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Do You Really Need a Subscription to Use Bowflex Treadmills?

A treadmill is one of the most popular choices for fitness enthusiasts to maintain their best shape, along with individuals who want to start their fitness journey.

Bowflex has an excellent reputation regarding fitness equipment and intelligent innovation.

Yet, Bowflex is also expensive, and for you to use the machines efficiently, availing of a subscription is an option. 

So, do you need a subscription to use the Bowflex Treadmill? Is it even worth it to get one?

Let’s find out!

Do You Need a Subscription to Use a Bowflex Treadmill?

No. According to the Bowflex Team, the treadmill machines have their JRNY membership, but it does not need a subscription for you to operate them. 

Without the subscription, the treadmill can still work in MANUAL MODE and be used offline. 

However, you will miss some great perks and features you can enjoy from a JRNY subscription.

Below are the following features that you can use if you will avail of the subscription: 

  • Adaptive workouts that are customizable 
  • Efficient recommendations of workouts for your fit
  • Reset your pace and personalized your goals
  • Real-time coaching that will stimulate you
  • You can stream, create a playlist, and track your progress

Bowflex had various units, the treadmill 56, 59, 18, and BXT 128. Of course, they vary in features, including: 

  • Connectivity
  • Streaming entertainment
  • Max incline
  • Handlebars

They all have the SAME membership feature and a 1-year membership included in the purchase.

The JRNY access has a touchscreen display, except for the BXT128, which is only available through smartphones and tablets.

How Much Does a JRNY Subscription Cost?

You can avail of a JRNY membership at $19.99 per month or $149 per year with applicable taxes.

Some selected products, including Bowflex treadmills, have a free 1-year JRNY subscription. 

After the 1-year term, the subscription will automatically renew for the current monthly rate unless you cancel the membership 48 hours before the trial end date.

How Do I Apply for a JRNY Subscription?

Applying for a JRNY subscription is pretty simple and convenient.

If you purchased through, your subscription becomes active at your first log-in to the JRNY platform from your built-in touchscreen or smart device.

You can also set up your account using your smartphone or tablet. Download the JRNY app through the App store or Google play. 

Follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Create a profile and follow the step-by-step registration process.
  2. If logged in, go to your profile and click for membership.
  3. Sign up for a free trial
  4. Select a monthly and annual subscription
  5. Confirm purchase and use your account to log in to the screen of your Bowflex fitness machine.

Your membership would turn ACTIVE if you completed the in-app purchase. If your subscription is not activated within 60 days, Bowflex can cancel the trial or start your membership.

For more inquiries, you can visit their website at


Getting fit and healthy is not simple, let alone the costs and equipment you need for your home workout.

While you don’t need a subscription to use a Bowflex treadmill, you’ll miss out on a lot of useful features.

You can buy a Bowflex treadmill and stay as it is, or you can maximize the machine and enjoy awesome customized workouts!