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Bowflex Bike C6 vs. C7: Main Differences, Pros, Cons, and More

Bowflex is a well-known brand for making amazing exercise bikes. Their Bowflex C6 bike is one of their most popular bang-for-the-buck indoor cycling bikes.

But did you know there’s a new bike in town that has been catching waves for quite some time? Yes, the Bowflex C7 has been picking up steam recently.

If you’re on the hunt for some amazing exercise bike with plenty to offer and amazing features and have had a terrible time picking between these two, then look no further.

Today, we’ll focus on these two impressive indoor cycling bikes to know which one is far superior to the other.

Bowflex C6 Bike Overview

The Bowflex C6 model is one of the brand’s entry-level indoor cycling bikes that can help users kickstart their fitness journeys.

Despite being their entry-level product, it is packed with features that almost feel like it is one of their mid-tier bikes. Unlike the newer trends, the bike still has a front-facing pinwheel.

It might be classic-looking, but it sure works. The build quality is no different than the C7, and the brand is renowned worldwide for its amazing products built to last.

However, the one thing holding back this product is that it doesn’t have an HD touchscreen.

Instead of the traditional 12″ to 22″ touchscreens that most brands offer, it only comes with a meager backlit LCD monitor that can only monitor basic workout metrics.

c6 overview

This indoor cycling bike is pretty straightforward and is more than enough for users who want to jumpstart to a healthier version of themselves.

It won’t entertain you because it doesn’t have any HD touchscreen, and you’re only left with a backlit LCD metric console that uses metric tracking to monitor your calories, heart rate, speed, and resistance level.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, which might be a deal breaker for some users who exceed the allowable weight capacity.

But the bike comes with a media rack holder where you can comfortably place your tablet or phone to connect to the internet if you subscribe to various online workout and virtual coaching classes.

Overall, the product has identical features to the Bowflex C7, such as a toe cage, max user weight limit, resistance mechanism, and many more. It only comes at a lower price.


  • Great value for money
  • It can be used with different applications
  • Requires less space
  • It comes with toe cages and spd clips
  • High-quality spin bike
  • Dual-link pedals for added versatility
  • It comes with a media holder


  • It only has a max weight limit of 330 pounds
  • Small HD touchscreen
  • It comes with only a few accessories
  • Not compatible with the JRNY app

Bowflex C6 Bike

Bowflex C7 Bike Overview

The Bowflex C7 indoor cycling bike is one of their newer but less popular products that has gained traction in recent years due to its versatility, build quality, and functionality.

This indoor cycling bike offers quite the same feature the Bowflex C6 offers but comes with an extra cost — the larger HD touchscreen.

This simple added feature can help you have a wonderful time during your cycling routines!

In addition, both of these products share the same magnetic resistance levels that we feel are enough resistance for beginners and intermediate users.

The flywheels on C7 are the same as the C6, and the extra weight for their flywheels is perfect enough to build more momentum as you progress your cycling routines.

Another feature we liked the most about this product is that it comes with a built-in JRNY app with a free one-year JRNY membership, allowing users to watch instructor-led workouts, virtual coaching sessions, adaptive workouts, and many more.

If you want to experience the same features, then the Bowflex C7 closely mimics the Peloton bike and a road bike, making your workout fun and entertaining with the Peloton app.


  • Amazing build quality
  • It comes with toe cages and spd clips
  • Built-in JRNY App for JRNY membership
  • Dual-link pedals and toe cage
  • Integrated media rack for tablets and phones
  • Requires less floor space


  • Small HD Touchscreen
  • It doesn’t have leaning features

Bowflex C7 Bike

Bowflex C6 vs. Bowflex C7: Comparison of Features

They might look the same and share identical features, but the Bowflex C7 has more features than the Bowflex C6. We’ll break it down for you below:

specs c6 and c7


The Bowflex C6 and C7 series indoor spin bikes are almost identical in their features.

Both spin bikes have a max weight limit of 330 pounds, which is 5 kilograms more than the Velocore indoor cycling bikes offer.

As a result, despite the Velocore falling on the premium end, both bikes can support more than the more expensive option.

