How To Get a Proper Running Form

Proper Running Form

How to Get a Proper Running Form – Correcting Your Posture and Pace

While running, the most important thing is your running technique i.e. your posture and pace. If you do not have proper running form, not only will it affect the quality of your run but also affect your body in various ways. Improving running form, will help you run more efficiently, faster and you will have a lot lesser chance of injuries.

Having a correct running form will help you in your running. You will get the most out of a right and proper running form, you will be able to run faster. So as a beginner you should definitely work on your running form and posture. Proper running form will delay fatigue and make running a lot more smooth and easier.

1) Correct Your Posture

So, for a proper running form, the first thing that comes when you want to correct your posture is correcting the position of your head. During running, many runners focus on foot strike, but your head should always be held upright, and you should never look down at the track or at your shoes. Focus your gaze on the front and look straight while running. This will not only help you keep a proper running form but also keep your neck aligned with your shoulders.

2) Correct Your Shoulder Movement

Next thing, you should correct to get a proper running form, are your shoulders. Some people have a habit of hunching their shoulders. This is because we are mainly used to sit like this while using our phones or working in the office. So, make sure you don’t do that while running. Leave them free. Don’t tighten them and make them under stress. 

Also, aligning your shoulders with your steps can also help you keep them straight. Focus on keeping your shoulders easy. And if you feel tension in them shrug them from time to time. if they are tight or tensed, running will cause you more energy and strength.

3) Keep Your Arms Aligned with Your Back

To get a good running form, next comes your arms. Your arm alignment is really important for your proper running form and pace both.  They help you run faster and better. Some runners have such a running form, in which they over stride i.e. their body is leaning forward and not at a 90 degree angle with their shoulders. 

The experts (USATF Certified running coach) advise a technique, to place your arms at a 90 degree angle with your body. They should stay at the center of your body. Their position should be like they are leaning forwards, so that while running you will also be leaning forward and take maximum steps per minute.

4) Don’t Clench Your Fists

Your hands during running should also be very relaxed and flowy so that they can help you run faster and at the same time saving you energy. Runners should not clench their fist because that will take extra energy and want to put all your energy in your run. So, runners should let their hands be relaxed and consume less energy in the run.

5) Your Torso Should be Correctly Ordered

Now comes one of the most important part that makes your running smoother if kept right that is your good torso. It is the core of the body and it should be perfect in order to have a long strong run. 

Fitness experts keep stressing on training the core of your body as a runner, so that it helps you bring stability in your run. It should be elastic enough to move on the side with you when you move, and strong enough to keep you running upright for a long period of time. this will help you to run in a good pace and your posture will also surely improve.

6) Be Careful of Your Knees and Feet Movement 

Now comes your lower body that play role in your pace and posture and that include your knees, legs and feet. You have to control the movement of your knee in accordance with your foot. You should not lift your knee too up, because it will take more energy and as a result your steps per minute while running decrease. You should not bow down; just keep your knee in alignment to your hips. Your legs should also be in a aligned manner. You need to do training of lower body especially legs to increase endurance.

7) Prevent feet strike injuries – But How?

Your feet are really important when it comes to running. Foot strike is a very common phenomenon that is widely talked about in running. There is no right or wrong way to strike your foot on the ground while you are running. It feels like different for every person. You have to make sure you are running properly so as to have less stress on your body and foot. 

If you run on your toes or strike your heel on the ground, there are chances of injury for you and you need to seek advice from a running coach and follow what he says. Some people run like that naturally and they get eventually injuries in body. If you have grip in this style you should not change it, but otherwise you can take proper training for that to correct you. You can get another pair of shoes with proper cushioning.

8) Keep Your Back Straight for Better Pace

These were the things that you should keep in mind while running as they can affect your posture. Other than these, you should make sure your body is erect while running, your head is up, backs’ straight and shoulders relaxed. 

Make sure you are not leaning too forward or backward, that will make you exhausted and also build a bad posture. Keep checking these things often, train to make your body stronger so that you have more balance and stability in your posture.

9) Know Your Pace

Now coming to your running pace. Knowing the right pace for yourself is really important. It alters with your level of expertise. If you are a beginner, you should not get into a very fast pace at first. This can lead to getting exhausted really soon, loss of motivation, or even injury in some cases. So, like we always say, be the tortoise, not the hare. Slowly build your pace.

10) Gradually Adjust Your Pace – How?

Start by running for a mile at a medium pace. Then gradually increase the speed. Slow down when you start to feel exhausted.  You need to practice it before you get into very fast pace running. Through practice only you will get the lung capacity to run at faster pace for a long time, say if you are in a competition. 

Challenge yourself each day. Keep a fixed time and a fixed track. And see how much better you can run each day. How much less time you take reaching your goal each day. That is the best practice method and followed by many coaches, so self train like that for a better pace.

Running pace and posture are some things that you can definitely get perfect overtime. Many of the world-famous runners have face issues with these and excelled after taking time. So, will you. Just be mindful while running and give yourself a learning time. Nothing can be accomplished without learning it first!

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