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Epic 600 MX Treadmill comes with 14 workout regimes and luxury features such as a commercial-grade Odyssey motor that enables users to work out for more extended periods. Moreover, this feature also allows users to experience a smoother regime than ever before. You might not feel like the machine is too much on you, as the control features present on this treadmill are fabulous.

Epic 600 MX Treadmill – Why is it a Good Treadmill, and Why not?

Treadmill Review

If you are assuming that whether buying a treadmill would make a difference or not, well being completely honest, if you have the strength to bear the pain, then yes! Purchasing a treadmill will bring a difference to your body.

The workout regime might be strenuous initially, but it might seem like a piece of cake once you get used to it. The barrier you need to break is getting out of bed, breaking the stereotype, and start working out. We understand that all this might sound a little too much to handle right now, but you don’t need to worry as little steps can do wonders.

According to research, it is a psychological fact that your cognition needs to recognize yourself – meaning your body – to bring out the best of you. How come all the good looking people or people who are in perfect shape so confident? It is probably because they are satisfied with who they are and what they carry. Humans are supposed to be loved in all shapes and sizes so that you can feel confident about yourself anyhow; nonetheless, if you aren’t comfortable with your body, it is about time you did something about it.

We like to motivate our readers so that they perform better while working out. You got this, and you can change the world if you want to – all you need is willpower to succeed, and nothing can stop you. It is all about training your mind and your body together, and once you have mastered this control over yourself, we can guarantee that you will start seeing possible results in your body.
Epic 600 MX is legit a powerhouse, and if I were you, I would want this treadmill for myself. It is a complete package with functionalities that you will love. Featuring 14 new programs and a viable incline of 12% – the Epic 600 MX is an upgrade for Epic 450 MX’s previous product.



As stated earlier, after the upgrade from Epic 450 MX to Epic 600 MX, we will witness 14 new features that will make you want to buy this machine. With a capacity deck that remains intact to withstand heavy use, the Epic 450 MX introduces 14 workout regimes.

Previously, as the manual suggests, the 450 MX has only eight workout plans. Eight workout plans are typically embedded in all automated treadmills and two significant projects for your heart or cardio workout. Moreover, a speed of 12 mph can be changed with just a single button, and we think this is the package everyone needs.

Epic 600 MX Treadmill comes with 14 workout regimes and luxury features such as a commercial-grade Odyssey motor that enables users to work out for more extended periods. Moreover, this feature also allows users to experience a smoother regime than ever before. You might not feel like the machine is too much on you, as the control features present on this treadmill are fabulous.

The Epic 600 MX Treadmill comes with a fan installed in the console that helps the trainer to remain calm and relaxed while working out. Moreover, the console is very user friendly with a 7 x 10 work out matrix for a better experience. Mixed with cutting-edge technology enables users to have an extremely clear view of the display. The elegant design ensures that individuals of all heights can view the display with ease.



There are four custom programs that the trainer or the user can themselves design, enabling expert level trainers to optimize the machine for their benefits. Moreover, SpaceSaver Design allows the users to fold the machine with ease, as the treadmill comes with a powerful shock that makes it easier for users to lift the treadmill.

  • Motor: 2.5 HP Commercial motor
  • Speed: 0 – 12 MPH
  • Incline: 0 – 12 %
  • Folding: Yes
  • Belt size: 20″ x 55″
  • Roller size: 2.5″ dia
  • User weight: 325 lbs
  • Warranty for motor: 12 years
  • Warranty for parts: 2 years
  • Warranty for labor: 1 year

Why is Epic 600 MX treadmill your perfect workout partner?

All Epic models are equipped with Space Saver technology.

Starting with the obvious – the program variety that Epic 600 MX Treadmill has to offer. Fourteen programs can be broken down into; 8 pre-defined programs for beginners and intermediates, two pre-defined cardio programs for people who enjoy cardio regimes, and four custom-defined programs that you can easily edit or make your command. What else do you want?