Both the dimensions of the spin bikes are relatively the same and would require less space in your home.

One thing strange about these bikes is that, while they can be as identical as they can be, the Bowflex C7 is heavier than the Bowflex C6 by a pound.

The assembled weight of the C7 is 1 pound more than the C6. It baffles us knowing that they may have one difference, which is the console, but only the one-pound difference.

Considering how these products look, this is nothing short of amazing!

They almost feel like the same bike in terms of dimension and technical aspects, albeit with a slight change in design.

Still, for anyone who thinks C7 has the edge here, we think it’s not, but the C7 has a touch screen which means, for us, it puts the C7 on top of the C6.

WINNER: Bowflex C7

We feel that the riding experience can be much more fun and entertaining with the C7. There are many users who love the idea of having a more immersive experience, especially what is shown on the screen.

We think this is the deciding factor most users will try to be their reasoning. In addition, the $300 additional price is almost the same price as a tablet. So, we feel like you are not just getting a stationary bike but a tablet as well.


In terms of specifications, we believe that one is not superior to the other as they almost have the same specs. Both bikes offer the same magnetic systems feature, better than friction brakes.

Both of them have 100 magnetic resistance levels that you can easily fine-tune the aggressiveness of your workouts. The resistance system is perfectly fine and doesn’t compromise the frame’s ability to hold weight.

They differ by one pound in terms of their assembled weight. The C7 weighs around 112 pounds, whereas the C6 clocks in at 111 pounds.

Their frame can hold up to 330 pounds of weight capacity, and we think this might not be their best feature out of all the impressive ones. One reason is that most people who want to shed pounds weigh more than that.

The only department where the C7 is ahead of the C6 is their console; the C7 has a 7″ HD console, whereas the C6 only has a small LCD console that can track various metrics.

WINNER: Bowflex C7

They come close in this department due to the features posted on their website that are closely similar.

The assembled weight shouldn’t affect your decision, as the C7 is just a pound heavier than the C6.

The 7″ console was the sole reason we took the C7 as the winner.


Here’s the part where we judge both of these bikes in terms of their price and warranties to know what will set them apart in this category.

The C7 will cost you around $899, as the company is having a clearance sale with their Bowflex C-series machines.

It is a decent price considering it has a few warranties that entice the entire product for many users. As stated, it comes with a residential warranty of the following

  • 3-year warranty with the frame
  • 1-year electrical warranty
  • 1-year labor

On the other hand, the Bowflex C6 offers the following residential warranty:

  • 10-year warranty with the frame
  • 3-year warranty on parts
  • 1-year warranty on labor

Judging from these warranties, we were quite surprised that the 10-year warranty with the Bowflex C6 is quite superior to the C7 because the latter only has 3 years.

In addition to potential buyers, this should be one of your bases because a longer warranty means your indoor cycling bike is ensured far longer than any products on the market today.

You will likely enjoy your exercise bike for a decade if you choose the C6.

WINNER: Bowflex C6

The 10-year warranty with the frame is too hard not to pass up. That 10-year period will assure you that you will enjoy your exercise bike for a decade!

It is quite uncommon for a brand to offer this kind of warranty. Despite their durable and robust products, the warranty adds to all the enticing features this product offers.

Both products also offer monthly payment schemes so everyone can afford them! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still not sure which of the two bikes to get?

If you have more questions regarding the Bowflex series bikes, you might find them below:

Can You Watch Netflix on Bowflex C7?

You can watch your favorite Netflix shows with the C7, which comes with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen. You can watch streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and the JRNY application if you have a JRNY membership.

Is Bowflex C6 Bike the Same as Schwinn IC4?

The Bowflex C6 and Schwinn IC4 might have different names, but they have the same parent company, Nautilus Inc., which makes them. In addition, most experts believe they are the same bike and differ only in their current prices.

These products also share the same price and identical features, so there was no conflict when we compared the two. If you choose one way, both products will give you a more pleasant experience.

What Bike Can Give Me a Peloton-Like Experience?

