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Review Overview



The Bowflex 7 Series Motorized, Computer Programmed, and Remote Ready to Go Treadmill that’s right for you! You have the benefit of low-impact, high-impact cardio training with a gym-quality motorized Treadmill, right at home!


Treadmill Review

Do you feel amazed when looking for the best fitness equipment? Walking and running are the most natural and enjoyable forms of exercise you can do, but constant strokes can strain your joints. Running on some cars can feel like running on concrete. Bowflex 7 is a beauty! The Bowflex 7 Series Treadmill is at the top of the Bowflex range. It offers so much more than the 5 Series. The Bowflex 7 Series Motorized, Computer Programmed, and Remote Ready to Go Treadmill that’s right for you! You have the benefit of low-impact, high-impact cardio training with a gym-quality motorized Treadmill, right at home! It is easy to store and move to fit everyone with limited space. The drive is provided by a huge 3.0 HP continuous motor. With even more power than the 5 Series engine (which has a 2.5HP drive), the engine allows you to train longer while maintaining smooth, consistent operation. Due to their low weight, discounted treadmills often move and wobble when walking or running fast. Thanks to the high weight of this treadmill, safety and stability are guaranteed. Overall, the Bowflex 7 series is a great choice for a treadmill. Wondering if you should buy one? Let’s take a closer look at its specs to make your selection easier.

Bowflex Series 7 treadmill review


  • Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous Duty
  • Speed: 0.5 – 11 mph
  • Incline: 0 – 12 %
  • Running Area: 20″ x 60″ inches
  • Rollers: 2.5″ inches
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Bearable Weight: 293 LBS
  • Dimensions: 83 inches x 35 inches x 55.25 inches (L x W x H)
  • Workout programs: 15 workout routines 
  • Tread Belt: 20” x 60” surface, a deluxe 2-ply belt.
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Warranty for frame: 15 years
  • Warranty for Motor: 10 Years
  • Warranty for Parts: 2 years
  • Warranty for Labor: 1 year

Why is BOWFLEX SERIES 7 TREADMILL your perfect workout partner?

The Bowflex 7 series is, no doubt, a quite commendable machine that should please all runners, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. It’s a quality machine with good parts made to last, and we are sure that it will. It’s a sleek, hi-tech look that invites you to get on board and try it out. This sturdy treadmill is designed for users who want a fully customizable workout on a machine that includes features to increase user comfort.

It has a good selection of programs to choose from, totaling 15, including Cardio, Running, Fat Burning, Runner Speed Intervals, Hill Intervals, 5K Run with 12 Intervals, Strength/Heart Recovery Test, goal calories, goal distance, heart rate fat burning calculation, cardio heart rate calculation plus manual and two custom programs that allow you to set your own challenge.

Here’s how Bowflex lets you stretch all your fitness muscles: Suspending the Strike Zone on board will reduce the damaging impact on your ankles, knees, hips, and back and ensure you enjoy the same silky-smooth performance machines.
Recent research has shown that when the front leg drops smoothly, it lowers the rear leg with a firm bounce. The pressure is released on the lower back, muscles, and tendons. This model includes a 20 “wide treadmill. Other machines in this price range usually have narrower straps. It is also 60” long, which is 6 “longer than its Series 3 sibling. You will appreciate the benefits of this more operating space. Wide when The 7 Series motivates you with a Backlite Skylight LCD display that informs you during intense training, helping the motor reach speeds of up to 11 mph and climbs from 0 to 12 percent, with ten altitude levels (including the ability to use a completely flat surface) and speed settings. In the range of 0.5 to 11mph, users can quickly adjust their workouts to exact specifications.

