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How Long Do NordicTrack Treadmills Last: A Brief Overview

When shopping for quality treadmills, you have many factors to contemplate.

How long does this new treadmill last? How long does its warranty last?

Thankfully, we will show you what qualities you want to see within your NordicTrack treadmill.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a NordicTrack Treadmill?

A typical treadmill of average quality can last 7-12 years or more if you maintain consistent maintenance.

The best brands of treadmills, such as NordicTrack and other similar brands of quality, can last much longer.

Some branded machines can last as long as 20 years of use.

These treadmills last around 10-12 years and can be extended to 15 years with various factors such as consistent and frequent cleaning.

Why Do Treadmills Last Long?

Regardless of brand, a machine and equipment don’t last a lifetime and are helpless to disrepair without repairs.

However, cleaning and repairs would be useless without knowing the proper care and instructions.

Consider the following factors as you try to take care of your home gym.

Machine Type

Among treadmills there are two kinds of treadmills for your fitness needs; manual and motorized.

Both are excellent exercise machines and can have a long shelf life that matches the user’s care for it.

The main difference is that manual models lack electronics but have a longer lifespan.

Machine Quality

How well-made and constructed can help determine how long a machine’s shelf life would be.

Treadmills last much longer with durable construction, and higher-quality materials don’t wear easily from extended use.

To tell if your treadmill is made of top quality, check how strong the motor is via its continuous-duty horsepower (CHP).

A powerful treadmill motor would have an average CHP of 2.5-3 for intense use by hardcore runners.

The other would be cost and price, as both can sometimes dictate the quality of both construction and materials.

However, this doesn’t mean the highest price is the best treadmill for you!!!

Do proper research to find the best treadmill and price for your needs!


Without proper cleaning, a treadmill would be backed up and clogged by machine dust and grime.

All the detritus from the user’s neglect can affect the treadmill motor and electronics, specifically clogging the rollers and wearing out the deck.

Eventually, your treadmill will start performing below standard and will inevitably shut down at some point.

Treadmills generally last longer, the cleaner their internal mechanism is!

If fitness is taking care of your body, then maintenance and cleaning are the same for your treadmill of choice.

Frequency of Use

How long can gym equipment last if its users exercise often?

Regardless of the quality of the models, frequent use of your running deck generally results in the need for a replacement.

Doing an intense sprint on a mid-range machine would result in the same conclusion.

Although, more casual users would not face the same consequences.

We find that a machine of choice must match your usage, type of exercise, range, etc., to maintain the treadmill’s “life.”


Most treadmills come with warranties as you make your purchase.

The warranty often indicates how long a treadmill can last and its general quality.

Another reason to know the warranties of your treadmills is to know what they cover and how long.

The best treadmills offer a lifetime warranty on their frame, incline, and motor, as they are built to last.

Lower-end treadmills will only have a one-year or ten-year warranty on their motor and five years on their belt, incline, and frame.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your NordicTrack Treadmill

You want your treadmill to last, especially if the machine is of a price outside your usual budget range.

So it would be best to learn all the tips and tricks to track how much wear and damage your treadmill has accumulated.

Maintenance Tips

While you maintain your treadmill, it is best to generally have these thoughts in your mind.

Wipe Your Treadmill After Every Use

After a run and a rest, we advise wiping down and vacuuming all the dirt from your running shoes.

You must remove any dirt and residue that clogs up anything.

Inspect the Treadmill’s Deck Occasionally

Lumps and bumps indicate the treadmill track is beginning to be worn out.

Realign the belt where needed. We would also recommend removing loose screws to avoid accidents or harm.

Lubricate the Treadmill as Needed

Track lubrication should be done eEVERY 3 MONTHS in direct relation to how much use you get from your fitness treadmill.

We recommend checking your treadmill manual for how to properly apply the lubricant onto the machine.

Purchasing Tips

We made a small compilation of thoughts and ideas to keep as you go shopping for your fitness machine.

Be Budget Conscious

When shopping for treadmills, you need to be able to keep your budget in mind.

The average treadmill can cost around 1000 dollars or more, be sure to either get an easily maintained one or one that can last long.

These high prices may limit your choices from the more expensive models with all their extra features.

Available Room Space

Another aspect to consider is how much available space you have, as treadmills tend to be the larger size.

Research Your Range of Choices

There is a whole range of choices wherein your preferred treadmills last longer than others.

