A good pair of comfortable and well-built running shoes for runners can be of high cost. Because for runners their shoes get dirty in no time. Therefore it is required to keep your running shoes clean and tidy. Sometimes runners have to run extra miles and to those muddy and greasy areas where their clean running shoes become grimy. But keeping them clean appropriately can restore your running shoes and save your investment.

Proper care and maintenance of shoes is important for runners because it will not only retain the integrity of shoes but they will last longer. That’s why it is often said that you should regularly clean your running shoes. And most importantly clean running shoes will give runner self-confidence if he is competing next to someone in whole lot of people. Because he would be the center of attention for example in case of marathon.

Listed below are some steps that are encountered to keep your running shoes clean.

Don’t use your shoes for casual wear. Wearing them regularly makes running shoes more stinky and dirty. You should wear your running shoes specifically for running. By wearing your running shoes for daily use their components such as insoles will also break down much faster.

For keeping your shoes fresh, wash it properly. and while washing your running shoes in a washing machine or whatsoever remember to remove the insoles and after washing/ cleaning your running shoes let them air dry.

The cleaning action depends on how much dirty your shoes are, the component and the fabric it is made up of and how carefully you wash them.

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR RUNNING SHOESFirstly you should take of laces and insole of your shoes before you clean your shoes . Secondly, you should remove all mud and scum from shoes by any brush like old toothbrush. Not only from bottom area but also from upper area. Don’t be too vigorous while doing this instead do this gently. Now wash the toothbrush with luke warm water and rub it against the soap and water solution or use eco-friendly laundry detergent creating a little foam. And use this solution on your running shoes. Not to use ton of water on your shoes because that’s not good and your running shoes can shrink. Do this procedure on and off, use a little bit of more soap and then continue scrubbing. This will not take more than five minutes unless your shoes are super dirty. Layer by layer the dirt will come off. Again not to use a lot of force because they may damage the mesh. Make sure to get rid of any rocks or pebbles from bottom if they are stuck in your shoes.

Then put your shoes under tap of water (preferably warm water) to get rid of any soap. Don’t submerge whole shoes in water and try not to get them extremely wet because they will take longer time to air dry.

Create a solution mixed with water and any detergent (soap and water can also work) to wash laces. Now put them in the solution for few minutes. Then rinse off the shoe laces. And let them dry. You can also hang the shoe laces. Clean insole of your shoes with same soapy solution.  Wipe out and let it dry. Now take a cotton cloth and dab it in the shoes to remove any excess of water.

Once all parts are of your shoes are clean, next step is drying. Drying is as important as cleaning of shoes is important. Never put them in a dryer or in front of a radiator for this purpose. That is a big no. Similar to the washing machine the heat involved can harm the shoes especially the soles, the heat can expand the sole. Also your shoe will lose their shape or come apart by doing this. You can put your shoes outside so they can dry out faster. But don’t put right out in the bright sun because they may lose their shininess, color and leads to yellow stains on your shoes. The sun acts as a bleaching agent, so avoid putting them for days in sun. Several hours will work for that. Another alternative method is air drying at room temperature. Then you can use stuff paper towel and newspaper because they absorbs a lot of water and put it inside of shoes. So that water is absorbed from inside as well.

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR RUNNING SHOESYou should clean your shoes manually and not using electronic machine for this purpose because the heat involved along with repeated spinning can distort the soles, affect the cushioning and reduce the lifespan of the shoes. Many people suggest and practice washing shoes in machines, but results are not trustworthy. Because all shoes are made from different adhesives and all shoes don’t have the capability to endure heat. So there is no certainty towards that and your show is at risk of shredding out.

There are certain waterproof and stain protector sprays specifically designed for shoes. They will make your shoes look fresh. These sprays repel water and stains. They work best on leather, canvas and nubuck shoes. They act as a shield on your shoes, have protecting abilities and increase the life expectancy of your shoes. Make sure to use these sprays when your shoes are clean and dried properly.

Do this spraying process outdoor or in well ventilated area. Hold the spray about 6 to 8 inches away from your shoes and apply the spray in light overlapping even strokes. One good thing is that it doesn’t actually change the finishing of your shoe. Once you spray the shoes then let it sit for atleast 6 hours and ensure your shoe is drying in each layer. There are some sneaker wipes also available which are used to clean stains and dirt from your shoe.

There are plenty of ways which you can use if your shoe stinks. Once you are done with drying, you can put little bit of baking soda inside your shoe to get rid of smelly odor. You can also use shoe deodorizer which may help you in this regard. Because insoles soak up so much sweat and cause bacteria to invade, which will ultimately lead to foot infections.

By keeping your shoe clean this way, you can obtain maximum mileage out of them.  “Remember that running is no clean sport and as most running is done outside, there’s always going to be some level of dirtiness involved.”






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