The inclusion of a 3-stage fan provides a refreshing look for even the most demanding workouts, and the dual bottle holders are conveniently placed for users who are aware of continuous hydration. Two heart-controlled programs keep you in the zone of maximum fat burning, and you can use the handles or chest strap to measure your heart rate. Changes in your training program increase your chances of success in achieving your fitness goals. If you continue to use the same exercise, its benefits will be less and less because your body will not always be pushed a little further. The trainer also has two bottle/glass holders. The Bowflex 7 Series Treadmill offers the same features as the T5.18 Le-X Nautilus Treadmill (Bowflex’s parent company) for two-thirds of the price.

Technological innovation: 

  • Bright backlit LCD computer display
  • Advanced Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to set up, track, and track your progress with popular application-based tracking tools.
  • Bluetooth® speakers, accessory compartment, 375 lb. load capacity.
  • Bowflex Series 7 offers a wide range of training options, including manual, cardio, fat burner, runner speed intervals, climb intervals, heart strength/recovery test, calorie goal, distance goal, cardio heart rate calculation, and body mass index (BMI) test.
  • The device offers two custom programs for further personalization and two heart rate programs.
  • Use the built-in pulse handles or the telemetry option for quick heart rate readings.
  • Access your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and Hulu accounts on the built-in touch screen during training
  • Built-in three-speed fan
  • Two bottle/glass holders

Is the BOWFLEX SERIES 7 TREADMILL good enough for your cardio?

Fitness pros don’t comment much on the entire range of Bowflex trainers. He admits that the Bowflex 7-series treadmill is the best in the range and a great machine for top-level runners.

For starters, Bowflex 7 Series treadmills are actually very sturdy and heavy machines. My estimate is that it weighs around 215-220 pounds, which is enough for a $ 1400 treadmill. The exceptional 60 ″ x20 pal bridge and steel frame can withstand a lot of abuse.

Unfortunately, the rest of the treadmill has problems. Starting with the engine. The manufacturer can claim that the Bowflex 7 series has a 3.0 horsepower treadmill, but it’s actually more like a 2.0 horsepower motor that runs at very high speeds. Most 7 Series owners will likely notice a very loud sound coming from under the hood. This is an engine that tries to keep up with their training. It’s a shame to see such a solid treadmill with such a poor choice of motors.

Another batch of problems we encounter relates to electronics. They tend to short circuit after long periods of use. They seem to be fine for shorter runs. On Bowflex units, we’re replacing more consoles and control panels than nearly every other brand.

The Bowflex 7 series is known to make noise as some plastic parts start to wear out during continuous use. The problem with the drives cannot be solved due to the bad UI of the consoles themselves. They are more difficult to read, and even changing programs can be a little more complicated. Of course, treadmills aren’t a Bowflex specialty.

Finally, the absolute worst on Bowflex 7 Series treadmills is … the Bowflex itself. Their customer service is now legendary because it is one of the worst in the business. If you are having problems on your treadmill, don’t expect Bowflex to fix them in the near future or in some cases. It’s hard to contact them, and they don’t respond very well when you call someone.

BOWFLEX SERIES 7 TREADMILL: Wow factors vs. Nah factors

Wow factors:

  • 15 training programs
  • Quick key speed control
  • Quick tilt control
  • Bright backlit LCD computer display
  • Strike Zone Bridge Suspension
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Two-layer belt
  • Spatial design (foldable)
  • Built-in three-speed fan
  • Two bottle/glass holders
  • Transport wheels

Nah factors:

  • Not compatible with music (iPod, speaker system)
  • Some customers say it is noisy
  • No warranty coverage on board
  • It consists of, but isn’t very compact, weighing 298 lbs.

Decision: Should you invest in a BOWFLEX SERIES 7 TREADMILL?

Consumers who have purchased the Bowflex 7 series have commented on its stability in use, ease of storage, and portability. If you just have to have a Bowflex, the Bowflex 7 Series Treadmill is as good as it is. The Bowflex 7 Series treadmill is a marked improvement over its predecessors of the Series 5 and Series 3 treadmills. Bowflex treadmill users say they have no problem staying motivated by the variety of exercises to choose from. This model is likely to remain a strong seller thanks its balance of sweet accessories with a friendly price tag.



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