Does Running Helps in Weight Loss?


Weight loss is a very common problem these days. With the advancement of technology and sedentary lifestyle taking a toll over our health, people are struggling with losing weight. Takeaway foods have become very common and big food chains have made junk food availability really easy and weight loss has become a major problem. Most of the people now eat from outside as it is convenient. 

The technology has also made life faster on the phones, but slower in real life. A person who is very active on social media, may not get out of his bed all day and may want to lose weight but it seems very tough to that person. Children also spend most of their day playing games on different gadgets. As a result, childhood obesity is increasing day by day all over the world.

Moreover, weight loss has become a business all over the world. Diet and fitness imposters are earning a lot of money by giving people fitness tips. Many people have also launched products that they claim can help people is losing weight really quick. Of course, such products and such people are injurious to our health and wallets as well. This has just become a mean of earning money. 

Most of the people would do anything to lose weight. But guess what, you can lose weight without spending lots of money on these imposters and such products.

So Does Running Really Helps?

Yes, Running can help immensely in losing weight and it is a great way to lose weight. Running and trying to lose weight is a cheap and sustainable way of losing weight and looking fit and leaner. But for that one needs to do high intensity running.HOW MUCH RUNNING HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS - Running Wilder

Runners take out precious time out of their life and devote it to running. We see that professional runners are fit and muscular. They have developed this habit of high intensity running over a long period of time so can you. If you are someone who is overweight and want to lose weight without enrolling into expensive fitness gyms, running (high intensity) is the best option for you.

What to Do to Lose Weight?

Running is a form of cardio, and research and practicals have shown that cardio helps a lot in weight loss. It makes your body active. it burns a huge number of calories and as a result helps in weight loss.

Weight loss is only achieved by a calorie deficit. No weight loss drinks, pills or foods can help you lose weight in a healthy weight. Only if your daily number of calories is less than the number of calories you should have to maintain your weight, you will be able to lose weight. This can be done in 2 ways, either you eat less amount of food, or you can burn the calories through a physical activity, or the best option is the combination of both. You can eat a healthy diet and then also burn calories through running. 

Running help, you lose fat from different areas of your body as well as make you strong. It tones your legs, targets your arms, belly and almost all the parts of your body.

Running daily can help you lose weight as well as stay fit. Also, running is a great way for strength training and helps you to burn more calories.

The World Health Organization suggests a daily physical activity/ training of at least 30 minutes at 6 miles per hours, 5 days a week. Running is recommended for everyone. The overweight people can run for 30 minutes daily and it can help them immensely in burning more calories.

Why is Running a Good Option?

Running is also convenient and does not require any straining and tiring work. You just have to run at a particular pace and make it a routine. When a overweight person run to lose body fat and makes it a habit of running daily, he or she will definitely see a visible change in their body and also on the weight scale and will ultimately like running because of the great calorie burning results. 

Their body will transform, and they will start to look more attractive and fit. A 30 minute of running can burn about 200 to 250 of calories which is great for you if not the best way. Because the leaner muscle your body has, more the calorie burning process is for you. 

Avoid Misconceptions

There is one misconception about running that just running for 20 minutes or a 30-minute run is enough for burning calories but in reality, this low intensity workout is not enough. But make sure to control your heart rate and body temperature and don’t be excessively involved.

Running to lose weight is the simplest form of exercise. You can set an attainable goal for your weight loss (burning many calories per minute) and start your running. You can start with a slower pace and more time. It will help you gain sustainability and also you will not get tired or any injury. 

Eventually, you can fasten your pace and run at a good speed. This will allow you to burn more calories in a short amount of time. You can do it 5 to 6 days a week and take a break once a day for your body to relax. Does Running Help in Weight Loss? - Running Wilder

Stay Consistent – Stay Healthy

The people who want to lose weight find it very difficult to stay consistent with their diet and exercise. This is because their body does not get used to the tough diet routine and very tough exercise regimen. They get tired after a short period of time. As a result, they are not consistent with is and end up going back to their old routine. It is not the case when you start running. 

You just have to have a little strength to just get up, put on your shoes and go for a run. It will not cause you any difficulty after that. You can take short breaks in between; have few sips of water and you are good to go. You can plug in some fast and up-beat music and it will be like a me time for you, you can lose weight as well as enjoy the time.

Running for Weight Loss – Conclusion

Running in weight loss has been seen in numerous people. It helps a lot to lose unwanted fat, either it is the rigid belly fat or the baby fat on the face, making daily running can help you get rid of all. It will help you with a steady but continued weight loss that is the best kind of weight loss. It is healthy and sustainable and provides you with tons of other health benefits too. 

If you make running a daily part of your routine, it can guarantee you your dream body and fitness. You will not feel the lethargy and heaviness in your body anymore and look leaner and fitter. It will make your daily life pleasant and you can do all the works easily that you were not able to do before as an obese person. That can be of enough motivation, huh? So, put on your shoes and run for your health and weight loss!

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