How Can Elite Runners Prevent Injuries



Runners have a high tendency of getting injured, just like all other sportsmen. It’s not because of the fact that you are running, it is because you are not running properly. You are doing some mistakes unknowingly, so your muscles are getting under stress. Running may sound a simple sport and one might think that what’s hard in running. 

You just have to try not to fall down. But no, it’s far more complex if you are running on daily basis. When you start running focus on two things: Elite Running and Running Injuries prevention. For a runner, avoiding any type of injury in training is very important because recovery from an injury is very hard.

So basically, runners can get injured in two ways. The first one are the kind of running injuries that can be felt instantly as we have them. Like a ankle sprain, a leg cramp, plantar fasciitis etc. Such injuries are called Acute Running injuries. 

Some running injuries are those that develop overtime, like you don’t feel them at the moment of training. But they build overtime due to reasons such as repetitive kinds of running, running in the same posture over a long period of time, stretching too much etc. Here we will discuss some ways of injury prevention through which you can definitely prevent many running injuries.

Know Your Limits

Firstly, you should always run according to your threshold. Every runner knows his limits. He knows if he can run 10 miles a week or 50 miles a week, and he can do it properly. If he exceeds his limit, he is going to get injured, so he should not over-run. 

A runner should know his threshold, and that’s how he will be able to stop at the right time. this needs proper training and time. So you should never run too fast too soon. And as an elite runner you should have the sense when to stop.


Planning Ahead is the Key

As an elite runner, always plan ahead of time about your running. You should always be aware of your running schedule that is a part of your life. So, keeping a log of your weekly plan will help your body to get prepared physically and mentally and it will not get any shocks at the time of running and as a result will help in reducing or avoiding running injuries.

Be Vary of The Changes in Your Body

Notice your body how it reacts when you change something in your running. For example, if you are still running after you start hyperventilating pr you feel that your knees are getting weak, then there is a chance that you might get an injury. So, notice these things and next time when your body gives you such signals, stop running so that you can avoid running injuries.

Try Changing Your Running Track and Pace

Running in the same pace and at a same route can cause many problems. For example, if you are running on a plane surface for 2 months straight, it can put stress in the same muscles every time you run and can led to a chronic injury. So, it is better than you change your running track after every few weeks. It will allow you to work various muscles and run in various styles. You can try running on hilly areas, on different tracks etc.

Take Precautions to Keep up the Quality Running 

As an elite runner, you may be able to run almost 6 days a week, do repetitive running sessions and run for different purposes such as races, competitions etc. Tall this hectic and continuous work can cause stress, exhaustions, cramps, strains etc.  Now if you want to maintain the quality of your running/ training, make sure to take special precautions so that your small strains do not turn into painful running injuries. 

You need to give your tissues time to heal for injuries prevention and then start running again. There is a specific treatment for runners called as “RICE” that stands for, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation for immediate treatment.

What to Do In Case of an Injury/Strain:

Now many runners when the experience any kind of minor injury or strain take ice as their saviour and use it again and again. This is because they want to get better quickly and run again. 

It is true that rice gives them immediate relief from pain, but they do not give their tissues to get healed completely and as a result it can lead to some big injury that will take their so much more time. 

Runners don’t rest of given time to elevate, so another word was added to RICE that was P, as in Protection from injury and not running until it was healed, leading it to become PRICE. Also do cross training and get proper rest per week so as for the prevention of overuse injuries.

Take Rest to Let Your Body Recover

For elite runners it is also wise not to race or do speed work one after another. They are advised to have a good amount of gap in running races in order to avoid running injuries. If you want to practice it, still do it once or twice a week. There is a lot of chance of you getting injured than you are getting better.

Recognize that when you have done a high strength work, you need to give your body a proper amount of time to rest. Even if you have a big competition, run on a tempo, and do not over run and for the prevention of running injuries. This will allow you to preserve your running/ training quality. Take proper rest and let your body rest after a long run session.HOW CAN ELITE RUNNERS PREVENT INJURIES - Running WIlder

Otherwise of you do not give time to your body there is a 100% chance for you to get injured due to exhaustion of your muscles and tissues. Cross training is really important for all runners because when you are training in different variants the chances of you to get injured are reduced.

Take off days. Yes, running/ training daily can make you prone to running injuries. Even the most successful runners take days off running their week. A day off per week will help your body to take rest and heal properly. It will help you avoid running injuries and make your body relaxed. You can instead use some other sports like cycling, swimming or training that will help you burn calories and staying active on that day.

Last But Not the Least

The last thing that you should do to prevent injuries is making sure that the shoes and clothes you are using are safe for you. The shoe that fits you perfectly is usually the best. Get the type of shies that compliments your type of running.

Also, change your shoes after every few months and you are good to go and do cross training/ running. Stay safe and run wisely!

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