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Product Review of Epic A30T

Epic A30T Treadmill, a budget-friendly training partner is the one fitness equipment you should be looking for to help you get your daily workout goals completed. 

This is an inexpensive but fully optional machine. It has a sale price of a very low of $1000. Sounds like an agreeable price for a treadmill that offers good value? Because yes! It totally does. 

Manufactured by Epic, a part of the famous ICON fitness, you can easily put your money on the quality of the product you are paying for. The unique selling point for this machine is its low price and SpaceSaver®’s design with Easy lift assist technology for in-home use. 

Not just that, the machine is compatible with iFit (the subscription to which needs to be bought separately, though). 

iFit allows you to download and use hundreds of workout programs designed professionally for different trainers. It also gives access to Google Maps for unique routes. 

Epic A30T Product Review

This model is appealing to first-time customers who, in addition to not wanting to spend too much, are looking for an in-home training machine that could fit easily in their house. This sturdy model can carry weight up to 350 lbs. It can be used as a running treadmill for light running.  

Epic A30T Home Use

The main features of this discounted model are a 20 x 60 sized 2 ply commercial tread belt, a 3.0 Horsepower motor, and a top speed of up to 12 mph. The treadmill is totally compatible with running. 

However, for very tall or very heavy weight people, it is not recommended as a running treadmill. Epic A30T also has a space saver design because of its folding option. 

Epic A30T Commercial Use

Yet again, don’t forget that this treadmill primarily suitable for home use.

The console of the Epic A30T is aided with Comfort Cell Cushioning, a pulse heart rate monitor, a fan, 30 workout apps, and 2 that are user-defined. Music port, speakers, and a black and white high-definition screen with a browser by android are also there. 

The console shows your speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories burned. This Epic A30T treadmill has a pretty solid warranty of a lifetime for the motor, a 3-year for the parts and a 1-year for labor. 

Some treadmills may have a warranty scheme with parts and labor also having a lifetime warranty as well but then again, they cost much more than just $1000. 

Epic A30T Console

Safety Features

The Epic A30T Treadmill comes with an exceptionally unique feature that boosts its reputation as a home treadmill. The SafeZone Technology is a blessing for trainers with pets or children who want to work out at their homes. This sends an immediate signal to the machine to shut it down as soon as a child or a pet approaches the treadmill from the rear.

The Strong 3.0 CHP Eon5 Drive System

The 3.0 CHP Eon5 drive system empowers this model and makes it suitable for continuous long-running up to a maximum speed of 12mph with Quick touch speed control. Reviews have labelled the motor as one of the many plus points of this budget-friendly fitness machine.

Incline and Decline Capability  

The Epic A30T treadmill offers both, incline and decline capabilities. It allows users to get an incline of up to 15% and a decline down to -3%. The trainer can change the incline/decline easily using the Quick-Touch keys located on the console.  The decline feature is not found in a lot of treadmills making it one of the unique features of this budget treadmill. People who like varying terrains in their walking/running workouts would love this model. 

iFit and Program Variety

Reviews say that iFit technology is one of the most useful things one could want in a treadmill. As mentioned earlier, it gives the trainer access to hundreds of downloadable workout programs as well as other apps such as Google Maps. However, its subscription will need to be bought separately, which, fortunately, is also very cheap. Other than the programs that you can download through iFit, this model has 30-workout programs built in already. It also lets the user make two personal Ids and has their individualized workout results easily accessible to you.

Epic A30T Console

Key specifications of EPIC A30T Treadmill

  • Star Rating of 3.0-stars 
  • Has a 3.0 HP commercial-grade motor
  • Has an Incline and a Decline
  • Quick touch speed control
  • Has a Running Area of 20 x 60 with a 2 ply commercial tread belt
  • SpaceSaver® Design with Easy Lift Assist Technology 
  • Top Speed of up to 12 MPH with a Quick Speed Control
  • Weight Capacity of up to 350 LBS
  • Dimensions of 74.25″x 36.6″ x 82.3″
  • SafeZone Technology
  • 30 Built-in Workout Programs
  • Allows users to have 2 personal Ids
  • Black and white screen (high-definition)
  •  Music Port and Speakers
  • A Fan

What we didn’t like?

Display Screen: 

The display screen is not bad, but its small size isn’t compatible much with the number of options that it has to offer. Hence, the screen gets very crowded. Also, the black and white screen feels quite outdated in the present world.

What would we recommend?

This is a pretty competent treadmill, in this price range, with some nice comfort and performance features. It’s affordable and features a SpaceSaver® folding design, making it perfect for home use. Its Safezone technology also gives it an edge among its in-home competitor treadmills. 

Epic A30T’s console offers some highly advanced tracking options like iFit compatibility making it easy to track user’s personal fitness goals. When purchasing a folding frame treadmill, durability is everything so be sure to make sure the deck is sturdy and not too thin or lightweight, and this model falls into that category. Also with the long warranty assurance, any buyer needs not worry about the durability. 

All in all, the A30T is one of the best options for any entry-level trainer and we highly recommend it, especially for the people who want to train at home and want good value for their money. 

Epic A30T Review

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

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