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How Much Does a NordicTrack Treadmill Weigh: A Brief Guide

Treadmills vary in weight and size, but most commercial and incline treadmills tend to be heavy for a good reason.

The lighter the treadmill weighs, the faster it is to wear out, which is not ideal for professional or home gyms. Aside from that, a heavy person might find it inconvenient.

One of the top brands for treadmills today is NordicTrack. If you’re curious: “how much does a treadmill weigh?” that makes two of us. Let’s discuss that, shall we?

How Much Does a NordicTrack Treadmill Weigh?

NordicTrack has been known for making high-quality treadmill machines.

They have commercial, EXP, and Incline treadmills. (NOTE: These treadmills weigh differently.)

For example, average commercial treadmills weigh about 353 lbs. That includes the tread belt weight, motor, and frame.

Incline treadmills, on the other hand, tend to be much heavier and can weigh about 462 lbs. to 505 lbs., which greatly resembles a curved treadmill by weight.

This is reasonable because the incline treadmills step up the running game. It has to be a bit heavier to make it more sturdy to facilitate that steep incline.

Check out three of the most popular NordicTrack treadmill machines, which have great features, and see how much each weighs.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750


  • Product Weight: 310 lbs.
  • Size: 80 × 38 × 65 in. (203 × 96.5 × 165.1 cm)
  • Running deck: 22 × 60 in. (55.9 × 152.4 cm)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds (lbs.)
  • Speed and incline: 0–12 miles (0–19.3 km) per hour, -3%–15%

This model weighs only 10 pounds heavier than its maximum weight limit.

Features of this treadmill include the following:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built-in speakers for listening to upbeat music or watching videos
  • A 14-in tilt and pivot touch screen for live streaming using the iFit app
  • Its ActivePulse feature automatically adjusts based on your heart rate.

The folding treadmill includes NordicTrack’s signature RunnersFlex cushioning, allowing you to customize your workout.


  • Has a tablet holder and dual 3″ speakers
  • Has -3%–15% incline feature
  • Features an Automatic Trainer Control


  • Not for a home gym with smaller spaces
  • Expensive price tag

NordicTrack Commercial X22i


  • Product Weight: 417 lbs.
  • Size: 70 × 39 × 72.5 in. (177.8 × 99.1 × 184.2 cm)
  • Running deck: 22 × 60 in. (55.9 × 152.4 cm)
  • Maximum weight limit: 300 pounds (lbs.)
  • Speed and incline: 0–12 miles (0–19.3 km) per hour, -6%–40%

How much does this treadmill weigh? This machine weighs a solid 417 pounds.

This massive machine features a 4.0 CHP powerful motor with a quiet incline and solid rollers, ensuring a smooth ride!

This machine’s 22-inch touchscreen has streaming capabilities, giving you access to streaming platforms through iFit.

On top of that, this offers a wider range of incline and decline levels better than other treadmills.

With its automatic workout intensity adjustment feature, you can easily upgrade your usual workout routine.


  • Has a 22-in. (55.9-cm) touchscreen
  • Features -6%–40% incline
  • Solid and sturdy, looks durable
  • Has additional handlebars for sled-style workouts


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not foldable and is quite heavy to be moved from places

NordicTrack EXP 10i


  • Product Weight: 229 lbs. (in-box weight)
  • Size: 79.9 × 35.08 × 59.25 in. (203 × 89.2 × 150.5 cm)
  • Running deck: 20 × 60 in. (50.8 × 152.4 cm)
  • Speed and incline: 0–12 miles (0–19.3 km) per hour, -3%–12%
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds (lbs.)

This folding treadmill is one of the most compact treadmills, making it a great fit for tight spaces. Does this treadmill weigh lighter than other models?

This machine weighs 229 pounds which is typically LIGHTER than heavy-duty treadmills. It also features decline settings and a larger touch screen for streaming iFit classes.

It shares the same default features as other NordicTrack treadmill models, such as:

  • Built-in speakers
  • Automatic Trainer Control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cushioned running deck


  • The compact size is perfect for home gyms.
  • It is foldable and can fit through doors.
  • It is lightweight for a treadmill


  • It may not be good for professional gyms.
  • It can easily be worn out because of its size.

What Makes a NordicTrack Treadmill Heavy?

The best treadmills are not determined by their size, weight, or user weight capacity.

But these factors contribute to deciding which treadmill best fits our individual fitness needs.

Does a treadmill weigh based on its frame alone? Treadmills have various parts which typically add up to their weight.

Here are some features that contribute to treadmills’ weight:


The tread belt adds up to 21 lbs. of weight on a treadmill. A standard belt has a size of 60-inch by 22-inch.

The thickness of the belt helps minimize the annoying sound treadmills make on the running surface, especially at a top speed for strength training.

The thickness also adds up to the total treadmill weight.


The frame is the skeleton of the machine.

A high-quality treadmill frame is constructed with heavier-gauge steel. An average frame for treadmills weighs approximately 193 pounds.

That alone covers a huge part of the total treadmill weight.

The frame must be solid and sturdy for a treadmill to perform well and efficiently. It all depends on how you use the treadmill.

The studier the treadmill, the less of the “wobbling” experience during workouts.