This can make or break your decision when choosing between these two bikes. If you want to achieve a peloton-like experience, the C7 is capable of downloading the Peloton App with its console.

The Bowflex C6 has no consoles and only uses a metric console system that monitors your calories burned, heart rate, speed, and magnetic resistance levels.

The C7 is tailored more to users who want a more entertaining and immersive experience with its console during their workout and cycling routines. The C6 is for people who want to shave off a little money but want to start their fitness journeys ahead.

NOTE: You can connect the C7 to the Peloton app through your tablet or smartphone; you can’t download peloton’s app directly.

Is an Indoor Cycling Bike Good for Exercise?

While every exercise has its fair share of pros and cons, indoor biking poses VERY few downsides if you want to achieve and promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Because indoor cycling is considered by many as a low-impact exercise, it can be favorable to adult users who are already retired but don’t want to be bothered in the gym.

It is the perfect way to shed pounds for the users, get fit for active people, burn some calories and keep your heart pumping as much blood as possible for a healthier you.

Overall, we highly recommend this type of exercise as you can do it in the comfort of your home. Plus, these products are a great addition to your home gym!

How Long Should I Ride My Exercise Bike?

Depending on how many days you want to ride your bike, a typical ride should average around 45 to 60 minutes. This time includes stretching, warm-ups, and a cool-down period.

For users over 50 years of age and up, you might want to ride your bike no longer than 30 minutes or consult a doctor to check if you can still do bike rides longer.

The bare minimum for an effective workout, regardless of age, is 30 minutes!

Final Verdict: Which Should You Get?

In our opinion, you should get the Bowflex C6 based on its functionality, warranties, and overall quality.

While the Bowflex C7 might provide a more immersive experience with its console that can mimic scenic rides while cycling, we believe this is just a bonus.

Suppose you’re using the stationary bike for its intended purpose of changing to a healthier lifestyle. In that case, the C6 offers a pretty straightforward experience with the same functionality the C7 offers but with a cheaper price tag.

Their key specs are identical; features such as magnetic systems and the flywheel weight are all important, which both bikes possess.

We’ll take the Bowflex C6 in this review, and it is the right bike for a beginner.

Get the Bowflex C6 If…

  • If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy the C6 one to start your fitness journey because it is cheaper. The C6 costs $300 less than the C7, so if the C6 is more attainable than the C7, you should go for it.

  • If you already have an iPad or a Tablet, you might skip out on the $300 additional cost for the LCD touchscreen the C7 offers. You don’t have to worry because the C6 has a media holder for your gadgets.

  • If you don’t want to pay for the JRNY membership. Many users already have integrated applications installed on their tablets, and subscribing to another fitness application might bother them because of the steep cost.

Bowflex C6 Bike

Get the Bowflex C7 If…

  • If money isn’t your issue, this is the right bike. If you want the latest and the best one available inside the C series Bowflex bikes, the C7 has the features packed into an indoor cycling bike. You don’t have to worry about anything, and it is one of the best products in its price range.

  • If you want a dedicated tablet, instead of using your tablet. Let’s face it; we don’t want our tablets to be the receiver of our sweat and odors during our workouts. If you have extra money to afford the C7 for its dedicated console, then go for it.

  • If you want to use your JRNY membership to its maximum potential. The JRNY application is remarkable in terms of how it makes your workout routines simpler and follows different kinds of cycling routines at a smoother rate. If you think you can utilize the application to its full advantage, you might want to consider the C7.

Bowflex C7 Bike

Final Thoughts

To sum up, each spin bike offers the same features, but the C7 offers a bit more features accompanied by a higher price tag.

Still, we are in a dilemma on which ones are best for you because these are some of the best and most affordable indoor cycles you can find today.

There’s no denying that these products are outstanding and are one of the best quality indoor cycle machines.

We believe that, whatever you choose, you will enjoy your exercise more, have an immersive experience, and will use the exercise bike far longer than the average.

We hope our detailed review between the C6 and C7 gave you a better idea of which ones to choose and for the intended purpose.So, what are you waiting for? Buy now before stocks run out!