Essential Guide to Running for Beginners

Essential guide to runnning for beginners


Running has become a sport and a hobby for many people. It is a healthy and great way of keeping yourself fit and living long and better. Runners who initially start running as a hobby, most of the times make it into a passion and may develop a career in it too. It may sound a simple thing; I mean all you need is a pair of shoes and a track to run. But guess what there are some tips that you might need no matter if you run, walk or any other exercise if you are a beginner, you should make sure that you get to know about these. 

So here is beginner’ s guide to running to help you get a gist of the basics and help you design your own beginner running/ training plan. Well there is a lot you need to know, so that you don’t make your first run your last. Also, if you want to take running as a long-time thing, these guidelines are extremely important for you, your health and your running career.

People start running for different reasons. Some people run to burn extra calories, to. shed some pounds. To look fit, while others run for having a good sporty activity in their daily life to make their health and routine better. 

Some might make a career in running. So, there are different reasons and training plans for everyone. Also, running and cross training provides a ton a benefits. It is an excellent stress reliever. Running makes you fit and healthy. Running is a great form of cardio exercise. It can make social interaction easy if you start running in a group. So yes, all in all it is a great activity/ workout to add up in your daily life and training.

Consult Your Doctor

If you are beginner, and say you want to start running from next week, here is your beginner’ s guide to beginner running. So, the first thing you should do after you start running is assess your health status. If you have had any injuries in past, if you have any bone problems, breathing issues etc. 

You might want to consult your doctor first about that before you start running. While running is a great thing, but in some people, it may aggravate some symptoms. Those who have high blood pressure, many want to start it really slowly and monitor your symptoms. Here this guide to running will help decipher all those issues that beginner runners face and they need to know when they start running.

Stay Safe:

As a beginner you need to make your safety your first priority which many new runners don’t take into consideration , because you have to do this for a long time hopefully, so make sure you don’t get yourself hurt or injured in any way. Then plan a new running plan to get started. 

Always start your run with a 5-minute warm up session first, 1 minute running, a 10 minutes jog and then get into running (preferably 20 minutes or 30 minutes in the beginning). This should in every body’s training plans. After that, slowly build up your pace.

Essential guide to runnning for beginners

Rushing into running too fast can get you into many problems as a beginner. One pro tip and advice to all runners is that you should spend twice the amount of time on running that you spend on walking.

Right footwear is necessary for you

Use the right kind of shoes along with the right training plans. You should have the right kind of running shoes that are the suitable type for your running, the right size and are comfortable for a long run. They should not make your feet sweaty or swollen. And while we are at it, our running gear should also be appropriate. You should wear the right kind of clothes, the shirts and top, according to the weather. The fabric should be comfortable and breathable.

Keep the pacing slow

As a beginner you should start with taking a very slow pace. Like we always say, slow and steady wins the race. So, if you want to be in it for long term like for a half marathon, do not rush into it because this is the way to stay in game. Keep it slow and good. Unlike many runners who start very fast and cannot even complete a mile and give up thinking its really hard. You need to start off wisely and this way you will also be able to achieve the goal of weight loss and you will stay motivated.

Set short goals that you can actually achieve:

Set achievable goals. Take baby steps as a beginner runner and set a new attainable goal daily. Start little by little and turn it into a bit more challenging every week. This will also reduce the risk of injury. But make sure you don’t get too hyped up and set an unrealistic goal. It should be made according to your stamina and endurance and do not aim for a long period of time of running in start. So, turn it interesting and unlock a new goal daily. Also do cross training, because doing running in different variants can help you get fit body.

Stay in the proper form:

Having a proper form is really important for normal days and especially for the race day. You can take guidance from someone else in this or may research it for yourself. Running is a simple sport, but you have to turn your body into suitable for it. You can work on your posture at first. Keep it upright. 

Your head and shoulders should be held upright. Your body should be relaxed yet aligned. While running, you should place special attention toward your shoulder movements and placements. Your hand should be relaxed, and your body should be in a momentum and not stressed. Your feet should be at a watch.

Essential guide to runnning for beginners



The way your feet reach the pavement can also affect your running. It is called a foot strike and having a balanced foot strike is also necessary.

Take care of your diet and hydration:

As a beginner, you have to put special effort in your nutrition and hydration. Your body needs energy and getting into a new physical activity can cause changes in it, so you need to have your diet accordingly. Make sure to include all food groups into your diet, especially carbohydrates, protein and micronutrient. 

Water may not be a food but it is most essential in a runner’s life. Being dehydrated can be lethal for a runner. He needs to fulfill his water requirements as a reaction to the excessive sweating. Having proper pre and post snacks are also necessary to maintain energy levels. 

So, you have to be more cautious about your eating patterns, food choices, timings and your water intake.

Stay Consistent:

Now running will only be beneficial for you if you be consistent in doing it. You have to keep the motivation up and start step by step. Just like the beginning, be very punctual about it throughout. You can listen to music, run with a group or a partner makes it more interesting. It will motivate you to look forward to your run daily.

Remember the Guidelines and start RUNNING WILDER

Once you are settled in the running routine, incorporate some strength training exercises. Having a strong core and back is important for a runner. So slowly start new exercises with a proper warm up and build muscles. This will help you with a stronger body and better running form.

Running is not that complex but having these few points in your min can keep you safe from some injuries and mishaps. So always learn about it before getting into it as prevention is better than cure. And if you follow all these basics you will get fit and good news will be waiting for you in running.

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