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Best Treadmills for Home Use | A Compact Treadmill Guide for your Home Gym


Is quarantine giving you the motivation to work out more often? Finally, want to renovate that spare room to a home gym? Not yet ready to go for a jog outside? Don’t have an experienced trainer to help you? Well, don’t you fret because you can quench all your concerns from the comfort of your home.

Treadmills happen to be the easiest and the most convenient machine ever. Not only are they simple to operate but are also adequately sized for a home gym. The article lists down some of the best treadmills for beginners, and regular gym members, to keep the momentum going.

The criteria to make it to the list was simple. A machine with a sturdy conveyor belt, which is powered through a running motor. But some came with an impressive shock absorption technology while others had smart adjustments.

Each with a different speed and incline range, the machines are a bang for your buck. With an option to set and adjust the speed according to your preference, these are the best treadmills for training and workouts:


NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill


This treadmill sets its own precedence. As a constituent of a well-established and prestigious company, you can expect the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 to be the best.

Consequently, it is structurally integral and more than adept to adjust to different speeds and forms. It is versatile enough to keep up with the differing fitness abilities and workout preferences of members of a family. Its features to promote streaming of visual media makes it a dual-purpose commodity perfect for domestic use. Stream extensive workout videos to memorize or binge videos to keep yourself entertained.

This NordicTrack model speaks for itself. A powerful 3.75 Continuous Horsepower (CHP) motor allows for a 15% and 3% incline and decline, respectively. These varying degrees of rotation increase lower body strength and tone your abdomen.

As indicated previously, it comes with a 10-inch touchscreen, compatible with iFit. The smart adjustment makes it the best treadmill to track your stats and monitor your progress. Moreover, the preinstalled Bluetooth device helps you to work out with your chosen playlist. Choosing the right beat will motivate get you in rhythm.

Despite it being a more affordable contender from the Commercial series, it is definitely not the least equipped one. Utilize the one-year free iFit subscription which comes along with every purchase, to amplify your workouts.

Affordable, performance-enhancing, entertaining, and effective, it has it all. Whether it is a light walk, a mild jog, or a high-intensity cardio workout, you can do it. Its longevity will ensure it is a long-staying member of your home. It fulfills all the requirements of a best treadmill, so get a NordicTrack now.


SOLE F63 Treadmill


Browsing for a home treadmill is difficult. While being careful to not overspend, you don’t want to compromise on the key features. If this is a conundrum you are currently facing, then look no further. The Sole F63 is the home appropriate walking treadmill you require.

Found at the lower bound of $1,000, the Sole F63 is befitting for its price. Albeit the sticker price may instill doubt, the warranty inspires much confidence. The company allocates a warranty card, sealed, and stamped to assure you of its durability. It entails a lifetime maintenance coverage of the sleek frame and powerful motor, three years warranty on separate parts.

Originally designed as a home use treadmill, it can still compete with numerous commercial-grade treadmills. It includes a continuous rating motor that supports its 2-ply belt which can withstand long workouts. Along with an impact cushion to support rigorous workouts and training. It may not have fancy and smart components, but it is a top-notch treadmill for home gyms.

Its resistant quality and acceptable standards to be used as a home treadmill can be judged on many factors. A 3.0 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor to fuel different exercises is one. Another one is its rotational pliability, with an incline that goes up to 15%, with a free 60-inch running surface.

Moreover, the wireless extension helps you record your heart rate during cardio and monitor your stats on the 6.5-inch LCD. This data is synchronized with Sole’s complimentary fitness application for you to track your progress. TheSole F63 is a complete fitness model for your home workout.


Bowflex Treadmill 22


What most treadmill manufacturers forget, Bowflex remembered. While for some it may be an extravagant splurge, it is a necessity for regular gym members. This recent inauguration of the Treadmill 22 focuses more upon people with a larger build. Bodybuilders who might have been restricted due to Covid-19 can now rejoice.

Its uber multifaceted manufacturing makes it capable for walking, jogging, and even running. With high-quality Comfort Tech, the deck is cushioned and braced for soft impacts.

Similar to many commercial treadmills, it can support a user weight of upto 400 pounds. All these features make it a satisfactory treadmill for body lifters in quarantine. With a high shock absorption for domestic accidents, the Bowflex is an athlete approved choice.

