trail running too because trail running has proved to be helpful too. This cycle can go on, and this will keep your mind occupied throughout the run. Changing your running route can also make your training and running best for your body.

Listen To Music While Running: 

People who do long running sessions like athletes can make running sessions interesting by listening to fast and motivating music. You can yourself notice that time passes quickly when you’re listening to music when you go running. One song can cover your 4 to 5 minutes of running with you not even noticing. Also, its important to mention here that the type of songs can affect the pace of your running. 

Slow songs can cause you to be calm and you will want to make yourself slow down as people relate to the kind of music they are listening to, hence listen to fast, motivating and upbeat songs while running. You will notice a visible change in your pace and will enjoy the time you spend while running. So, all in all music is a great way to make your running interesting.

Keeping Track of Your Steps and Calories on A Gadget: 

If you can, you should get a gadget that monitors steps and calories while you run and keep things in record and make it easy for you. These days on social media we see many people posting the pictures of their daily step count, calories and overall physical activity of your body such as time you spent running till you reached the finish line. This means that that gadget helps them to keep motivated and be eager to record for the next day. 

There are different watches and band of different brands that you can just put on your wrist while you do the running, and it will count all your steps and note all the calories that you have burnt in the whole session and will keep a track of your running routine. This gives a person an urge to finish the long running session, so he gets to see the huge number of calories burnt, now who doesn’t love to see it?

Having Interesting Pre and Post Running Snacks:

The foodies can take note, this one is for you guys. We all know that pre- and post-workout snacks are super important for you. They nourish your body and give you a sense of fulfillment so that you don’t get drained while and after your run. There are a lot of options for these. 

Mostly sport nutritionists recommend a snack that contains whole carbs before the workout, and a combination of protein and carbs after the workout. Now when you prepare your snacks and they help you staying fresh and active through the run, you will be looking forward to your running sessions daily. Some of the options that you can opt for pre run snacks are:

Any fruit of your choice for example

  • a banana
  • a bunch of grapes
  • a pear etc
  • 2 dates
  • a smoothie
  • Air fried chips etc

For post workout snacks you can have:

  • Any fruit with yogurt
  • A chicken sandwich
  • Protein shake etc

Run with a Partner:

There are a lot of different running groups that you can join. People run in a competition to see who can complete the goal first. This gives a sense of accomplishment and also make the run fun for you. You can also run with your partner or friend that will keep you company and you will not get bored through the process. This will make the running time personal time too with your friends and you will look forward to this each day.

Listen to Podcasts or Lectures: 

Apart from the music, you can listen to podcasts and lectures on the issues that you are interested in. Many people take this as a learning time that allows you to catch up on the news and information that you may miss out during the busy routine of yours. You can pick out a new topic daily that you want to learn about, tune it into your headphones and enjoy your time as well as learn new things daily! What a great way to utilize time and get 2 benefits at one time,

Set New Goals While Knowing Your Limits:

If you are passionate about staying fit and looking good, you should challenge yourself daily with a new goal. Increase the amount of time daily, or after every few days and strive to reach your goal. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and also a new challenge for each day that you can endure.

These were all the ways through which you can make your running sessions interesting and fun. The most important part is that they make you look forward to the runs daily, and not force yourself to run. These make you motivated and make the running time a break from all the chaos of the world and enjoy it with yourself the way you want it. Happy running!

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