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Watching Netflix on Bowflex: Is It Possible? And on What Machines?

Being productive while being proactive is what this generation is living for.

Imagine being able to run while watching, burn calories while studying, and be able to multitask in some other areas. 

In this sense, Bowflex, the leading brand for fitness equipment, managed to cope with the aforementioned adaptive feature.

This article will dig deeper into the compatibility of Netflix on Bowflex; hence, Bowflix (just kidding).

Is It Possible to Watch Netflix on Bowflex Exercise Equipment?

Missed gym sessions because you can’t skip today’s episode release? Don’t worry because Bowflex is bringing your favorite series, movie, and drama into your gym session! 

Nautilus Inc., the manufacturer of fitness equipment brand Bowflex, has continuously made their equipment future-ready. You can watch Netflix on several Bowflex machines.

However, note that NOT ALL Bowflex equipment is Netflix-ready.

Which Bowflex Equipment Can Connect to Netflix?

Bowflex makes use of the digital fitness platform JRNY™ to lighten one’s mood inside the gym by letting them inside the digital space.

However, membership is required for a built-in JRNY™ experience.

All Bowflex equipment with a built-in touchscreen can connect to Netflix, which is available for the Bowflex® C7 bike and Treadmills 56, 25, and 18.

The JRNY™ app for phones or tablets is available for Bowflex® Max Trainer® M8 and M6 machines and 326, 226, and 128.

How Do You Connect Bowflex to Netflix?

Here are the steps to enjoy Netflix through your Bowflex equipment:

Step 1: Be a Member of the JRNY™

The membership fee is only $29.99/mo or $199.99/yr. 

Start your adaptive fitness journey now at

Membership includes the following services:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Recommended workouts
  • Adaptive workouts
  • Streaming entertainment
  • Layer your workout routines
  • Real-time coaching 
  • Curated music playlists
  • Rewards & tracking

Step 2: Download the JRNY™ app


The JRNY™ application can be downloaded using compatible devices through Google Play Store or AppStore.

Step 3: Pair your JRNY™ app

Here’s how to successfully pair your app and equipment:

  1. Select the Bluetooth logo and tap on the name of your equipment.
  2. The console on your equipment will go dark once connected, and a Bluetooth logo will appear.
  3. The “App Connected” line will display on your equipment’s console.

What Other Streaming Platforms Can Bowflex Connect To?

Through the JRNY™ app, you’ll also be able to stream Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ aside from Netflix during your routine training and workouts.

Final Words

Entertainment and fitness come hand-in-hand as we progress towards the digital age.

Bowflex and its manufacturer have managed to cope with this trend with their Netflix-ready fitness machines. 

Resting while watching your favorite show is no longer considered an unhealthy practice!