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Review Overview


Best Horizon Fitness Treadmills for You

What’s on the Horizon? Its fitness at the convenience of your own home.

Horizon Fitness Brand Overview

If you click on the website, five simple characteristics embody the Horizon treadmill you choose to bring home. One, the treadmill is tried and tested. You won’t be the first or last to enjoy this home gym experience.

Its true, just check their gold star ratings!

Two, they deliver at home with options like In-Room delivery or In-Room Assembly if you’re an inexperienced twat like me.

Third, 0% Annual Percentage Rate for users choosing to pay in installments!

What’s more, get extra 50% off your purchase (use code FIT50) with the

best Horizon treadmill: T101. Even better, connect your music via Bluetooth to

jam while hitting your target!

 Let’s enjoy the Pros before we take on the cons:

1.      Price Point: Starting up your home gym can be costly. Making an investment into exercise equipment is an important step. Horizon’s best buy, T101 treadmill costs just $700. Compared to the best-selling treadmill at TRUEfitness, the 900 treadmill which retails for $7,000. Gradually you can move up to the 7.8 AT treadmill at only $1,999. Saving money while killing your workout sounds better to me.

2.      Rapid Sync Motor Tech: All Studio Series treadmills have enhanced Rapid Sync technology that eliminate lags between speed and incline changes. It acts 33% faster so you’ll never be waiting for long on a steep incline or an interval running class. Am I sold? Yes, but let’s keep reading.

3.      Sync It: Every Horizon treadmill has speakers for Bluetooth connectivity along with a device holder to get you pumped for running. Additionally, you can watch any training apps to stay on track.

4.      Flexible Running Track: Packed with a 3 zone Variable Response Cushioning System to work longer, faster, harder! Like a pair of comfortable Nikes, the Horizon track is cushiony in the impact zone, supporting your feet every step of the way. Not just that, the size ranges from 55 to 60 inches, to provide the best option for everyone.

5.      Incline: With Horizon’s treadmill, power inclines between 10-15% come with to allow for maximum cardio fitness and leg day.

6.      Superb Support: Amazingly, Horizon treadmills can support up to 350 pounds despite their lightweight design.

7.      Use your phone: One feature consist in Horizon’s treadmills is equipped with a tablet rack which has multipurpose use to hold your device in place while you run full steam ahead. More so, some models have USB ports for charging devices while streaming music.

8.      Feather light folding: Horizon’s one-step hydraulic folding makes it easy breezy to store between workouts.

9. Heart Rate: Monitor your heart rate with the contact grips found in Horizon treadmills.

10.      Warranty Perks: Not only does your treadmill come along with a strong warranty protection but you have the option to boost the warranty within the first 60 days of purchase. Just go into the ‘enhance your fitness experience’ section on the cart page to avail this.


1.      Thin Decks: With a 0.7” (18 mm) thickness, its safe to say that the treadmill is not the best at absorbing sound. But if you’re like me, the sound of hard rock is sure to drown out any noise.

2.      Smaller Rollers: Notice that treadmills with lower rates have a smaller drive motor. The  GO series treadmills have just 46/42 mm roller size. Smaller rollers cause more strain on the belt system leading to wear and tear.

3.      Media Consoles: Due to the partnership of certain fitness apps for streaming, the consoles lack the silky touch screens that you get with other high-end treadmills. While this isn’t something to nit-pick, its simply giving you an idea on what you are missing out on.

Horizon GO Series

The Horizon T101 holds the cup for Horizon’s best treadmill reviews. What makes it so?

Is the Horizon T101 a good treadmill?

Its intuitive controls act like a guiding hand during your training. The sensitive 1-Touch keys save you the panic of jabbing at the speed buttons during your high intensity interval training. Additional bonuses include Bluetooth speakers and easy set up process.

Compared to the T202, what makes it different? Well, the T101 has a 55” deck while the T202 has an extended 60” deck for comfortable foot falls. Not only that, the T202 has a extended training range for the adventurous hiker or marathon runner to keep fit. Then there’s the difference in drive motors. The T101 is fitted with 2.5 CHP motor while the T202 has a 2.75 CHP motor.

And how does the T303 compare? Well, if you’re really in shape and itching for high intensity training, this might be the one for you. Custom interval settings and a timer to make your machine adaptable to you. Extras include the 12% incline which adds more of a challenge to your daily grind. What about the price range? The GO series starts with the T101 at just under $700 and ends with the T303 at $999.

Horizon Studio Series

Enough of the T-this and T-that. Let’s introduce the treadmills best suited for cardio classes. Up first would be the 7.0 AT. What makes this our users choice? Simply put, the machine has a powerful motor at 3.0 CHP motor which is 33% faster with Quick Dial controls to adjust your speed for interval training. 

Cardio is not just strenuous on the body, but on the machine too. Luckily, the frame of the 7.0 AT has adapted to this with its rugged frame built for performance and durability. If you thought this was the end of it, hear this: discounts on fitness apps include Peloton Digital, Zwift, Nike Run Club and many more. 


Smart move to excite the reluctant runner into jumping on the treadmill and reaching their fitness goals without additional monthly subscription charges.

Why not the 7.4 AT? It costs around $1600 plus zero subscription charges for streaming Zwift Run to participate in stimulating workouts. What’s more, its 3.5 CHP- more powerful than the 7.0 AT- makes it perform better than the previous model.

Lastly, the 7.8 AT. Costing $500 dollars more than the 7.4 AT, it is coined as the runner’s treadmill loaded with the most powerful deck and motor combo. And this is why the 7.8 AT wears the ‘premium’ label. 

Additionally, it comes compatible with the Spring 8 HIIT program. What exactly is Sprint 8? A twenty minute high intensity interval training workout. This program aims to burn 27% body fat under eight weeks. 

How so? 

The science states that the HIIT workout engages the fast-twitch muscle fibers and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to melt fat. In the process, lean muscle grows which tones the body overall.

Treadmill Reviews

The 7.8 AT has approval from the Men’s Journal as being ‘ideal for interval training lie HIIT and CrossFit’. The machine has an astounding 4.7 gold star rating. T101 has been accredited as a ‘great treadmill with incredible capability, especially given its attractive price’ by RunReviews. I think that sums up this machine pretty well!


It is important to note that in the Studio Series, it is the 7.4 AT and the 7.8 AT dubbed as Horizon’s best treadmills. These machines are suited for running due to the more powerful motors. Ideally, if you’re looking to make a one-time investment, these treadmills are worth the cost. 

However, for buyers with smaller budgets looking to economize, the GO series would be better. Specifically, the T101 which is just $699. While you won’t get the same horsepower or track size, it comes equipped with features typically missing in the industry with the same price range. Such as Bluetooth connectivity, its 2.5 CHP motor and workout programs. 

Make no mistake, this treadmill is great for walking or jogging. Typically for users leaning towards light training programs.

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed is a Nutritionist currently working online and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to bust the nutrition myths that have been living since ages about nutrition and certain foods. She wants people to get robust knowledge about food and health as nutrition sciences have changed over years.

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