Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill Review

Product Review

Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill

The Sole S77 treadmill is one of Sole’s non-folding treadmill models.

Sole treadmills have been used in major hotels like Hilton & Omni for years and have recently become available to the home market.

The S77 is similar to the S73 but with a stronger motor, reinforced based for added stability and a monster 400 lb user weight capacity.  The extra wide 22″ deck also gives you lots of room to really pick up the pace

The Sole S 77 is ideal for serious runners or those who want a highly stable treadmill that will last a long time.


  • Price: $1899.99 (Regular $2499)
  • Motor: 3.5 HP
  • Speed: 0.5-12 MPH
  • Incline:  0-15%
  • Treadbelt: 22 x 60″
  • Folding: No
  • Cooling Fans: 2
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Hand Grip Pulse Monitor
  • (+ Free Wireless Chest Strap included)
  • User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Heart Rate Control: Yes, with wireless chest strap included
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, Motor & Deck, 5 Years Electronics/Belt/Rollers, 2 Years on Labor

Verdict: Highly Recommended

The Sole S77 doesn’t get as much hype as the Sole F85 (folding) however it’s still an exceptional treadmill that gives you almost as much (except for the folding ability) for $100 less than the F85. 

And when you compare it to other brands at this price point, it gives you much more for your money. 

If you’re looking for a well-designed, strong, runner’s quality treadmill – and you don’t really care if it folds up or not – the S77 offers great value.

Product Pros And Cons

Sole Fitness S77 Treadmill

1) 22″ Wide Belt Gives You Extra Room To Move

This is the widest belt you’ll find in the industry. With the extra 60″ length, runners and taller users will love the space on this treadmill. 

2) 3.5 HP Ultra High Torque Motor

This is a one of the higher motor powers at this price point. The motor uses a large diameter, balanced flywheel which causes it to run cooler with less amp draw. This extends the life of the motor and gives you a much more stable feel.

3) Cushion Flex Cushioning Reduces Impact by 40%

The Cushion Flex running surface is one of the best cushioning systems out there today.  It’s been shown in a study to reduce impact by 40% compared to running on asphalt.

4) Strong Deck For Stable, Shake-Free Running & Quiet Operation

Sole’s Whisper Deck is more quiet than even standard Phenolic coated decks. The deck also comes with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about replacing the deck. Sole will do it for you – Free.

Sole decks are also extremely strong so they can take a pounding. When we compared them to several other department store brands, they just felt more substantial, especially when you start to run.

5) Built In Speakers with iPod/Mp3 Hookup

Have some fun while you workout by plugging in your mp3 player or iPod and listening to your favorite music through the built in speakers.  There’s also a headphone jack if you prefer – which many treadmills do not offer.

6) Long Warranty with 2 Years on Service

The Sole S 77 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, deck and motor.  Electronics, belt and rollers are covered for 5 years and service is covered for 2 years. 

This is one of the best warranties on the market.  We also love the 2 years on service.  Even with well built treadmills, you usually only get 1 year on service.

7) Speed and Incline Controls on Arm Rests

With these side handrail controls, you can change your speed or incline with the touch of a button on the arm rests instead of reaching up to the console.

This comes in handy, especially when you pick up your pace and don’t want to reach up to the console which can throw off your stride.


  • 22" Wide Belt Gives You Extra Room To Move
  • 3.5 HP Ultra High Torque Motor
  • Cushion Flex Cushioning Reduces Impact by 40%
  • Strong Deck For Stable, Shake-Free Running & Quiet Operation
  • Built In Speakers with iPod/Mp3 Hookup
  • Long Warranty with 2 Years on Service
  • Speed and Incline Controls on Arm Rests


  • Does Not Fold Up
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