Proform Trailrunner 2.0 Treadmill Review

Product Review

Proform Trailrunner 2.0 Treadmill

The new Proform Trailrunner 2.0 treadmill is a new 2011 model that’s now available for the home market.

The trend these days in treadmills is machines that let you tailor the workout to your needs – and the Trailrunner 2.0 treadmill does just that.

You can adjust the deck firmness (cushioning) to suit your taste. You can download new workouts to your treadmill from the Internet using iFit LIVE. You can also use iFit LIVE to run trails all over the world using Googlemaps.

Or just view your workout stats on the 7″ full-color screen console while you listen to your iPod through the built-in speakers.


  • Price: $1499 (+ Free Shipping)
  • Motor: 3.5 HP Commercial HP
  • Speed: 0 -12 MPH
  • Incline:  0-15%
  • Treadbelt: 20 x 60″
  • iFit LIVE Built In
  • Folding: Yes
  • 350 lb Weight Capacity Deck
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty,
  • 5 year parts & 2 year labor.

Verdict: Recommended 

The Proform Trailrunner 2.0 treadmill is a higher grade treadmill from Proform that focuses on helping you customize your workout to your own personal needs.

From the adjustable deck cushioning to the full color, touch-screen console to the iFit LIVE built in, you can do a lot on this treadmill to make your workouts your own.

While the price is on the higher side (for a Proform), this is definitely a strong offering from the Proform brand that runners and walkers will appreciate.

Product Pros And Cons

Proform Trailrunner 2.0 Treadmill

1) iFit Live  (Built-in)

iFit LIVE is a cool new technology that connects your treadmill to the Internet (using the wireless in your home).

Once connected you can run or walk different trails all over the world (it uses Googlemaps and Google Terrain to simulate the trails). You can even map out your own course if you want. The 7″ full color console display window add an even more realistic feel to your workout, showing you landmarks and the scenery as you run trails. You can also customize and download your own workout programs to your treadmill. You can download new workouts from Jillian Michaels of ‘The Biggest Loser’ TV show – where she coaches you through your workout

You can also track your activity and nutrition online to set goals and see how far you’ve come. Basically you’ll never run out of things to do on this treadmill.

2) Adjustable Cushioning Reduces Impact By Up To 33%

The Proform 2.0 comes with Protech adjustable cushioning. This means you can change the deck firmness to suit your taste. This cushioning also reduces the impact on your joints (compared to road running) by up to 33%. So if you’re a runner, it gives you some decent protection for your joints, back, knees and hips.

3) iPod Port With Speakers Built Into the Console

Don’t want to connect to the Internet and run trails all over the world?  You can take it easy and listen to your favorite tunes using the iPod dock. Sit back and relax while your favorite music plays out of the console speakers.

4) Strong 3.5 HP Motor

This motor is a huge step-up from past Proform models. It gives you more than enough power to run the extra long 60″ belt. You don’t have to worry that your motor has to struggle to keep up when you’re running or doing fast intervals

5) 30 Built-In Workouts

If the iFit LIVE workouts aren’t enough for you, there’s also 30 more built-in workouts on the Proform 2.0 treadmill. You get 20 Calorie-Burning Workouts and 10 All-Terrain Workouts.  These are designed by a certified personal trainer and adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill based on various workout goals.

6)  Lengthy Warranty with 2 Years On Service

The warranty on the Proform Trailrunner is one of the best in the industry. You get lifetime coverage on frame and motor and 5 years on parts. Of special note is the 2 years on service. This can end up saving you a lot of money should something go wrong with your treadmill.


  • iFit Live (Built-in)
  • Adjustable Cushioning Reduces Impact By Up To 33%
  • iPod Port With Speakers Built Into the Console
  • Strong 3.5 HP Motor
  • 30 Built-In Workouts
  • Lengthy Warranty with 2 Years On Service


  • Cant Get the Full Use Out of iFit LIVE Without Wireless Internet Facility
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