Epic 600 MX Treadmill has a 12% incline that helps stimulate and expand a variety of muscles enabling and improving your exercise’s efficiency. We verily know that there is little room for betterment in your body unless the muscles develop, so the 12% incline is one of the prominent features.

The Epic 600 MX console is designed to ensure that people of all heights can easily read the monitor and adjust the machine following their body. Many mid-range treadmills simply don’t have the strength and durability that is expected and cannot accommodate more demanding users. That’s not the case with this treadmill, which is equipped with a 325-pound dashboard. Designed to withstand the most demanding workouts, this durable deck will stand the test of time.

The heart rate monitors available on the Epic models are Power Pulse heart rate monitors that are built directly into the handlebar for fast and convenient pulse collection. The straps on the Epic treadmills range from 20 x 60 to 20 x 55 to 600 MX. All belts offer patented Comfort Stride shock reduction. Comfort Step is an internal spring system that provides a more comfortable exercise surface by reducing the impact on the joints.

All rollers on Epic treadmills are 2.5-inch diameter rollers for precise operation and to extend the life of the treadmill. The 600 MX is equipped with steel rollers, which are an important part of the incredibly smooth drive system.

The motor installed – 2.5 CHP motor with support of almost 325 pounds – is highly powerful. Further, the motor comes with a warranty of 12-years, so you can get it fixed whenever you feel comfortable about it.

Last but not least, the pulse is monitored by the handles, so when you’re working out and you place your hands on the bars, the machine automatically starts reading your pulse or heart rate.

What else?

Other features of the Epic treadmills include pre-programmed personal training models, heart rate programs, and learning programs. All models include different programs, and buyers should discuss the option with a sales employee before purchasing. The Epic 600MX treadmill offers CoolAire fans built right into the console.

Technological features:

  • Power Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • ClearView Backlit Display
  • Easy Lift Shock
  • 8 Personal Trainer Workouts
  • 2 Heart Rate Programs
  • 4 Learn Programs

Is Epic 600 MX Treadmill good enough for your cardio?

The only drawback of purchasing Epic 600 MX is the track measure, which is 55 x 20 inches. Comfort Impact Absorption System is not regarded as the best; moreover, many other machines have robust shock absorbers compared to Epic 600 MX.

Treadmills worth the same price – $1499 should have better shock absorbents than this, as treadmills coming at this pricing have better features introduced when it comes to Impact Absorption System. The Epic 600 MX treadmill has some solid features that make it attractive to buyers. However, this is a relatively outdated model, and there are simply better new models on the market that will give you more money (bigger consoles, more exercise programs, more advanced electronics, longer warranties, and better suspension). It’s a decent machine but go for NordicTrack if it really turns you on, if you don’t find it for sale. They have a great-looking package in this machine, but for $ 1,300, you’d expect the handheld sensors to work just fine.

Epic 600 MX treadmill: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors:

  • One-Touch Speed and Incline Controls
  • High 12 MPH Speed Limit
  • ComfortStep Cushioning
  • 14 Built-in Workouts
  • Belt, Belt Cushioning and Rollers
  • ClearView Backlit Display
  • Power Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Workout Fan
  • Space saver design

Nah factors:

  • The console is simple, and the Windows feedback is very small, which can be difficult for some to read
  • It comes with not so long warranty
  • Not suitable for heavy use

Decision: Should you invest in an Epic 600 MX treadmill?

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a robust machine that could help them lose weight and get fit, I’d recommend you buy the Epic 600 MX Treadmill. Until some remember what was, there will always be those who are unable to accept what can be, so start working our today and make a difference. There is no point in resisting and delaying what you should be doing, and life is too short to fathom sadness and worry about what cannot be yours. Start today and change your life!

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed is a Nutritionist currently working online and helping people to improve their health and lifestyle. Her goal is to bust the nutrition myths that have been living since ages about nutrition and certain foods. She wants people to get robust knowledge about food and health as nutrition sciences have changed over years.

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