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The Epic View 550 is a mid-range treadmill designed for economical use. The model comes with Space Saver integration that enables users to fold the treadmill to clear some space in their room. The machine might be heavy, but it can be considered doable. The Epic View 550 is 20 x 60 inches in dimensions and fairly robust enough to handle individuals’ weight and size.

Epic View 550 Treadmill – Should You Buy This Treadmill?

Treadmill Review

If you care about your fitness and wellness, you should buy a treadmill to stay in shape. Some people try to fight obesity all their lives, and some never get over the fact that they are unfit. Although the meaning of unfitting is subjective and relative to people, to have autonomous control over your life, you need to be perfectly healthy and in good shape.
Studies show that people who have a healthy lifestyle and confidence in their bodies are better in life. Meaning that if you have a fit and healthy body, you tend to be more confident than others; this is why good-looking and fit people are more satisfied in life than others. Confidence is a substantial contributing factor in your life; whether it be work, social life, personal relationship development, or any other task, you need to be confident about yourself. So start training today, buy yourself an Epic View 550 and change your life.

More about having control of your life includes several cognitive factors such as being able to comprehend information better because studies show that healthy bodies have a healthy brain. You can consider it to have a direct correlation.
Furthermore, after sheet speculation, people who want to work out to become better versions of themselves are just starting. It is best recommended that they buy an efficient, viable, and robust treadmill like Epic View 550.
Epic is a huge brand when it comes to treadmill manufacturing, meaning that they are renowned for the work they do. Epic has a fair market share in the industry and works day and night to make sure they become the best.
Epic has become a notable brand over the past few years, enabling customers to save more on products. If you are someone who wants to buy a product that has good reviews, then you are in the right place.



The Epic View 550 is a mid-range treadmill designed for economical use. The model comes with Space Saver integration that enables users to fold the treadmill to clear some space in their room. The machine might be heavy, but it can be considered doable. The Epic View 550 is 20 x 60 inches in dimensions and fairly robust enough to handle individuals’ weight and size.

The treadmill comes with a 7 inch Flat Screen TV with Multi-Colored OSD that fits the consumers’ needs. You can enjoy the workout session while watching your favorite TV show or taking a cooking class – whatever you may want to watch. You can also connect your screen with your SmartPhone in some variants.

Moreover, unlike Epic 600 TX Treadmill, the machine comes with 28 workout regimes that enable users to find the perfect fit for them. The treadmill can automatically adjust the incline and speed depending on the program you think is befitting for your body type.

These programs have different goals and are designed for aerobics, weight loss, athletic training, or performance goals. Trust me; Epic View 550 is a powerhouse when it comes to the motor. The treadmill has a 3.0 CHP Odyssey Commercial-drive motor, also known as a commercial-grade motor, which provides more power to the trainer. The engine ensures you get a more extended period to exercise along with a smoother experience while working out on your Epic View 550 treadmill. To err is human; to not is divine!

Connect your console with an MP3 player or your iPod and enjoy all of your workout regimes. Therefore, if you are looking for a machine that helps you work out and break all your limitations, then you have met the treadmill for you – the Epic View 550!

  • Motor: 3.0 HP Commercial Motor
  • Speed: 0 -12 MPH
  • Incline: 0% to 12%
  • Folding: Yes
  • User weight: 350 lbs
  • Rollers: 2.5″ Precision
  • Belt: 20″ x 60″ 2-ply Commercial grade belt
  • Workout programs: 28 built-in personal training workouts
  • Warranty for frame: Lifetime
  • Warranty for motor: 12 years
  • Warranty for parts: 1 year
  • Warranty for labor: 1 year

Why is Epic View 550 treadmill your perfect workout partner?

The best part about Epic view 550 is that on sale, it is worth only $1,299 only. If we compare the treadmill along with its functionalities to other treadmills available in the market, we will only find that Epic View 550 is way better than others.

With a 550 horsepower engine, 3.0 CHP motor, we can indeed say that the Epic View 550 is a powerhouse. The treadmill can suffice weight up to 350 pounds, similar to other Epic products. Therefore, if you think that your body is quite bulky and the machine might not handle you, you might be mistaken, my friend. You don’t need to worry about a thing and start working out today.


Epic View 550 is packed with a variety of features, and why shouldn’t it be on a $2,000 treadmill? This treadmill features a shock absorption system that reduces the impact of running compared to the road average. This treadmill can be folded up for more space or even stow it out of the way when not in use. Dual heart rate monitors to monitor your heart rate and is displayed on an extra-large backlit LCD display. In addition to everything I just mentioned, Logitech comes with a built-in 7-inch flat screen. I can’t think of a better future that I could put on a top treadmill.

The most fantastic feature that I found to be quite a headline is that the machine has 28 pre-defined workout regimes. Moreover, the automation on this treadmill is merely beautiful, and it will adjust the incline and speed itself. These regimes include aerobics, athletics, weight-loss, performance training, and fitness modules!

Safe Zone technology is a safety feature that gives you a sensor built into the back of the trainer. This means that you receive an audible and visual warning when children or pets approach the machine while you are working. If they get too close or close enough to distract you, this model will automatically stop and prevent an accident.

Epic has paid attention to the space they provide for their runners, as the 60-inch track offers quite a lot of room for tall people with long legs to not worry about their steps. So if you are worrying that you might not be able to fit on the treadmill, it is best to contact their representative and give you further details about the Epic View 550.

Nonetheless, if you plan to buy the Epic View 550, you should buy it on annual sales or places that have sales season going on currently, only if you want to save a possible amount of money. This really is a treadmill with a budget price. You don’t need to worry about the motor warranty as it comes with a 12-year warranty, so if it breaks down, you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

Technological features:

  • 7″ Flat Screen TV
  • Multi-Colored OSD
  • 28 Personal Trainer Workouts
  • Power Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Intermix Acoustics Sound System
  • iPod and MP3 port

Is the Epic View 550 treadmill good enough for your cardio?

The things that bother most customers is that the bars are too short for tall people to hold. You will need to budge a bit to hold them. And the major problem is the assembling of the treadmill as it requires two people to set the Epic View 550, and it involves a lot of energy as well, so if you are someone who catches their breath now and then, you should have them set it up.

Moreover, the motor might have a sound and viable warranty, but the parts warranty is quite disappointing. You wouldn’t want to buy a treadmill for $1,299 and get only one year of security on parts.

Epic View 550 Treadmill: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors:

  • ComfortStride Cushioning
  • Easy Lift Shock
  • 1 -Touch Incline
  • 1 -Touch Speed
  • 7 inches Flat Screen TV
  • Multi-Colored OSD
  • Power Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Intermix Sound System
  • iPod/MP3 Music Port
  • CoolAire Workout Fan

Nah factors:

  • Hard to assemble
  • The motor is quite disappointing
  • Warranty is not much appealing

Decision: Should you invest in an Epic View 550 treadmill?

You will find a number of quality treadmills on the market today. Today a lot of people are shopping online for treadmills to save money. Just make sure that with whichever model you choose to go with, dust doesn’t build upon it. Keeping your mind on exercise is often the key to its success. It might be watching TV or listening to your favorite tunes, but most of us need something to get into that perfect beat and keep us going when the pain starts to erupt. The Epic View 550 treadmill claims that choosing music or a TV built into the treadmill will solve this problem.


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Fatima Ahmed

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