But that’s not where its special traits end. Not only mimics the strength of a commercial treadmill but also its modernity. Fitted with a slender and contemporary 22-inch HD touchscreen display for your entertainment needs. Use the multifunctional screen to stream workout videos, motivating music videos, inspirational interviews, or just comedic movies.

Still not convinced? Bowflex is also giving out a JRNY membership for you to avail voice-coached workouts and other streaming privileges. This heavy-weight the treadmill has a powerful engine to endorse its endurance and long run.

Also worthy to mention is how the treadmill supports a complete 20% incline and up to a 12-mph varying speed. Again, these all qualities contribute to making Bowflex Treadmill 22 one of the best treadmills.


SOLE F80 Treadmill


The brand enjoys a tender balance between commercially approved standards and a domestically supportive price range. With a stellar warranty, the machine lies perfectly in the range of the brand’s commercial treadmills.

It is an adaptable machine for runners, joggers, and also walkers to adjust settings to their preferences. Its components are of a market competitive quality and therefore, guarantee sturdiness and great endurance.

Unlike the many other commercial grade treadmill options, it is foldable! This allows a person to reclaim the occupied floor space of their living room after an intense workout session. Therefore, it is the ideal model for home.

What makes this folding treadmill an absolute necessity for a domestic gym is its salient features. It furnishes a 22-inch by 60-inch running deck, with ample space for any family member. The long belt is powered through a strong 3.5 horsepower motor to entertain exercises of any intensity. The varying deck also supports a max incline of 15% to help fix lower body posture. An additional feature includes a sleek 9-inch LCD screen with a pre-saved set of training programs to challenge you.

To help you through a mundane routine, the compact treadmill comes with in-built features to track your progress and heart rate. A tablet holder for you to have access to two screens simultaneously, without constantly clutching your mobile device. And you can even stream your favorite movies, no one would blame you. Moreover, an option to sync your gadget with the treadmill’s own Bluetooth device makes it user-friendly.

With an iFit subscription, it caters to a diverse selection of fitness problems, solving them one by one. Through its own fitness app, you can monitor your productivity. Its price makes it a complete catch. The Sole F80 is an appropriate treadmill for your home use.  


Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill


Is your studio apartment stopping you from having a fitness regime? It is the perfect home treadmill because of its compact size and versatility. Most people tend to neglect the durability of folding treadmills due to their belt length. However, the Horizon Fitness T101-04 will not let you worry about that.

Optimize your living space with this functional training machine. What makes this a novice favorite is its easy maintenance and lack of complexity. The treadmill is suitable for pandemic-bound fitness majors and newly sprouted exercisers. Mimicking the atmosphere of a regular gym, the treadmill is great for walkers and runners. Of course, without sweat invoking high-intensity pain, allowing users to fulfill their daily activity requirements.

Moreover, with its appropriate vigor and budget-friendly price, users can purchase other entry-level equipment to maximize their workouts. The brand promises sound architecture of the machine which makes it a great addition to your house.

While some may question the durability of the 55-inch belt, it is in reality the perfect length for restricted spaces. Additionally, the motor of horsepower 2.25 can accelerate to an impressive speed of 10mph. A subtle yet easy speed to catch up to for beginners.

But its most redeeming quality is its inbuilt flexibility. With an option to fold up, the treadmill is most appropriate for those battling with limited space. For under 1000 dollars, you can’t ask for more. The sleek design with its folding nature is storage-friendly.

Unlike other budget-priced treadmills, it has a soft motor that does not produce much sound on ignition. And hence, proving that the T101-04 from Horizon Fitness is the treadmill with all the necessary features your health needs.


Verdict – Which Treadmill to Go For Eventually


Each treadmill is a work of art, which can design and adjust to your specific workout programs. From a wireless heart rate monitor, to an LCD display for your video workouts, these items are the best of their category. 

With max speed of upto 12 mph, it is easy to make a workout routine without any trainer. Achieve your fitness goals without the hassles of studio classes and begin your workout programs.

Tread this list with much scrutiny. It will be difficult to reign one over the other, or even decide a runner up. Judge your activity and budget to find which treadmill works best for you!

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