By understanding their unique capabilities and mechanisms, you both appreciate your purchases and know how to care for them.

We would always compare previous reviews and buying guides from previous customers.

Always use your head and hold your enthusiasm to use your eventual treadmills last.

Match Your Treadmill Choice With Your Fitness Goals

You have to consider how strong the motor is compared to your fitness training from the range of available models.

This factor can help trim your range of choices available, whether motors are too strong or weak for your exercise plans.

Even if you start with a budget treadmill for beginners, we can easily transition to BETTER models.

Those treadmills also have a strong motor to keep up with a runner undergoing a sprint.

Those treadmills also have shock absorption for regular exercise, more intense workouts, and joint protection.

Check the Warranty Coverage Beforehand

Always check the kind of warranty each brand or company can provide for their products.

Besides their warranty policy, we recommend seeing if those companies have local offices or, most importantly, a company store.

The company store is especially important as they can provide replacement parts and other accessories needed.

What Are the Other Alternative Treadmill Brands?

If you try out other treadmill options around the market, here are other treadmill brands that are of exceptional quality.


One of the best treadmills brands to the point they are considered the founders of the modern treadmill, built for athletes.

Their smart technology presents statistics of your workouts while keeping in contact with a personal trainer and three other user profiles.

Their models, the T618 and T6161, have USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and distal displays where you monitor and share your statistics with their “Explore the World” app.

These models are both foldable and are fit for Runners with 60-length belts. You can adjust the settings to 1-12 mph on their running deck.

Their prices are between 1000-1400 dollars.


Proform treadmills tend to be bulkier and sturdier compared to other brands.

Like Nautilus, their many models have many electronics and sensors to adjust their speed up to 12mph.

They can easily personalize their training and exercise regime with the iFit app.

Their ProShox cushioning absorbs the impact of your steps when running to create softer landings to provide proper care for your knees, ankles, and hips.

Unique to this brand, they can decline their treadmills up to 3 degrees.

Their usual models go for around 1-2000 dollars and come with a 1 year of iFit app (NOTE: The prices will depend on the series and model.).


Peloton’s treadmills are even more advanced compared to their competitors.

They have a shock-absorbing slat belt, a 15-degree incline, and an extended belt.

Peloton even has its athletic training program on its 32-display touchscreen.

These models have wide adjustability, can set their speeds between 0-12.5 mph, and can store many profiles and their corresponding statistics.

They are priced around 2500-4300 dollars.

Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness has its 6 treadmill models split between the Go series for short workouts and the Studio series for more intensive workouts.

They, too, come with Bluetooth and integrated speakers for streaming your favorite shows as you use their machine.

All are managed with 1-touch key buttons for easy speed adjustments and can set their incline for 12 degrees on many models.

Horizon Fitness treadmills cost around 700-2100 dollars and can be paid off through monthly payment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some tidbits and extra knowledge to help prolong the life of your purchases.

When Should You Replace Your Treadmill?

It all depends on which parts of your treadmill are getting worn out and what parts you must replace.

Older models tend to no longer have their parts manufactured or have their warranties experienced.

All the accumulated costs result in replacing your old machine being the cheaper alternative altogether.

Do NordicTrack Treadmills Need Maintenance?

Yes, no matter how high-range the machine is.

In our general experience, all the previous advice still applies to their machines.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Treadmill Belt?

We recommend changing the belt from your machine every 3 months.

You should run your hand along the underside of the exercise belt and check for rough patches.

Besides rough patches, frayed edges, and the belt curling up are all signs of a belt replacement.

You can have your treadmill belt last longer by cleaning it every 2 weeks and then lubricating them every 3 months.

Cleaning and lubricating will reduce the friction of the machine when in use against the motor and prevent any unfortunate wear.

How Often Do You Need to Service a Treadmill?

Regular maintenance is ideal for any exercise machine.

In the case of maintaining a treadmill, we recommend you service the machine every 40 hours of use or at least 2 years.

If you use the treadmill for 10 hours per week, you service the machine at least once a year.

Always read the manual and know the manufacturer’s guidelines before you service the machine

The manual also includes maintenance guidelines and instructions about when to service the treadmill.


After reading the entire guide, one would incline to believe that a treadmill is an overall investment.

They are not wrong, but rather the point is general.

Anything worthwhile in your life must be treated with respect when you buy and maintain it.

Whether you got a modest budget buy or the latest high motor model with a heart rate monitoring package.