How To Clean Your Running Shoes



Running shoes can get messy and dirty. The increased pollution in the atmosphere makes them pick up the dust and dirt like anything. You are safe and having clean running shoes if you are running indoors on a treadmill, or have a clean track for running, but if you are someone who likes his running to be adventurous and runs at different paths, then bad news for your clean running shoes. 

Why Clean Your Running Shoes?

Cleaning your running shoes is really important. Of course, it is not just about the look of the running shoes, but also to save your feet and yourself from the attack of different pathogens and bacteria that they can pick up from the mud. As a result, these can cause you infections and other problems. 

Cleaning your running shoes keep and safe and they last longer. Also, you feel a lot more confident and comfortable if your running shoes are super clean and tidy. Although it is not necessary to wash them after every use, you should clean them when you feel like they need it. 

Occasional dusting off and wiping is fine when they are not very dirty, but deep cleaning them in absolutely necessary if they have mud or any other such substance on them.


How to Effectively Clean your Running Shoes?

There are many different ways through which people clean their running shoes. But we do not just have to clean the, we also have to make sure they are safe and do not hurt their quality during the process. There are many types of shoes these days. Some are so expensive that one can’t even imagine making the slightest harm to them. So, it is really necessary to choose the right way to clean your shoes.

Tip 1 – Do it By Your Hands

The most safe and effective method of cleaning your shoes is doing it by your hand. This way to clean your shoes is a bit extensive and time taking but if you really love your shoes you will spend that time and energy and of course we all love our shoes. So, for washing your shoes  by hand you will need:

  1. A small bowl
  2. Any kind of washing detergent
  3.  A toothbrush (use a new one for best result instead of a worn out one)
  4. Baking soda
  5. A sponge
  6. Microfiber clot
  7. Warm Water

Tip 2 – Clean Your Shoes When They Are Dry

Okay so one of the best tip in cleaning your shoes is to start cleaning them when they are dry. The mud on the shoes easily comes off when they are dry. So clean them when they are dry. And if they are not dry, try to let them air dry for a couple of hours so that the mud is completely dry for best results. 

Tip 3 – Don’t Forget to Clean Your In-soles

If your insoles smell bad, you should also clean them properly. you can dip them in the same detergent and baking soda mixture that we will be making just now and add water in it, keep them soaked for about 2 hours. Thing will make them clean and also odorless. Let your shoes air dry also. You can also put them under the sun which will kill all the microorganisms in them if present. And you are good to go.

Lets Get to Cleaning Your Shoes


Step 1 – Rub the Shoes with a Tooth Brush

Take a clean, dry toothbrush and slowly rub off the dirty scrub. Be very gentle as you don’t want to ruin the quality of the shoe. Cover all the areas and keep dusting the mudoff after every rub. Brush it back and forth and the dry mud will come off. An old toothbrush may not do a job as good as a new brush.


Step 2 – Grab Some Baking Soda

Now what you do is that you take some baking soda (soap and water can also do the job) that is a very common ingredient and is found in almost all households. It has great cleaning properties. It causes the dirt to dissolve readily in warm water so is very effective in cleaning shoes. 

Step 3 –  Mix Baking Soda With a Colorless Detergent and Make a Paste

Now take a colorless liquid washing detergent in a bowl, and add a little amount, say a teaspoon of this soda in it and mix it using a spatula or a spoon. Mix them to make a paste. This will make a really good washing formula for the shoes. Remember to remove the insoles from your running shoes when washing them in washing machine.

Step 4 – Rub the Paste on Shoes 

Now you just take your toothbrush and dip it generously into the mixture, and rub it all over the dirt on the shoes. Make sure to cover all the dirt marks from above, behind, beneath and front of the shoe. Keep rubbing it so that it will make leather and take all the dirt off your shoes.

Step 5 – Clean the Shoes with a Sponge

Now after the soap has made leather and taken out all the dirt, you go to the next step that is cleaning it with a sponge. You take a nice thick sponge and dip it in water. The water should be Luke warm as it assists better in cleaning. Now you clean the shoes with the damp sponge really nicely so that no stain or leather is left. You can squeeze the sponge and dip it again in clean water to make it spotless.

Step 6 – Dry Them

Now since your shoes are wet, you will need a microfiber cloth to dry them. Why use a microfiber cloth and not a normal one? That is because microfiber cloths are great for absorbing all the extra moisture from any surface. And we do not any moisture on our shoe. So, you gently wipe the shoe and clean it from all the sides. You make sure it is dry and completely moisture free.

Isn’t There a Quicker Way of Cleaning Your Running Shoes?

Another way of washing your shoes is by using the washing machine. Now personally I don’t think it is the best idea because it can ruin the quality of your shoes. It is easy and less time taking but not good for delicate and expensive shoes. 

You just have to put your shoes in a washing machine, put some detergent in it and let the machine do its work. But often any malfunction can happen to the machine and it many ruin the quality of your shoes. So, always try to wash them by yourself as it is the safest and best method. Cleaning your shoes is literally therapeutic for a runner, so you should clean them quite often.

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