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Brand Review

Smooth Fitness Treadmills

Smooth Treadmills are made and sold direct through the Smooth Manufacturer. 

By selling factory direct online, Smooth can sell their treadmills considerably cheaper than a normal brick-and-mortar store (up to 50% off retail).

This is partially what has made these treadmills so popular since people can buy a higher quality treadmill for less than they’d pay at a store. 

Plus, with several ‘Best Buy’ awards, aggressive pricing and several new upgrades, Smooth is one of the more popular premium brands offering great value for the money right now.

Verdict: Recommended

Smooth specializes in building high-end home treadmills with strong decks and a stable feel. They are ideal for runners who want a higher grade of treadmill with protective cushioning, longer running belts and a strong deck.

There’s also some goodies you won’t find on other brands like motion control on the handrails, adjustable cushioning and large 15″ built-in TV’s.

Plus they’ve been very aggressive with their pricing this year, offering coupons to our visitors, Free Shipping and extra warranty protection. If you’re looking for a great deal on a premium treadmill brand – you can definitely find it with a Smooth.

Brand Pros And Cons

Smooth Fitness Treadmills

1) Unique Luxury Touches –  Smooth machines carry some unique features that you won’t find with other brands. These can help to make your workout more comfortable including:

  • Motion Control on the Handrails– Just move your hand over the handrails to increase or decrease your speed – great for runners since you don’t have to break your stride. (Motion control is only found on the 9.35, 9.45 ST and 9.45 TV treadmills)
  • 15″ LCD TV– One of the largest TV’s you can find on a treadmill – (more than double the size as most treadmill console TVs are 7″ wide). The TV is separately attached so it can be easily removed without affecting the treadmill’s operation. (found on the 9.45 TV treadmill).
  • Deluxe Sound System– Plug in your iPod and listen to music through the deluxe console speaker system. This feature is found on many of the newer models (5.65, 6.75 and 7.35) and can make your workouts a lot more enjoyable.
  • Extra Long 62″ Running Deck– This is one of the longest running decks you’ll find on a treadmill and gives you extra room to move. The 62″ deck was introduced on the new Smooth 7.35 treadmill model

2) Strong, Stable Feel – According to Runner’s World, stability is the most important feature of a treadmill. 

While many cheaper treadmills can shake or wobble when you pick up your pace, Smooth machines feel extremely stable.  The higher end models (7.35 and up) especially are built like a truck with reinforced frames and can really take a pounding.

They also tend to be heavy machines which also adds to their stable feel.

3) Excellent Cushioning – Some Smooth machines use Im-Pression Shock absorption cushioning which gives a softer cushioning for where your foot lands and a firmer cushioning surface for where it pushes off (this is very similar to what health club brands like Precor do).

The 9 series of treadmills uses Hydra-suspension cushioning which actually gives you 12 different levels of cushioning (adjustable) . So everyone can choose a deck firmness that feels right for them.

4) Speed & Incline Controls on the Side Handrails – All Smooth models have incline and speed controls on the side handrails in addition to the front console.

This can be useful as you can change your incline or speed without reaching up to the console, which can sometimes throw off your stride – another bonus for runners.

5) Long Warranties with 2 Years on Service – Smooth warranties are some of the best in the business and most include a lifetime motor warranty with a lifetime frame warranty. 

Plus they’re currently offering 2 years on service which can save you a lot of money (most brands only give you 1 year if you’re lucky).

And one of their treadmills – the 7.35 – comes with a 7 year parts warranty which is pretty much unheard-of.

6) High User & Expert Reviews – Smooth treadmill reviews are some of the best in the industry. Their treadmills have received high ratings from experts like Runner’s World, Prevention Magazine,, GearAwards and Consumer Guide.


  • Unique Luxury Touches
  • Strong, Stable Feel
  • Excellent Cushioning
  • Speed & Incline Controls on the Side Handrails
  • Long Warranties with 2 Years on Service
  • High User & Expert Reviews


  • Smooth Doesn't Have as many Tracking Tools or Workout Program Options
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