This is responsible for the basic functionalities of your treadmill. It has all sorts of connectivity, heart-rate monitors, and safety features.

It typically weighs ONLY 2 pounds.

Two pounds doesn’t sound heavy, but it still adds up to the weights of treadmills. The commercial 1750 treadmill has one of the quietest motors in the industry.

This treadmill offers a 3.5 CHP motor and reaches speeds of up to 12 mph. This motor feature is ideal for long-distance running and smooth and steady interval training.

Weight Capacity

These are heavy-duty treadmills and can support users of up to 300 pounds.

Most gym owners would choose treadmills that can accommodate anyone, so there is never any reason to check the weight capacity of the machine.

When you purchase a treadmill, capacity is vital. This should be the first thing that you check.

Make sure you know your weight and buy a treadmill based on that. If it cannot hold you, do not buy it.

Do Treadmill Weights Matter?

Yes. It does matter how a treadmill weighs. It matters for most people, especially if you’re a personal trainer.

It is even one factor contributing to the decision-making process when purchasing this fitness equipment.

The first thing to realize is no industry standards exist for determining the treadmill weight rating.

How Do You Move a NordicTrack Treadmill Effectively?

To move treadmills, there are specific steps you need to follow so that you don’t damage the treadmill.

Following these steps will not only protect your treadmill but will keep you safe as well.

Step 1: Check the Manual for Instructions

Before you move your treadmill, make sure you first check the user manual for instructions.

To effectively move the treadmill without damaging it, you either roll it over or disassemble it. This also depends on where and how far you will move your machine.

Step 2: Prepare the Treadmill

If you have a folding treadmill, you can fold it before you move it.

Doing so can make moving EASIER. If you know that the treadmill weight is too heavy for a single person, ask for help.

Please don’t do it yourself, as it can potentially injure you and damage your machine.

To prepare your treadmill, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the incline to its lowest setting.
  2. Make sure to unplug the treadmill and remove the key.
  3. Hold the metal frame (on the outside of the treadmill track),
  4. Lift the treadmill deck until the latch knob locks into its storage position.

Step 3: Moving the Treadmill

When you’ve prepared your treadmill, you’re ready to move. Make sure to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Hold on to the handrails of the treadmill, holding one foot to the wheel.
  2. Pull back on the handrails to tilt the treadmill back so that it fully moves on the wheels.
  3. Move the treadmill where you would like to keep it.
  4. Place your foot on a wheel and slowly lower it to assist the treadmill weight.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to lift or move the treadmill if you cannot lift anything around 45 lbs. If you must lift, use your legs, not your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions. See if you might find the answers helpful.

Is It Hard to Disassemble a NordicTrack Treadmill?

It can be hard if you’re not doing it the right way.

Nordictrack treadmills carry several features, facilities, and technologies, so disassembling a Nordictrack treadmill can be difficult.

It can be even more difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might even end up damaging the machine.

Can You Watch Netflix on NordicTrack Treadmill?

Yes, you can stream Netflix while doing your workout on NordicTrack treadmills.

It features software on its LCD screen called iFit, which allows you to access certain streaming platforms.

However, the connectivity of the treadmill can be an issue. You’ll need to set the admin settings and manually change them.

For some people, it’s risky to do this as it may void the machine’s warranty.

What Is a Treadmill’s Weight Limit?

The weight capacity of most treadmills is between 200 and 300 pounds. All NordicTrack treadmills have a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs.

High-end home units or commercial treadmills typically have weight limits of up to 400 pounds due to their higher HP motors, heavy-duty mats, and reinforced frames.

To know the weight limit of treadmills before your purchase them, you can find through:

  • Checking out the sides as the weight limit is printed on the treadmill frame itself
  • Looking at the user’s manual or the store’s website
  • By calling the manufacturer

What Is an Average Treadmill Weight?

The average treadmill weight is around 270 pounds. For motorized treadmills, treadmill weight is between 220 and 350 pounds.

There are some anomalies, however. A couple of the commercial-level Life Fitness treadmills and the NordicTrack Incline treadmills have over 400 pounds of treadmill weight.

What Is the Average Lifespan of an Exercise Equipment?

Commercial gym equipment should have a lifespan of well over 15 years if it gets regular maintenance. Gym equipment can last many years past its lifespan.

Some of the biggest problems of personal trainers or home gym owners can encounter with the machine are dust and sweat

Over time dust and sweat can cause damage to the metal parts and operation of the machine over time.

Regular weekly cleaning, including wiping down the treadmills, dusting off the frame, and keeping the area clean.

This can assist in avoiding machine issues and preventing you from getting a new treadmill.


Treadmills weigh depending on the build and materials used. Some weigh lighter or heavier than others.

Treadmills weigh according to their purpose. Some treadmills are lightweight and compact-size to ease moving the equipment from one place to another.

Other models can be slightly heavy to outrageously heavy as these models feature bigger and heavier frames and other treadmill parts.

This is specifically designed to ensure the equipment’s durability and the users’ safety. Safety must come first before fitness goals in fitness centers or a home gym.Hence, ensure the treadmills are well-maintained and can stand long hours of repeated use.